Eragon Reviews

  • MaliciousGhostMaliciousGhost1,344,549
    20 Jul 2011
    30 9 2
    Well, what can I say about this horrid game that hasn't already been said about the Titanic sinking. So I think ill keep this review as simple as this "Game" is.

    Horrible controls
    Almost non existent collision detection
    Uninspired level design and boss fights
    Very linear gameplay

    If you get lost in any of the levels in this, you've accomplished something.

    +1. The effects in this game were better than the film.
    The soundtrack wasn't that bad.
    Watching the end credits roll.
    –1. Everything else

    Could be worse though. Someone could've came out with a crappy game based off the Superman Returns movie...oh wait..........
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    AwakeDeadeyeGood review +1. Also I did get lost... I fell through the map and kept getting shot by arrows.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 24 Feb 12 at 16:42
    SONofGIANTS610I'm a sucker for bad games but damn this one's terrible, no controls, horrible boss fights, sloppy ass A.I. and appalling voice acting, picked this up for easy 1k but its turned into a horrid grind, that will teach me to waste $3 facepalm
    Posted by SONofGIANTS610 on 12 Dec 18 at 07:21
  • Sir RoquinSir Roquin51,327
    11 Oct 2010 08 May 2011
    22 7 2
    This game could have had potential. But like all movie games, they develop them in 2 weeks and put 'em on sale. The real story from the books is very cool, and could have made a really interesting game. And while Sierra manages to touch on some elements from the books, they fail to capture the epic feeling of Eragon. And some things they changed (in my opinion) made the game worse; for example: they changed the Ra'zac to bugs, when in the books they are really birds. Sierra also fails to mention some integral characters from the Eragon world, like Roran, the Twins, Nasuada, and Katrina. Overall this is a really a bad game altogether. If you dont like bad graphics, repetitiveness, jamaican people, weird art styles, and bad camera angles, this game is not for you. One of the only plus sides of this game is the fact that is has easy cheevos. The story could have been better (it was changed a lot from the books), and the voice acting is pretty pathetic.
    Graphics- 5/10
    Voice Acting-2/10
    Overall- 3/5
    Cheevos- 9/10 (so easy!)
    Edit* Thanks Salty Old Dog for pointing out that you need to run through the game at least twice, because the difficulty achievements are not stackable.
    Although this game is based off a movie, the movie was based off the book series which is a GREAT series. This game is a complete insult to the books.
  • Mr Bean 4040Mr Bean 4040471,322
    04 Oct 2010
    13 7 0
    Bad Game + Easy Gameplay + Easy Cheevos = Good Times

    Poor graphics
    Weak plot
    Little Polish
    Minimal creativity
    Zero innovation
    Hack & Slash mechanics
    This game is so bad, that it's good
    Easy Cheevos
    Difficulty based Cheevos (not stackable)
    Weak magic animations
    Questionable voice acting
    Weak leveling system
    Bland Sword animations
    Average A.I.
    I didn't know that Sierra was still in the business of making video games. Does anyone remember the computer game Leisure Suit Larry? That was the apex of Sierra's capabilities. Unfortunately, that was like 20 years ago. It seems like anything they touch in the 21st century is a joke. To be honest, I don't think that this game even warrants an 100 word review. It's a 2-star game at best.
  • The Defender XThe Defender X101,275
    16 Mar 2013 16 Mar 2013
    5 1 1
    Today, you can find this game for $5 (or less) pre-owned either in stores, or kijiji/craigslist or from classified ads. I got it myself for $3.33 in a buy 2 get 1 free promo; got three $5 games for $10.

    For a 2006 game, I really liked the graphics style. The story is rapidly thrown at you between levels with a quick overview but you will not mind and they are still quite nice to watch. It is merely a flashback to let you know where you are in the story; read the book or rent the movie prior if you really want to understand everything that's going on.

    It is a straightforward and very linear hack & slash action fighting game. Someone made a remark on the poor controls, I have to disagree, the control are fine and there is really no need for full camera control on your character for this game (right stick character camera view control is off). Think of it as a 2D game in a 3D world.

    I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoy the Eragon story or theme, you should enjoy this game. For $5, you will have a good time going through it.

    If you really want all of the achievements, you will need to play it twice, once on Normal and then on Hard (they are not stackable); the second time around just run away and fight only the inevitable fights.