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Posted on 06 January 11 at 21:15, Edited on 12 July 14 at 10:24
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Yes golf, a sport almost as boring to watch as your grandmother's dentures soaking in a waterbath, or cricket, take your pick. But playing golf with a controller is actually one of the most fun things I can think of. Golf: Tee it up is probably the only golf game on the good ole XBLA, and one of the most fun to play.

First thing you'll notice when you start a game is that you can customize your golfer. From a regular polo tee and blue jeans, to a full bunny costume.laugh

You only get two courses in-game, which is the only turn off of this game. But you CAN purchase the Desert Course Pack for only 320 more MSP. You will find that some of the holes are extremely frustrating, but for the most part this game is pretty easy, considering if you account for the wind, and your swinging power.

Also in game you can control you shot mid-air. Twisting it, pulling it back, and also pushing it forward. This also makes those shots that are oh-so-close to the pin, manageable to where you can pull it in, and get closer to the pin, or actually get it in the hole.

The graphics in the game are great for an XBLA game. Not really detailed, but they're really animated which fits the style, and gives it its own look. Not like many other ones.

The online multiplayer is almost dead, you might find a couple of people, but don't have high expectations of finding a full party of 4 people online. If you want to get the "Online Challenge" achievement expect to get a boosting session together.

Overall if you like golf games, this game is great, not perfect, but it's worth your time. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's the best sports game out on the XBLA. Even if you don't like golf, give the demo a try, and you'll be impressed at this title.
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