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What do you think of when "Far Cry" comes to mind? No, not that horrid Uwe Boll movie, (which I haven't had the "privilege" to see yet) but a rock solid shooter. You know, island guerilla warfare, one man in a Hawaiian shirt vs an island of mercenaries, awesome graphics and badass gunplay. Or maybe Far Cry Instincts on the XBOX, which let you bullrush enemies and punch them, making them fly 20 feet and making them scream like girls. Those games were awesome, despite the more recent ones (Evolution on the Xbox and vengeance on the wii) being pretty bad.

Yeah, with Far Cry 2 forget ALL that. Dispite being good on its own aspects, this game has NOTHING AT ALL in common with its predecessors. The name is purely for "brand recognition" and to generate sales.

No more are you Jack Carver fighting for survival on a remote island, now you are just... some dude (who you pick from a few characters that have no differences, y'know, the Asian, the frenchie, the Russian/drunk, etc...) hunting down an arms dealer in Africa. I've read that Africa isn't exactly the nicest place to live, but Far Cry 2 has me to believe that the whole continent is highly flammable, people shoot bullets instead of have conversations, and tourists are marked for death. Welcome to Africa?

First off, the game is HUGE. I believe it is about 50km2 in size, and when you start the game and see the whole map, that's only half the game! Only problem is there is no kind of fast-travel (except for bus stations at each corner of the map) so you're gonna be doing TONS of walking (or driving). It's the game's greatest strength... and weakness.

Visually, the game is mixed. It looks great but there some issues here and there. (I noticed a few minor framerate dips here and there)The fire effects are phenomenal though, everything seems to burn with extreme ease, and witnessing the results when you charge into a dried up field with a flamethrower is spectacular, both during and after the blaze. The water looks surprisingly ugly, but the moss and algae stands out, making the ugly appearance feel realistic.

The controls are mixed as well. It feels kind of sluggish in terms of accuracy and movement, but it's easy to adjust to within an hour. Vehicles are moreorless in the exact same spot. The hanggliders are especially horrid to handle, but you only need them to find a few diamond cases, so you're unlikely to need to use them.

Also you need to unlock "safehouses" to save your progress. Yes, it's one of THOSE games. The PC version can save anywhere, why can't we? Goddammit, you better save and save often.

Maybe you won't need to save that much, because the AI borders on moronic at times. Sometimes they just stand there, while others when you pass a guard post, they'll chase you down and try to run your ass over. Interestingly, the AI in the Far Cry games has gotten dumber with each game...

Guard thoughts:
Far Cry – “I am a guard!”
Far Cry Instincts – “I is guard!”
Far Cry Predator – “I can has cheezburger?”
Far Cry Vengeance – “DEEEEEERRRRRRRR” 'drools'

I'd say FC2 is at the "cheezburger" level

There are some interesting mechanics in this game, such as when you take a heavy deal of damage, you have to get into cover and push a button to pry a bullet out of you. This is cool, but get used to doing it a lot. Until you get better guns, and not the crappy ones enemies drop that JAM EVERY 5 SHOTS, you're gonna take a beating. Also what the hell if up with the "malaria effect" you have? Every now and then you have to take meds to push your malaria into remission. I wouldn't say this was so bad if it didn't happen everytime I was getting shot at.

"TIME OUT TIME OUT I need to take my meds..."

Aside from the main story, there is surprisingly not much to do. You can search for diamond cases to buy new guns and upgrades, complete missions to unlock new guns, and the occasional hitman missions from radio towers, but that's about it. Maybe I'm not far enough in the game to see I’m missing something, but it doesn't seem to be deeper than that. The guns you unlock later on are badass though, like silenced MP5's, Dragonov sniper rifles, and IED's.

You can rescue "buddies" (which, in a cool change, are the characters you didn't choose to play as) but there is really no reason, as they are only there to annoy you, kick and scream at you to do side quests for them, and occasionally save your ass when you get overwhelmed. But you get an achievement for saving them all! Goodie!

The online is okay but shocking low-populated. The map maker is still rock solid but without the fun factor and pacing of the older games, (FC Predator, a 4 year old game also on the 360 has a better community than this) it's nearly dead. Prepare to get dominated by level 20's if you pick it up, that learning curve is a bitch.

The achievements are an interesting bunch, because they are tough as hell, but extremely rewarding. Highlights include reaching Rank 30 online, (which I calculated takes 60 hours legit if you are a good player) and finding all the diamond cases, are annoying. But man, when you finally do it, the feeling you get is SOOOOOOOOO GOOD.
That online stuff is annoying though, due to the weak community, but be glad all online stuff can be done with 2 people.

If you played Fallout 3 or S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Far Cry 2 is like that, but is a balls-out shooter, rather than an RPG. It was also nowhere near as buggy as those games on launch. (A few bugs, particularly with save games crashing have been fixed)

Far Cry 2 is the shooter equalivant of Grand Theft Auto 4: In which critics all got a boner over it, but the fan backlash was absurd (though Far Cry wasn't hated nearly as much). Dispite its flaws and irrelevancies to the franchise, Far Cry 2 is still a rock solid shooter that deserves a chance. If you have a good amount of time, and at about 30$ to boot, you should give this one a chance.

Just be prepared to get irritated very often.

Back by popular demand... RECAP

- Awesome Visuals, fire in particular
- Epic Size, both good and bad
- AI is still stupid
- "Realism" (guns jamming, prying out bullets) is really annoying
- Online is good but nearly dead
- NOTHING TO DO with Far Cry
- It's a real time sink
- Achievements very tough but rewarding (like you actually ACHIEVE something)
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Posted on 11 June 09 at 22:56
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Far Cry 2!!!
The story is that your a mercaniary sent to Africa to kill the Jackel! An arms dealer fueling the civil war there, sadly once you get there, you get struck down by malaria! Bummer dude. Anywho while your in the hotel wiht the jackel just about to kill you, and explosion sounds outside as the town your staying at errupts into a fiecre battle between the 2 warring fractions, APR and UFLL, which are basically the exact same.

Its a good game, with a couple of flaws here and there. Starting with the good are
~ Huge enviroment!
~Lots of fun to collect the diamonds when your bored
~Missions are semi-cool
~Badass fire
and here are the bad..
>Takes forever to get from place A to B even with vehiclesangry
>Missions can be done 2 ways, and the 2nd way just gives you more stuff to do BEFORE you do the thing the mission calls for
>AI sucks most of the time.
>Baddies can shoot mortars at you like they have been doing it since they were 2.
>Ending is one of the worst i have seen, ever.
>Guard posts, they are the most ANNOYING THINGS EVER. Reason? Once your out of X distance (like 1000 feet) the respond. You go 1000 feet away, and realize you dropped your silenced pistol on accident for a crappy little pea shooter? Well go back, thinking about that mortar guy that you killed there and hope the mortar is still there too, and be amased at the fact that you hear an screeching sound out of nothingness come and destroy you, as you realizing too little too late, you went to far away, and now you die.
>Missions don't give you ANY help, so most of the time your probably gonna pass the faction your working for guard post, only to get shot at because the higher ups wanted the mission to be "top secret".

Other then that and the other things, the game is pretty decent, its a free-roam so you don't really "have" to do anything besides get your malaria meds every once in awhile. Its a pretty standard FPS, you get the usesual weapons, Machine guns, silenced pistols, snipers, that sorta thing, which makes the game loads funner seeing as you can go in stealthy, or bring out the inner Rambo inside of you decimating everything with a grenade laucher headspin. The achievements are HORRID to get, most of them require you to search every inch of the map to unlock the things, I for one havn't messed aroudn too much in the multiplayer, but it seemed like CoD4s multiplayer to me, just in africa... That pretty much sums it up.
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Posted on 29 October 08 at 12:56, Edited on 01 November 08 at 01:53
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Far cry 2 review
written by SkillfulMmd
developed by Ubisoft Montreal
published by Ubisoft

Ok so the long awaited game to one of the most cutting edge shooter's of the past decade has arrived and as you would expect it doesn’t let you down.

To start i purchased the GAME exclusive edition of the game and let me tell it's the by far one of the best limited edition's I have ever seen. The box is made a type of wood (MDF I think) so the box is good quality. now the first thing you notice about this limited edition is the work Ubisoft have out into it, the limited box looks like a real shanty box so you get the feeling it’s been taken straight from the game world it's self. Now when you open the box you can see the Far cry 2 art book, there isn't anything to special about it you can see some of the early adaptation's of the world and some renders of the characters you will encounter in this world. Once you have finished looking at that you can see the limited edition T-shirt sealed in a type of plastic, as you guessed it's a great top and look's very cool a must have for any fan, the T-shirt is a large so it should fit most people. Now that you have finished with that you can see a double sided sheet of material (i don't know what it is) this has a map on one side and a poster on the other the thing that divides this from all other map's from other limited edition is that material it's so high grade its feels like real map paper. Now that you have finished with the map you will see the making of DVD this will allow you to look into the work that has gone into this amazing game and is well worth a look. And now last but very not least the game, I know that I couldn't wait to pop into my tray so without any further distractions let’s play some Far cry.

Ok so I have put the game in and am now looking at the title screen there is a lot to look at and I was sure if I wanted to go online straight away or play the story. Instead I went straight down to exclusive content and downloaded the extra Machete's. Now I think I’ll start on story as it looks very promising. You start off in the back seat of jeep, in the driver seat is a man what I’m going presuming is an African villager. He tells you he knows the way to the hotel you need to get to. And start's to drive you there on the way you can't help but notice the lush scenery on the way. As you continue your journey you will see a plane just taking off the driver tells you that the plane you have just seen will be the last you will see for a while. And that only the rich and popular can board it, this obviously ring's alarm bells and makes you wonder why they are leaving. As you go further up the path you see some villager’s going towards the airport, the cab driver speaks to one of the villager's and tells him that the last plane has left. Now only a short drive later and you will end up at a river that is blocked off by some buffalo, after a short way the buffalo move and you go on your way. Only a short while after you get to see a fire eating its way thru a huge field, the taxi driver will turn around and tell you about his brother that use to be rich but a brush fire destroyed all he had.

Now i think i have touched on the start of the game so I’m going to get into what the actual game play is like. Because this is FPS let’s start with the gun system, you are able to carry 4 guns at a time. You are able to carry 1 primary (left on the D-pad) one secondary (right on the D-pad) one Machete (up on the D-pad) and one special weapon (down on the D-pad). Four weapons may sound like allot but this game makes sure to bring more cutting edge technology. So you have to make sure to keep a constant supply of weapons. Now the amazing feature i was just talking about is the gun condition system, every time you fire your weapon it will start to feel the effects of long time abuse. The more you fire the quicker it break's, this is a very nice touch as it makes you chose your weapon's more tactically and stop's run and gun game play. the way the damage system work's is simple after using your gun for a while the gun will start to look rusty this is when you know that gun is coming near the end of its life as the gun will start to jam as you use it. To UN jam your gun you must push the X button rapidly until the weapon is clear. But jamming is only the first stage if you still continue to use the weapon it will blow up in your hand's and leave you with nothing. Now you might be wondering how long it will take for a gun to rust well that all depends on where you get it from, early on in the game you will visit a gun dealer called mike. His gun's are brand new so they will last you for a good 2-3 days in game time depending on how you use them, BUT if you pick up a weapon from one of the bad guy's it will start rusted and break almost straight away. Now this isn't your run of the mill FPS this game will allow you to take a stealthy root or go in with the big guns. For instance let's say you have to kill a man that is in a convoy, you could go about this load's of different way's which is what makes it so fun to repeat. The first time I did it i out down a mine on the road stood on a cliff and used my trusty monocular so that I could watched from a distance then when the time arrived you guessed it i sent them back to the stone age. But let's say you would rather try it another style you could fire an RPG into the convoy or sniper the driver and pick them off one by one, the possibilities are endless.

Now talking about convoy's i think this game has done a very good job of using various vehicles to make sure you don't get bored walking around the huge area. Now because you’re in Africa don't expect to find dodge vipers or a lambo, but the popular American JEEP have given a licence for two of their car's so you don't just have to drive shanty buckets. Like I was saying before there is allot of choice in vehicles you have your standard shanty rust bucket car a military grade assault jeep a trusty glider and of course buggy's and boat's. You will find yourself using these quite allot as walking will get very boring very quick. Another mean's of travel in this game is the bus station's that are located around the game world. These are free to use and stop you from getting attacked by other people in the game world. Once you get into a vehicle you will want to look after it as much as you can because you will almost surely get attacked while driving by a guard post and just like that gun's the car will start to feel the damage. To start with the car will slow down to around 30MPH instead of 60 and also it will make clunking sound's and have white smoke bellowing from under the hood. Also just like the gun it has a second damage stage this is when black smoke coming from the engine this will once again affect performance and basically will blow up if it take any more damage. Unlike the gun's you can keep one vehicle as long as you want because you can get out of your vehicle and fix it with your trusty tool, this is very handy as i have found myself with a damaged car way too often.

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Posted on 26 May 09 at 03:45
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Farcry 2 is one of the most realistic shooters to date, and if you are into shooters at all, you're going to want to pick this up from the nearest Gamestop.

First off, The vehicles are purely realistic. The vehicles don't flip from the slightest turn, the entire car doesn't turn when you turn the wheel, and the damage doesn't cause your car to blow up after one slight crash. Repairing vehicles is simple: You pop open the hood and screw a loose bolt and your vehicle gets repaired. Simple.

The weaponry, is more realistic than realistic. The guns aren't like other games where 1-2 shots can take down any enemy with any gun, Like call of duty games. The weapons are just as they are in the real world, they get rusty and jam if used for extended periods of time without maintenance, and if a weapon continuously jams if will break (Sometimes even explode) and you have to toss it.
The weapon system is simple, You carry 4 weapons at once, controlled by your D-pad (Just like gears of war.) Up on the D-pad brings out your melee weapon (Machete for the entire game, but there are DLC machetes.) Right on the D-pad is your sidearm. (The game comes with a variety of sidearms, Grenade launchers, IED's, Uzi's, Pistols and a Flare gun.) Left on the D-pad is your primary weapon. (There are 3 assault rifles, 2 submachine guns, 1 grenade launcher, 3 sniper rifles, and 3 shotguns.) Down on your D-pad is your special equipment. (Mortars, Dart rifles, Flamethrowers and LMG's)
Buying weaponry is much fairer than other games. When you buy a gun from an arms dealer, it will appear in your armory. Every time you go into your armory now, your purchased weapons will be hanging on the wall. You can take them WHENEVER you like, and will always come in perfect condition.
Upgrading weapons is ALSO realistic. It isn't like games where you magically get an increase in damage, firing rate or recoil reduction, You have to buy manuals (There are Reliability manuals that lower degradation rate and increase jam-fix time. There are Accuracy manuals that lower recoil and increase accuracy, and there are Bandoliers for each class of weapon, increasing the amount of ammo you can hold. There is no way to increase damage on a weapon out of nowhere, which is also realistic.)

Gameplay is fun, and pretty addicting. Enemies have set up guard posts all over and don't take too kindly to you trying to drive through, or trying to fight through their base. Enemies are also dynamic, as you progress in the storyline your reputation increases, and people will start to be afraid of you and will run when they see you. Gameplay is also simple, not too over-complicated or too clunky. Exploration is a must as well, There are lots of hidden objects throughout Africa. (Briefcases with diamonds, Recordings of "The Jackal", and Golden AK-47's)
During the game, you will find "Buddies", Which can do a variety of different things for you. Some offer missions, some will help you on Main storyline missions, and some will come to your side and help you up if you are "Killed"(Life is drained completely.)
When you are injured, you can inject yourself with a syrette to recover health, but if your health is drained too much, you will have to perform a certain action to bring your health up. (Such as breaking a bone back into place, Pulling a piece of shrapnel from your leg, Removing a bullet from your leg with a pliers, etc...)

Storyline is very catchy, after a while though. You start off in Africa, sent with a mission to kill "The Jackal", an Arms Dealer who has sold weapons to the two African factions. While searching for the man, the player will catch Malaria and pass out. "The Jackal" finds you while you are passed out and searches through your stuff and finds out you are supposed to kill him. He puts a handgun next to you and walks out, believing you will die from Malaria. The player passes out again and wakes up in the midst of a war inside the city, and must escape alive. After escaping, you will be saved by a lieutenant from one of the two factions, and will be put to work. After doing oddjobs off-the-books for the factions, you will eventually have to confront "The Jackal" himself, and settle the conflict between you two once and for all.

The multiplayer, isn't great. The system for gameplay is great though. There are 4 modes, Deathmatch, Team deathmatch, Capture the Diamond, and Uprising.
Deathmatch and Team deathmatch are just like any other game, eliminate the enemy team and get enough points to win.
In Capture the Diamond, It is basically a Capture the flag mode, but with diamonds.
In Uprising, One player on each team is assigned to be the "Captain". Said captain must capture three certain points across the map. Once all three points are captured by one team, In order to win, the captain on the opposite team must be eliminated.
The ranking system is simple, gain xp and level up. When you level up you earn a diamond, which you can use to upgrade one of the 7 pre-set classes (Unlocking a new weapon for said class.) Each weapon also has its own upgrading system. Getting enough kills, executions, or headshots with a weapon will unlock a manual or bandolier for that weapon, which does basically the same thing is does for the Single Player.
There are 30 ranks in total.
The multiplayer itself has issues though. It is a player host game, Where one player creates a match with their settings and then other players join. This is a problem because some players like to use that to their advantage and "Lag switch" causing them to basically win each match unharmed, which can be a real turnoff for the average gamer.
The multiplayer gameplay is basically the same as single player, Weapon damage is the same, life is the same, how to heal is the same. (There are no syrettes though.)
When a player is "Killed" in multiplayer, a teammate can help them up and bring them back to life. (Unless an enemy executes the downed player.)

Map maker is amazing. The map maker allows you to create a map with extensive detail, Allowing you to do pretty much everything you can imagine, as long as there is enough space.
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Posted on 16 March 10 at 22:05, Edited on 05 April 10 at 22:31
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I was a huge fan of Far Cry 1, both the original PC-version as well as it's Xbox-incarnation. But Far Cry 2 is one of the most over-rated games I've played in recent years.

The game has great visuals and there's no denying it has some great potential. But my guess is somewhere along the way everybody with more than 85 IQ in the company got fired and was replaced by a monkey with a blunt object lodged in it's skull.

First things first: the story! After an intro-scene, which clearly took it's inspiration from Half-Life, things go downhill very, very fast. You get malaria (talk about bad luck) and the next thing you know you wake up in a hotel-room and the guy you're supposed to kill (Jackhall) is standing next to you, nags a bit to you about a book he read (wtf?) and then spares your life. Why??? Actually come to think of it why am I trying to kill this guy? Am I getting paid by someone? By who? Is there a more personal motive? Did the guy kill my mother or something? None of this is explained. Five minutes later I'm shooting people in the face and then the guy employing these people hires me to do some work for him! Would you hire a guy that just shot your accountant in the face? What is up with this game?

The game isn't helped by some other design choices that are annoying at best and downright controller-snapping frustrating at worst. For example there are only a handful different missions: killing some random guy, blowing something up or blowing some trucks up. On top of that EVERY missions requires you to obtain it first, usually involving a 20-minute drive from your respawnpoint to the 'mission giver', followed by driving all the way across the huge map to do the mission and then driving back all the way to the missiongiver to obtain you useless reward. During all this driving your gun will constantly jam (who thought this was a good idea!?), you will constantly be harassed by EVERYBODY in the game world whom all seem to turn into a blind vengefull rage whenever they spot so much as your shoelace sticking out behind a rock. And you'll have to remember to gather diamonds for weapon upgrades and weapon manuals (seriously this hitman needs a manual to operate a gun!?), mend your ride as 5 bullets seem to make it explode and take your malaria-pills.

I don't mean to be offensive but anyone claiming this is fun must have had his frontal lobe surgically removed or something.

Now before some people start with "oh but it has great multiplayer"...no sorry, but it doesn't. It's unoriginal and bland. Put it against competition from games like Halo 3, CoD4 or even games like Burnout Paradise and you'll see this game ought te be ashamed of itself. It has a nice level-editor, I'll give it that, but what's the point?

I don't want to pretend I can tell people what to do, but if I can give you one piece of advice DO NOT buy this game. I got it for free and I still feel ripped off!
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Posted on 21 June 09 at 08:13
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Simply awesome.

Far Cry was on of the first couple of games played for my Xbox it is a really realistic game it's amazing you can hold up to 4 weapons, you get your own safe house where weapons are stored in special crates bought at a gun store,
you unlock new safe houses by killing the residents and also do new missions for the guns vendor to unlock new guns.

Guns pick up off killed enemys will usually jam which is a really good feature of the game after too long you weapon will no longer be usable, unless you upgrade your weapons with the weapons manuals even if you get bored through the game it's always exciting to go round and search for diamonds to buy new guns with or manuals.

The Story:
You are the main character of the game and you get a selective choice of chacters at the beginning. you will soon find yourself in a taxi driving you to a hotel your character has malaria all through the game but you have pills to stop from killing you when you do run out of pills you have to do side missions for the churches to get some pills and unlock and underground location. The main story is that you've been sent to Africa in the middle of a civil war the APR against the UFL your Job is kill the guy that armed both sides (The jackal) the story is an overall good you make friends who play a very important part in the game if a buddy is rescue ready the can revive you when downed but buddys are there too help you give an easier way though the mission by giving alternate routes if a buddy gets hurt in battle you have to choice you can help them up (AChievement) or kill them (Achievement) sometimes no matter how many they use they just die on you.
The bad points of the story is it takes ages to get from the mission start to where you have to go they are in the complete opposite sides of the map which can get really annyoing even if you have a vehicle this is where busses come in to use but sometimes they're not that helpful. There are not many bad points in the game.

Multiplayer can be a little annoying when you find your self about capture the diamonds and then get sniped there is lots of weaposn to unlock evertime you get a promotion(rank up) you will get one diamond to spend it as you please but multiplayer is pretty good there are four game modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Diamond, and uprising mode.

Deathmatch- Simple game, simple rules kill your opponents it's a free for all so no allies on enemies person with most kills after time limit or has set number of kills wins

Team Deathmatch- Just the same as deathmatch really except with teams first team up to set kill limit or most kills when time runs out wins kill to win and revive your team mates.

Capture the diamond- I'm sure you can guess what you have to do from just reading the name you have to capture the enemies diamonds and return them to your own base you get more exp for capturing, killing and reviving like all game types. Most diamond captures in time limit or first to set time limit wins.

Uprising- Simple two teams, two captains three control points the aim is for your team captain to capture the three control points before the other team does once a team has all three control points you have to kill the enemy captain then you win.

Multiplayer gives you ability to make maps and submit them for others downloads and play them in multiplayer matches

In overall I think this game is good and recommend it anyone who doesn't have it.
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Posted on 28 October 12 at 22:09, Edited on 07 November 12 at 23:25
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Well when I first played Far Cry 2 I was shocked on how different it was compared to Far Cry 1. In Far Cry 1 you played as Jack Carver who you don't really know who is exactly. The story wasn't good any way but in the first game you had to run away from mercenaries who are out to get you for some reason. Told you that the story wasn't good. Any way they captured you and experimented on you and now your this genetically enhanced super human with unnatural powers like super strength, super jump and so on.

External image

In Far Cry 2 you don't have any of that. This time you play as a mercenary who has to kill a guy called the Jackal because he has been selling guns to the public. That's it. No powers. Just real life. The game is set in Africa and not some island this time. This game is said to be the most realistic game this generation and it kinda is. There is realistic physics like fire, water etc. A very realistic health system where you will have to perform surgery on yourself to stop the bleeding like pulling out a bullet in your arm.

These are some of the things that you know about this game. Lets start the review.

All I can say is wow! It's truly beautiful in every way. The character models are nice if not stale at times. Has a unique and convincing atmosphere and has great use of transparent graphics like rain and dust. The fires however is the best looking thing in this game. They look real and act real too. Fire spreads like wild fire in this game and I like that. You can torch one bit of grass and then it will spread through out the whole field. Truly convincing and the best fire effects I have ever seen.

External image

Burn baby burn. Lets go inferno!

The game also runs well with solid frame rate and minimal screen tearing. Unfortunately the draw distance is a little bit poor. Most games have a fade in effect when something comes in to reach of the distance but in this game they just pop up with in a instant which is very noticeable.

Other than that the game is truly beautiful and that's why I'm giving it a 9/10.

I love the sound of a boom in the morning. Especially from this game. The gun sounds are fantastic and realistic which really does make you feel like you're in a gun fight when you start to hear bullets whizzing past your ears. The fire sounds are well done too and it's noticeable on how much effort that Ubisoft put into this game. The African soundtrack is well done and fits in nicely with the African atmosphere. I will say however the voice acting is poorly done. There just isn't any tone to the voices which is quite boring really. At least the dialogue is well written though. Especially when you hear the Jackal's voice through the audiotapes. He sounds awesome. Possibly the only good bit of voice acting through out the entire game.

I give the sound a 9/10 despite its poor voice acting.

The new take on for the Far Cry franchise is an interesting one. I expected to be leaping across islands but no. It's just realism really. The game is still free roam with plenty of mileage to cover. You can literally snipe from miles away and still get a good shot. There is a lot of freedom here with plenty to do. You can complete main quests, side quests, buddy quests and so on. Most of the mission are fun but it can be a hassle to get there due to the size of the play area. It's too big really and gets tedious. At least you can hunt down diamonds and audiotapes when you are out and about but still not enough to grab your attention.

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Try doing a 360 no scope from that distance COD boys!

The gunplay is good. It's realistic and fun. The guns are realistic because they jam and you will have to find a new gun. Sadly the guns don't have much vibration when they fire so it doesn't feel all that satisfying. There is a large roster of guns with plenty of upgrades like accuracy. You can also purchase stealthy weapons but they seem pretty useless since that the AI will attack you on first sight. No hmm what was that. They will immediately shoot at you and can be annoying when you try to avoid a fire fight with a passing car.

There is also multiplayer which is great with many modes and maps. The maps are huge and you can even create your own. The map editing goes into a lot of depth but a bit difficult to get used to the controls but you can literally go crazy with the amount of editing you can do. the leveling up system is great but it does seem to take forever to actually get to the next level. Well if your a bad player anyway.

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Better hope your a great architect when it comes to this.

I give the gameplay score a 9/10 because of its depth.

I enjoy a good storyline but this doesn't cut it. It's too simple and not interesting. All you are doing is just trying to kill the Jackal and that's it. End of story. No mystery or anything like that. Ubisoft needs Tom Clancy to do the scripting for them I think.

I give the storyline score a 5/10.

Is it your cup of tea?
If you want a huge game then this will be a huge welcome.
If you want something realistic then definitely buy this.
If you like Far Cry 1 then you will be surprised.

-Great graphics and fires.
-A huge game.
-The realism.

-Rubbish story.
-Nothing like Far Cry 1.
-The map is way to big.

Overall I think this is a great game that just needs a few tweaks here and there to become a perfect game. I give it an overall score of 9/10.
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Posted on 07 September 10 at 10:19
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With a fair amount of realism and an open world of epic proportions to explore you can't really go wrong. Yet somehow this game does.

I'll begin with the awful:
The combat is relentless, you're either bathing in a hail of bullets or there are no living life forms in a 50 mile radius. There's no middle-ground.
It's also rather frustrating the outposts you have cleared of hostiles will magically reform, with yet more idiotic and twitchy NPCs, who will try (and succeed) to annoy you as you travel between missions.
On the subject of travelling, I'm amazed it's considered fun to walk through swamps for hours at a time to reach your destination. Arguments may form as "you could always drive" or "it's immersive to walk in a large open world". Firstly, any attempts to drive are met with fast respawning guards that will destroy your vehicle in the middle of a wasteland. Secondly, immersive doesnt equal fun. I would also debate Far Cry 2's "immersion" through it's many faults, such as the previously mentioned rapid respawning of guards (is there a phenomonly high birth rate and lack of reckless job employment perhaps?). I will however admit that one of the game's "immersion" factors was rather charming; the recovery from serious wounds. This is perfomed as a grizzly self-mutilation on the characters behalf and involves procedures such as pushing a bullet through the skin by pressing a finger into the bullet hole. It was refreshing to see a new take on the system, but was then corrupted by a health pack system which was fundamentally flawed.

And the average features:
The upgradeable weaponry was interesting, but didn't really do anything original. The flame effects looked stunning but weren't seen enough and didn't behave as flames should, despite their over-hyped engine for dealing with this. The map editor was also fun at first, but the limitations in set items (in both variety and quantity) crushed any hopes and dreams of building anything noteworthy. The multiplayer could also have been half-decent, but the servers were all either dead or hacked.

So, overall:
An average game at it's absolute best. I really wouldn't suggest buying this unless it's actually given to you as a gift... By a dying relative.
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Posted on 17 October 10 at 19:00, Edited on 19 October 10 at 01:44
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Far Cry 2 is an open world, first person, shooter in which you play a mercenary in an unnamed African country. Your mission is to kill the notorious arms dealer, the Jackel. Unfortunately, you muff up the job by nearly dying of malaria and the Jackel escapes not long after the opening credits are over. You then spend most of the rest of the game leasing your skills to whomever will pay and finding other mercenary buddies who are willing to lend you a hand on your various missions. There is some attempt at trying to weave these missions into the story of the Jackel, but it is a weak one. In fact, the Jackel plays a very small roll in most of what you spend your time doing. As far as the story goes, the thing's rather aimless.

That said, the world you are put in is massive and beautifully realized. The environmental effects are the best I've ever scene. I've actually stopped what I've been doing to admire a sun set, or to watch a tree burn (eirily beautiful at night). In fact, the explosions and fire take on a life of their own. Shoot a propane tank and it doesn't just explode, it shoots a jet of fire out of the bullet whole, spinning crazily. The weather effects are also wonderful. The wind will pick up suddenly whipping the trees into a frenzy, cloud cover changes, storms roll in. It really is an accomplishment.

Although the quests can get repetative, and it's annoying that almost everyone shoots at you on sight, it's still a lot of fun. There's a large variety of weapons and you can arm yourself based upon your play style, quiet and stalking, or running in guns blazing. Although the story telling is rather scattered, I like the whole "heart of darkness" mood of the game. The various characters are well animated and the voice work is excellent. There's also multi-player (sadly no co-op which would have been awesome) and an amazingly powerful map editor if you are into that kind of thing (I'm not). Overall, the game is immersive and a lot of fun, though at times glitchy (something I'm not used to from Ubisoft Montreal). A particularly painful bug corrupts saved game files which can be very frustrating. The bug caught me a couple of times before I came up with a saving regime that worked around it. Maybe there's a patch now, but there wasn't one during the time I was playing.

Story: 4
Interface: 3
Game Play: 4
Challenge: 4
Fun: 4

Overall: 8.5/10
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Posted on 22 June 09 at 08:39
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Fantastic game! It is one of my favorite xbox games online and off. It may not be the most realistic game ever created, because it wouldn't be good. You're in Africa, hunting for The Jackel. An arms dealer that armed two sides with weapons for a war. you eventually get into many twists and turns, and you wonder,SPOILER::::::What would happen if you killed the Jackel?::::::: the single player has very good enemy A.I. and great realism when it comes to FIRE! Yes, fire. If you throw a molotov for example, the grass will burn and spread like fire would. It can not be controlled, only unleashed. That is what the game says to you during loading screens often, witch is oh so true. And another thing about this game I REALLY REALLY enjoy is the mulitplayer. Player matches are the most fun. You can play player made maps. Not maps like from Halo 3. COMPLETELY from scratch. Huge map starts out with flat dirt. That's it, it's up to you now. And the ranked is the same, but only a few custom maps approved by Ubisoft are in ranked matches and you can only play those and some ok-to-good maps. You get diamonds to upgrade your classes in multiplayer. There is a commando class with your basic assault rifles and pistols, and a grenade launcher, for example. And a grenade launcher! The MGL-140 I believe! But beware, most hosts have a hard time admitting the get owned off guard by the MGL will kick you, it's annoying! But it's not a big deal.
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