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Posted on 04 February 09 at 11:56
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Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of the better launch titles for XBox 360. Although plagued by some slighty dodgy hand-to-hand combat the game was one of the most disturbing and grim experiences available on any console.

The sequel improves on the original in all aspects. Graphically it's one of the dirtiest games I've ever seen - the grim and slime will be testing your HD TVs to the limit. Combat has been upgraded making things a little easier to control and more involving. Combos and upgrades have been introduced to enhance the hand-to-hand combat, but you'll still find any more than 2 enemies at a time a real challenge especially if one is armed with a gun. There's also the option to grab bits of the scenery to use as weapons with varying levels of effectiveness. When you do get hold of a firearm the ammo is extremely limited but there is a new option to replay all the levels after completing the game armed to the teeth!

Multiplayer is a new addition too. Although it won't be challenging COD4 or Halo 3 for the top spot on XBox Live there's enough varity to warrant it's inclusion even if only boosters play it (400 points on offer!)

If your idea of a good night out is getting high on crystal meth laced with LSD, drinking 5 litres of lighter fluid and picking a fight with the occupants of your local crack-house this is definately for you.

PS - I should mention this does not include any Southpaw or Legacy controls options - naughty Monolith - so left-handers beware!
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No 1 Richy
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No 1 Richy
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Posted on 15 December 09 at 02:09
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This isn't really a proper review, it's more of a memo about the achievements. There are plenty of web sites that do walkthroughs, so there is no point in me re-iterating anything that they may have to say.

Firstly I think this is a pretty easy 2,282 true achievement points. I've played far harder games for far less points (such as Hitman Blood Money). The real obstacle is that a huge swathe of achievements are only obtainable on line and I'm writing this note because it won't be long before it will be nigh on impossible to obtain some of them cry

The single player campaign must be played through twice so there isn't really any pressure to get everything perfect first time through, and the only real difficulties arise from trying to focus with the camera, one slightly blurred photo and you're done; silver instead of gold. Fortunately the game isn't that bad so the first play through is kind of fun, if you can pick it up cheap and want to play something different it is worth it. The second play through though is dull because you've seen all it has to offer already.

Multiplayer. The game no longer has a large online community. In fact you will be very lucky indeed to get a ranked game, and even with player matches there are never more than twenty players invlolved in the whole condemned 2 world. You still should be able to get most of the online achievements within 2 or 3 3-hour sessions.

There are however some problem achievements. SKX requires you to kill 9 other people that have obtained 1,000 kills. However most players stop playing once they reach a 1,000 kills so before long it will be very difficult indeed to obtain this achievement without some *serious* co-ordination. In addition, there are some ranked achievements which are pretty tough when nobody plays ranked - you will need to have 4 players in a ranked match finish a game for any achievement awards to build up.

So my advice is if you want to get into the 1,000 point club for this game you can't really delay as there is barely enough community to support playing the game and picking up achievements without some serious co-ordination.toast
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FFX Brotherhood
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FFX Brotherhood
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Posted on 20 November 12 at 01:52, Edited on 20 November 12 at 01:53
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Condemned 2: Bloodshot or Condemned 2 if you are from Europe is the sequel to the original psychological horror Condemned: Criminal origins. It was developed by Monolith productions and released around March/April 2008 depending on where you live. It follows the roots of the original in being a mainly melee focused horror game filled with Crime scene investigations and a mixture of jump scares and anxiety horror.


The game takes place 11 months after the original game and follows the same Ethan Thomas who has now resigned from the FBI after the SKX case and has been caught in an alcohol filled downward spiral ever since. The violence in the city has been getting continually worse with violence reaching a level of national threat. You are called back into service by old Director Farrell to investigate the murder of an old friend, in which you will learn of a great evil manifesting itself within the city. It will be your job to pick your pipe back up again and jump back into the streets to catch the killer and maybe even run into an old “friend”.

This game opens up ALOT of the story from the previous game. In a way I found it spoilt a lot of the mysterious atmosphere the first game built up but then it rebuilt it with quite a clever storyline and some clever plot twists. The story is a bit more focused than in the first game, although I played this game before the original and didn’t have too much trouble coming to terms with the storyline, so don’t feel like you HAVE to have played the original. It might help, but it’s not necessary.


The game play follows the original in that it is a first person perspective, melee orientated game. You can pick various melee weapons ranging from pipes to 2x4 up to the beasty fire axe’s or foosball table pieces. Weapons can now also break, so you will have to constantly switch out old, beaten weapons for new shiny ones. There are guns, although you can only carry a very small amount of bullets so you have to make them all count, however I would say this game has substantially more gunplay than the previous which might but some people off seeing as this game was aiming to be melee focused. However the controls have been updated slightly and the game feel less “clunky” and a bit more effective than before so that’s always good. They have also added in some “Environmental finishers” which are quite fun to try as some of them are particularly brutal.

The crime scenes are back as-well. You are given a crime scene and you have to analyse the scene just like the original. However they give you more freedom this time around with asking YOU what you believe to have happen. Aka do you think the bullet wound is an exit or entry point? Do these blood markings look suspicious? Some are quite obvious and others genuinely had me thinking. So this is a vast improvement over the previous game.


The graphics are still by no means great compared to other games of this day and age. However I would say that they have been improved a fair bit since the original which is nice, they still look grimy and dirty but in a good way . Enemies still look good; still have that drug addled and vicious look to them. Level design is still scary and keeps you on your toes. If you asked me if the graphics are “Great” I’d say no, but they are however effective at what they do. Blood and gore still looks nice (As nice as it can) and overall I believed personally that the graphics were fine.

For anyone who doesn’t know this game is very bloody and visceral. There will be lots of blood and there by chunks flying from your enemies when you break their jaw with a TV set. Enemies have an intimidating looks to them and the game is dark, very dark. You get a sense that the places you visit are “Condemned” and you are not welcome in these places, which is great.


The sound in this game has also had a bit of an overhaul. There is now some creepier music in the game that at some points actually had me scared. Alongside enemy noises (Yes I’m looking at you Doll factory level) it genuinely had me thinking that something bad was about to happen to me. It builds a sense of feel and anxiety which makes the immersion of the game so much more effective.

Voice acting is slightly better, the character look like they are saying what they are meant to now (At least most times) and a lot of what they say has more emphasis to it I found. Other sounds like gunshots and the sound of people in the street were not much different from the original; however they are still pretty good. Definitely good for building atmosphere and tension. As I mentioned before the Doll factory particularly had me scared... I’m not a fan of dolls I will admit.

Replay Value:

This game unlike the first has a series of “Fight clubs” which are essentially arena’s you can unlock to test your prowess in battle. There are multiple arenas for you to choose each with their own environmental finishes and weapons. You can alter what type of enemy you want to spawn as well as with what weapons EG Heavy.

There is also an online now featured in Condemned 2. There are I believe 9 maps and 4 game modes which support up to 8 players. The games modes are death-match and team Death-match which require very little explanation. Bum-rush, a sort of horde mode against other players that pit two SCU’s agents against infinite amount of “Bums”, definitely one of my personal favourites. Finally “Crime Scene” pits SCU agents against a team of criminals who must hide evidence somewhere in the map and then protect it from the SCU who must try to locate it with their special tools. I genuinely found both “Bum Rush” and “Crime Scene” to be very fun and innovative.

My only complaint would be that since this game is quite old (Released 2008) the game has suffered what happens to most online games eventually, a dead community. While there are a few randoms playing, getting a full game would be very difficult unless you set it up with a group of friends. I would actually recommend getting a decent amount of people together and trying it however as I did find the online to be quite fun with a decent amount of people. Personally I encountered very little to no lag, but I hear of others having a fair amount of lag. So take it with a grain of salt and understand that there may or may not be lag present in your multiplayer experience.


Achievements here vary like most games. You’ve got your typical “Complete Difficulty X” and “Collect all collectibles”. However there are also some very interesting achievements like “Serial Killer” which has you get 1000 kills online and then another achievement called “SKX” for killing 9 unique (Different gamer-tag) Serial killers.

I found these to be quite interesting and fun to try earn, however a lot of the online achievements will likely require boosting due to the dead community and the difficulty of some to get legit. However besides that, there isn’t anything too difficult here to stop you earning your beloved completion apart from the online boosting, so knock yourself out


To sum up a rather lengthy review I would say that Condemned 1 was better in terms of gritty horror and atmosphere while Condemned 2 is a lot better in terms of storyline and game play (In some cases). If you want my advice, play both. Play the original and then play this one. If you are a fan of horror games and don’t mind the occasional graphics glitch or weird fighting mishap then Condemned is a great game that will hopefully give you a few scares for your money.

What makes the game good is that it doesn’t rely on “Jump-scares” although there are a few of these present, but that it also builds up an atmosphere that allows your mind to make the game seem scarier. A solid entry I personally believe for a sequel that improved on some aspects but fell on a fell too.
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Posted on 14 February 11 at 16:58
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well i finsihed this game recently and will continue on with reviews on games i finished :) also i got to mention that there is no proper review on this game up here so i take the liberty to write one myself since each game deserves one (jeah, also the realy bad ones).

so, to start off, this is the sequel to one of the scariest games ive ever played in my whole life. its not constantly a scary feeling like dead space, but through its deep horror and puting u permanently under stress (u always will hear things and always keep both eyes wide open for hidden enemies) because you always could be attacked out of nowhere.
well, so much to the first one. the sequel is a little bit different though ^^

Story 6/10
you start off as ethan, the protagonist of the first installment and former FBI agent, but after your first case (the hunt for the serial killer-killer called SKX) you sorta socialy fell down big time. hallucinations and a serious alcohol abuse have aided you in degrading to a status of a bum.
thats also were you start off, in an aley, worn off and paired with another bum. thats where your hallucinations actually start to get the best off you, showing things which arent there and stuff like that.
after a short introduction you are forced in active duty again and sort of find out about a big conspiracy going on, about a secret organization called the oro which plan for nothing less than world domination.
sadly the story sounds more breathtaking than it really is. things sometimes dont make any sense even though you should know it and even after the last chapter you are as dumb as before.
the places never feel breathtaking and you have to find most of the objectives yourself due to confusing markers/objectives and guessing around where to go to (making a fast playthrough nearly impossible).
ive played storys far worse and this isnt the worst ever, but sadly it doesnt suck you in and thats the least i expect from a story.

Gameplay 8/10
here is the real strenght of the game. the game focuses on melee combat even though it is a shooter. occasionally you find yourself with some firearms, but ammunition is rare, you dont have a crosshair and i dont have to mention that except for headshots enemies take more than one bullet, so i recomend making every bullet count!
combos are easy done and even though blocking and combat is challenging, its learned fast. enemies are not stupid once they are in melee combat, trying to team up on you, using weapons to their advantage (sometimes even throwing them once they see you are out of reach ^^), feigning attacks (though forcing you to block and hiting you directly afterwards) and fleeing battle to hide behind corners. battle is even more challenging against enemies with firearms, making battle a real challenge.
everything has durability so using a weapon is always under the foreboding that it will break sometimes. also the aspect that u can use nearly everything of your surroundings as a weapon (be it a finishing move against a window or using the steel pipe u found on the floor as a weapon) is a factor that makes the survival in that game so much more real than any other game.
difficulties change the game a lot, making battles even more challenging (sadly sometimes also frustrating). also there are only checkpoints, making saves sometimes unfair even though you replenish your health on each retry (though loosing your rage meter which enables you to do finishing moves)

Graphics, AI, Soundtrack 7/10
the graphics are not too bad, even though i saw better ones too. even though there are only about 5 different skin packs on the enemies and even though they sadly repeat themselves several times, they dont look too bad.
wounds and gore looks good enough even though sometimes a little bit flat as well.
the AI has only one mayor flaw. sometimes they behave really dumb, like ignoring you even though they see you in a straight line. but thats it, since each combat is really challenging even against one opponent.
soundtrack isnt too good, sometimes catching the atmosphere, sometimes it simply doesnt. but ive heard worse and its decent enough.

Multiplayer 4/10
some games shouldnt have a multiplayer and thats one of those.
even though it has some unique gamemodes (like bum rush, crime scene, etc.) and they are fun in some ways, the multiplayer is dead and doesnt look as good as you would want a decent multiplayer to look like.
multiplayer should be more fun and due to the fact that its dead online it isnt even somehow fun. but credit should be given due to the fact it has so much variety and is with decent people at least a little bit fun.

Achievements 4/10
this game is not an easy 1000 G!!
even though you will get the majority of the achievements in singleplayer, some of them are missable (going gold in all missions, finding TVs, etc.) and you have to replay the whole chapter to get them once missed (replayability of chapers is a good thing though).
the grind and real hard time comes in MP. not only that you have to find a few friends willing to boost (some require 4 players at least which stay the whole time, 1000 kills in MP or certain deeds in specific game modes) no, you actually have to kill 9 unique players with a certain achievement to get the achievement for that, making it realy hard to get a 1000 G!
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Straight Blazen
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Straight Blazen
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Posted on 17 June 09 at 00:54
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Similar to the original Condemned: Criminal Origins, Condemned 2: Bloodshot is a first-person action game focused on melee-oriented combat. The game features bare-fisted hand-to-hand combat, combat with melee weapons, and first person shooting. The game also has adventure game elements in the forensic investigation of crime scenes.

Unlike the original Condemned, Condemned 2 allows for hand-to-hand combat with the player's bare fists, with the left and right triggers controlling the player character's left and right fist respectively. Additionally, the player is now able to chain together attack combos, as well as perform various finishing moves executed via quick time events. The game also features context-sensitive "environmental kills" (such as shoving an enemy's head into a TV or a spiked wall).

Like the original Condemned, Condemned 2 also features melee weapons and firearms. However, melee weapons now break after several strikes or blocks, forcing the player to be adept at resorting to the new hand-to-hand combat system. As in the original game, firearms are limited to the bullets in the current magazine, as the player is unable to carry additional ammo (although they can reload their current magazine by picking up spare ammo lying on the ground). An additional twist to the firearms combat is Ethan's alcoholism, which causes his aim to become blurry and unsteady unless he regularly drinks alcohol. Firearms combat is more prevalent in Condemned 2 than in the original game, with a few levels focused on firefights with assault-rifle wielding soldiers.

Condemned 2 also features more in-depth forensic investigation gameplay. Players are able to investigate and catalog different elements of a crime scene, and make statements about the nature of the crime. Correctly guessing the nature of the crime earns the player upgrade points, which can be used to acquire upgrades such as body armor or higher maximum health.

Condemned 2 also features several "Instant Action" maps, which are action-based levels independent of the game's plot.

Condemned 2 contains new powers for Ethan to use. Ethan's "instinct" powers are all but completely scrapped in this episode, however some useful combat abilities come into play. By building up a combo meter, Ethan can perform powerful "Chain Combos" that begin a short sequence requiring well-timed or rapidly placed button presses in order to deal massive damage. Later in the game, Ethan gains the power of the "Voice." This power allows him to produce a powerful shockwave from his mouth that can blast open doors, explode enemy heads, and destroy Oro "headpieces".

Unlike the original Condemned, Condemned 2 features multiplayer gameplay. The game supports 8 player online and features four multiplayer modes:

Deathmatch – the player to reach the kill limit or the player with the most kills at the end of the time limit wins.
Team Deathmatch – two teams of multiple players compete for the most kills.
Bum Rush – a time based game of SCU Agents versus Influenced bums. The SCU cannot respawn but get to use guns, have a lot more health and kill with one shot or melee, and must last as long as possible against the bums.
Crime Scenes – another gametype putting the SCU agents against the Influenced. The Influenced must hide two cases of evidence, while the SCU agents must use their equipment to find and scan the evidence before time runs out.
There are 9 maps in total varying on the game mode being played (all of them for DM and TDM, 4 for Crime Scene and 5 for Bum Rush):

Burnback Alley
Doll Factory
Farm House
Several moves and weapons from single player are not present in multiplayer – these include the stun gun, kicks and environmental kills.
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Posted on 13 July 10 at 14:05
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Condemned, the original, was a superb title. Full of suspense, a real sense of danger and desperation amid a serious amount of confusion and fear. And that was you, the gamer, not just Ethan Thomas our protagonist.

So, Condemned 2 builds on this and takes you a step further... or does it? Well, simply put, no it doesn't. Condemned 2 is a horrible game in so many ways.

First off let's be positive, graphically it's an improvement. But then, over a launch title, that's not saying much is it? If you compare it against other titles, well the textures and environments quickly fall flat on their face.

Wait, I was starting with a positive wasn't I? OK, how about the new dual control system allowing you to use both your fists and both shoulder buttons respectively instead of the two button block/attack system from the first. Ah, but see the problem here is that the system is incredibly sluggish. The whole combat system revolves around stringing together (pitiful) combos and blocking at JUST the right time to send your enemy onto their back foot giving you a window to strike them down. You'll struggle though as you won't accomplish your action until a good second or so after you've pressed the button. I don't think Ethan Thomas has ever heard of striking from the elbow. "No need for the full pull back, son" my old man would be saying to him.

OK, ok, that positive didn't quite work either. Let's talk story shall we? The first Condemned opened a lot of questions up toward the end of the plot in a satisfactory cliff hanger kind of way (not in the way Lost finished). Condemned 2 has a chance to take these questions and package them up in a satisfactory conclusion as to the demise of SKX and such. However... (here we go again), the story is ATROCIOUS! I mean seriously the worst brain fart you'll ever witness in a game.

It's so corny, so cheesy, it limps along at points then hurtles head long into brick walls at others. Let's compare, the first Condemned title saw you and basic weapons against drugged up and crazed murders, as well as fighting your psyche as your mental state deteriorated. It was all done grittily, tastefully, tactfully and with a degree of restraint. As a result scenes which could have been quite comedic were appropriately dark and suitably written. You were armed with only basic weapons that you found around you, such as sticks, junk items and planks.

Condemned 2 throws you from one extreme to another. The game starts with you have some kind of mental breakdown after one serious drinking session. Enemies come crawling from the floor, ceilings and walls in a bid to attack you. "Nice!" thought I. Well, soon after it goes to pot. Before long you're in a doll house in which the dolls walk around and try to blow themselves up by you. But don't fear, you can pick the dolls up, pull their cords and lob them like grenades! Seriously, what!?

Then there's part where you fight a magician by throwing whisky bottles at him, the bit where you fight an alcoholic demon. There's also the large metal men who look a lot like Gun Jack from Tekken, and the suits of armour from the museum. The worst bit of it all? It takes itself so, so, so seriously throughout all of this. None of the above is tongue in cheek. This game is pulling off all of these stunts, one after the other whilst thinking it's playing out a Hollywood blockbuster.

Keeping on the note of game play, you frequently gain access to heavy guns. So rather than creeping around every corner scared stiff, you'll barrel around shooting the crap out of everyone. Ammo isn't common, but we're by no means talking Resident Evil 2 here.

There must be some positives? OK, I like a level in SCU HQ. This was a return to the form of the first Condemned. Clever camera tricks, haunting noises and flickering shadows. I wished the whole game was like this. Also there's (literally one or two) sections where you play detective with your equipment and have to deduce what happened to certain corpses, their age, gender and so on. This was a nice addition but sadly doesn't happen often enough in the latter parts of the game.

In fact, the final parts of the game you won't have a clue what's happening, won't care, and will be rolling your eyes at the transparency of the plot. Add that on top of the utter garbage that I won't mention here just in case anyone finds it spoils it for them. But then the developers took care of that for you.

It's only other redeeming quality is that it's playable. You'll not enjoy it, but you can still plug through without getting to fed up with sections that aren't completable. That said though expect to surrender a lot of achievement points to often unobtainable online tasks unless you do some boosting or get lucky (as I managed on a few of them).

Rent it if you must. Avoid it if you can.
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