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Posted on 01 February 11 at 21:59, Edited on 01 February 11 at 22:02
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Came across Beowulf: The Game for $4.99 and figured what the heck, I like mediaeval fantasy games, even bad ones... and it costs more than that to rent games these days.

I enjoyed this game; it's hard to make a hack-and-slash game with interesting combat controls, and I think they did a good show of it here. Blocking, dodging, etc., are just as important as slashing with the 'ol sword.

I played on Legendary my first time through, and although challenging, it wasn't particularly frustrating and certainly not impossible. Yeah, there are some tough spots you'll need to attempt multiple times before you get it -- but guess what? This is what all video games used to be like! (I think people are spoiled these days by games like Fable III which you can walk right through without dieing once)

Having the voice talent of folks like Ray Winston and Anthony Hopkins was a huge plus for this game, and the art and animation is solid.

Unfortunately, it's short -- too short to be worth $60 bucks; you'll finish it in about 6 hours or so, even on Legendary. But if you like fantasy action games -- such as the Lord of the Rings film games -- Beowulf is worth a rent.
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