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Posted on 12 March 12 at 23:07, Edited on 26 March 14 at 01:19
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Jewel Quest is a simple, short, fun and addictive matching puzzle title that was released back in 2006. The game uses the same formula as that of popular puzzle title Bejeweled 2, but the main difference being clearing three or more tokens results in the square underneathe the token turns gold. The aim of each stage is to turn all squares gold, some later stages in the game require the squares to be turned silver and then gold. Only two tokens can be swapped at a time that have to be on squares next to each other, the tokens will continue to fall from the top of the grid until the stage is complete or failed. Failure occurs from no more swaps being available or the player runs out of time, after which the player will lose a life and the stage will restart.

Jewel Quest only offers one game mode, this being single player campaign with not much of a story behind it, it's not really a campaign at all to be fair. You play as an explorer, working your way through 36 different stages set within the "Mayan Culture". As the stages are complete, journal entries are revealed for the player to read. This makes sense being that you're an explorer and all, but gets boring very quickly as personally, I really didn't much care for whatever content the journal had to offer at all after the first couple of pages.

At first, I did enjoy the gameplay despite being simple and straight-forward, as it is easy to get addicted to. The levels can be knocked out in no time and eventually become slightly more difficult, with tokens being put in hard to reach places, grid layouts being changed and tokens being thrown in that needed matching with others multiple times. I thought 36 levels of Jewel Quest action would be easily doable and entertaining, only until I realised the true meaning of one particular achievement:
Jewel QuestResearcherThe Researcher achievement in Jewel Quest worth 52 pointsComplete the game.
"Completing the game" means to playthrough the 36 stages, five times! shock Still low down in the difficulty section and still very doable, but this just makes the game shoot sky high in the "BORING!" department! With no other game modes on offer and little variety to the gameplay itself, I literally found myself dropping asleep whilst chipping away at the stages. High scores don't offer much to keep the player going besides the fact that an extra life is awarded at certain amounts, but the average puzzle-player won't have much difficulty keeping a healthy amount of lives in the bank.

Visuals & Sounds:

Visually the game is colourful and detailed but doesn't come with anything amazing. The tokens are relatively simple and come in the forms of skulls, diamonds, coins and more, and are easy to tell the difference between each one. The backgrounds stick with the Mayan Culture setting and look good and fresh, as well as the map and main menu looking decent too. The music is nothing really to start busting some Michael Jackson moves to as the sounds are again pretty simple, but do stick to a kind of adventure-style of beat. But if you're anything like me, and probably many others, switching on the stereo and letting some Snoop Dogg or Wu-Tang play away while relentlessly matching three tokens together, is much more of a pleasurable way to play. I also couldn't help but notice how the music didn't change to perhaps add a little bit of pressure to a potentially failing attempt at a stage. It's not an issue, but something like this adds a little bit of intensity to the game, instead of going through the annoyance of taking your eyes off the grid just to look at how much time is left before the dragons tounge disappears.


The game comes with 12 achievements worth 200 GS and a measley 270 TA points. All achievements consequently unlock throughout successful completion of the storyline, five times over, besides one. The achievement for "reaching a score of 500,000" is still easy to get, but if the player loses all their lives the overall score will be reset. All in all the achievements are easy to unlock for the average puzzle-player, but can be just a little bit time-consuming.


Jewel Quest is a decent puzzle game, but at best, it's just average. Good fun in short burst is to be had with this title, but with no additional game modes and no multiplayer, playing (grinding for some) through the 36 levels over and over gets really boring, really fast. With much superior puzzle fun on offer from the likes of the Bejeweled series, Jewel Quest is quickly overlooked, along with its 800 MSP price tag.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (Leaning more towards 2.5 stars)
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