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Chakaal Starr
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Chakaal Starr
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Posted on 30 October 10 at 22:37, Edited on 22 February 11 at 05:51
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As of this review, I have put in around 9 hours into the game. I am not complete the story mode but have a pretty good idea of the direction it is going. I have played using the six string guitar as well as with a guitar hero guitar as well as with guitar hero drums and mic. I have also tried the airstrike drums for 1 song.

When I first got Power gig, the first thing I did was try a couple songs in Rock Band 3 with the six string. I read that it does not work with the Pro mode, so I only played regular mode. Next I went to a neighbours and confirmed that it does work with an Amp. All you do is plug it in and drop the string suppressor and away it goes. The guitar is about 4 frets shorter when held against a regular guitar.

The game itself's main focus is the story mode whose story sort of reminded me of guitar hero. You have different clans which must unite in order to take down the oppressors sort of thing.

Each club you go to play in is run by a different clan, so when you pick your set list of 1-3 songs, you want to pick the songs with the symbols beside them that match up with the clan. You also choose which character you want to be and which band mates you use. Each character has different 'powers' so you would pick which suit your playstyle and song choice for maximum points. As you play songs, you collect mojo, and once you get enough mojo, it gets that clan to join your cause. It seems to take about 8-10 songs with matching symbols to finish a 'club'.

It should be noted that many songs are locked for quickplay until you have played through the story.

As far as game play, the game plays similar to standard Rock Band or Guitar Hero. It is top down rather than 3/4 like the other games. The guitar has a line between notes to help indicate what colour you are going to press, except for the flat strum, as there is no background colours on the highway itself. Drums is also top down, except without the line. Vocals are viewed the same way as the other games. It changes the colours of the notes to build cpu bandmates powerups, so I found sometimes I did guess wrong which colour to press, but it wasn't bad once you got used to it.

One thing that seems to be different is that all notes are rated as perfect, good, or no hits. You have to be very precise to get the perfect hits(ie for perfecting a song type achievements).

I found while I normally play hard to expert guitar, I dropped down to easy and was still getting around 74% perfect and the rest good. You need to power up often as you can have a near flawless performance and wind up with 4 seals(stars). Be warned, you can't raise the guitar(plastic ones too) to power up, so you have to be quick to hit the button to keep your streak.

For vocals, it measures every part of the phrase, so that can make vocal achievements quite challenging. I found even on beginner, I was scoring 99% on a song I knew very well, so not sure how long it will take to get the acheivement that requires you 100% on the harder level.*edit: these didn't turn out so bad if you look at the TA solutions.*

Playing with the six string was a blast, though after a couple hours, my fingers got sore so I had to switch to plastic instruments whilst I slowly develop a tolerance. You can turn on a power chord mode so the songs will give you notes like a green 6 to depict that you need to have your finger on the 6th string on green and another finger on 5 yellow. It changes colour and numbers, so you would probably want to go to the Mojo Dojo before attempting that mode. Neither mode is as complex as the Rock Band 3 Pro mode, but it serves as a good introduction to the feeling of using strings and some basic fundamentals. It is not necessary to have the six string to play(the non power chord mode), but it does add a lot to the game.

Playing with the airstrike drums seemed ok, but I prefer having something I can hit. It would be nice for storage but it definitely has a different feel.

As far as graphics, they are ok, similar to Guitar Hero if I were to draw a comparison(not as crisp as GH). I feel that they could have added a lot more animations maybe to make the performances more exciting as most of the performers just sort of do their own little thing on their spot on stage making for what would be a boring show. The clubs remind me of different guitar hero areas as there are some areas that have giant hands rocking out and other atypical stages.

As far as band play.. There is no bass, it is a three person band consisting of a singer, guitarist, and drummer. There is also no online play, so you will need to recruit a couple friends to help with some of the band achievements.

The setlist is subjective to your tastes, but I liked it. Tragically Hip, 3 Days Grace, and Eric Clapton were definite pluses for me.

Overall, I would give it about a 3.5 out 5. I would rate GHWOR in that range as well, where I would give RB3 a 5, and Rock Revolution a 2. A valiant effort for the first go round for this company.

-the six string guitar (which can also be used in other games)
-seemingly more strategy with your choices

-no bass
-no online play
-the accuracy being so stingy
-can't power up without pressing a button.
-it keeps going when you press start, until you tell it to pause the game from the menu that comes up
-you need the airstrike drum for a secret achievement

Edit: I have completed the story mode, the second half goes a little faster if you line up the symbols well. The story was as expected, so nothing in the above review has changed. Played about 25 hours total with little desire to revisit at this time due to also having RB 3.

Note: If you vote on this review, please keep in mind that you are rating the quality of my review and not the game
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Posted on 31 December 10 at 06:52, Edited on 20 February 11 at 03:48
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This is my first review so it might not be the best one but I will try my best to make this review the best it can possibly be.

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString is a music game developed by Seven45 studios. It features the use of a real electric guitar for gameplay. We all know that Guitar Hero and Rock Band are the definite leaders in the music genre, and after Rock Revolution's attempt to become part of the mix(and failing miserably), it is obvious that this game is not going to get much attention. Alright now let's breakdown this game:

Gameplay: 8/10
This game plays like the other rock music games out there right now. You have the coloured gems scrolling down the screen and you must match the colour with your controller when the gem reaches the strike line. For the vocals you have to match the pitch that is marked on the screen. You do not need to worry about getting the words right, just the pitch. Also dont worry if you have a higher lower than average voice. The octave you sing in doesn't matter, just the note.

One of the main concepts this game relied on was the ability to play a real electric guitar along with the song. This is true and false at the same time. The guitar bundle comes with a "SixString", which is an electric guitar/game controller. It was advertised that you will be able to play real guitar notes along with the song. This is untrue. Instead, there are coloured bars on the 2nd to 6th frets of the controller. They are green, red, yellow, blue and orange. During gameplay, you need to match the fret colour with the gem colour. It does not matter which string you use, as long as you get the fret correct. So you are pretty much just playing Guitar Hero with strings.

There is, however, an option called "Power Chord Mode". This is where it actually teaches you something about the guitar. You will need to go to the power chord tutorials to fully understand how this mode works, but basically this is what happens: a green gem comes down the screen and it has a number 6 on it. This means you need to form a power chord on the 6th string, green fret. I know it sounds confusing now, but the tutorials do a good job of explaining them.

If you have seen the How to videos for this game on youtube, you would see that there are 2 sets of coloured frets, kind of like the rock band controller. However the guitar that came with my bundle does not have 2 sets of coloured frets. But if you press on the 8th fret green will light up on the screen. Same with the other colours in relation to green. I do not know if that is just on my controller or for all of them, but there is definitely a 2nd set of frets usable in gameplay even if it is not shown on the controller.

If you play Guitar Hero or Rock Band you should be familiar with a concept called "Star Power"(or in Rock Band "Overdrive", but they are the same thing). This game has it's own kind of version of star power. However instead of doubling you multiplier, it fires a certain "Mojo Power" depending on which character you are playing as. Mojo powers are enhancements that are unique for each character and alter the game in many ways. There are a total of 6 playable characters and 6 powers(one for each character):

Each character plays a specific instrument.

Character: Carmen
Instrument: Vocals
Power: Wild Rhythm
Effect: All hits are perfect.
Pretty self explanitory, it will turn every hit you get into a perfect hit.

Character: Dante
Instrument: Vocals
Power: Incite
Effect: Increases Multipliers
When used, this power raises everyones score multiplier by 2x.

Character: Matthias
Instrument: Guitar
Power: Zehn Overdrive
Effect: Big Streak Bonus
When used, a number will appear and track your note streak after activating the power. The higher it is, the more bonus points you earn.

Character: Becca
Instrument: Guitar
Power: Inspire
Effect: Bonus to all orb hits
Simply increases the score each note is worth

Character: Kira
Instrument: Drums
Power: Zehn Precision
Effect: Perfect Gives Massive Points
Makes any perfect hit you get worth a whole crapload more points than it would normally be.

Character: Orpheus
Instrument: Drums
Power: Higher Ground
Effect: Max out multipliers
Increases everyone's multiplier to the maximum amount: 5x

One of the key differences that seperates Powergig from Guitar Hero and Rock Band gameplay wise is the hit system. Instead of the "it doesnt matter how early or late you hit the note, as long as you hit the note thats all that counts" kind of hit system in GH and RB, this game has a "Good or Perfect" hit system. If you can manage to hit the note when it goes across the strike line then you get points and Mojo. However, if you manage to hit it directly when it is in the center of the strike line, you will see a big "Mojosplosion"(don't even think about making a sex joke) where the note was hit. This means you got a Perfect hit. This gives you more points and more mojo.

Visuals: 6.5/10
The visuals in the backround and the characters is more like an animation type of visual instead of a realistic one. Most of the venues are dark and not very insteresting to look at. The characters look a litle deformed. Orpheus has thinner than regular limbs and Dante has abnormally large arms. Now to the visuals of gameplay. If you had no idea about this game you would think that it was Rock Revolution 2. In GH and RB the notes scroll on a Z axis. In this game the notes scroll on a Y axis. But somehow it isnt as painful to look at as Rock Revolution.

Another cool visual feature is when you are playing the guitar, there will be a coloured string attached to each note. The colour of the string determines which note will be coming next, and the string will move closer to that colour to signify how soon the note will come by.

The drums interface is quite confusing. Like Rock Revolution, the kick pedal is it's own gem in the center of the strike line. This is can make songs very confusing to those who arent die hard Rock Revolution drummers(there HAS to be atleast one of them out there).
Aside from the kick pedal in the center, it has the same colour arangement as the rock band drums do.

The vocal interface is basically the same as the GH and RB interfaces

Setlist: 9/10
The games setlist is where this game shines. When Seven45 said it was "comparable to Guitar Hero or Rock Band" they were absolutely right. With such famous artists as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ozzy Osbourne, The Tragically Hip, Mastodon and many, many more, this game is definitely up there with GH and Rb setlist-wise.

Here is a link to the full setlist of the game:

Career Mode(Unite The Clans) 7/10
In Unite the Clans you have unite the 3 rock clans together(shocking, I know) to save defeat the Headliner. The story itself is rather bland and barely noticable. However one of the characters looks like Chuck Norris, so, in fear, I am not going to say anything bad about it. No but seriously, the story line of this game boring and unnoticable. The objective of Unite the Clans is to play enough songs in order to fill e meter all the way. The game itself goes into much more detail, but generally all you are doing is playing songs to fill a meter. Once you get to the last venue it will be a boss battle against The Headliner. During the boss battle you will play Cult of Personality by Living Colour(the original version, not the re-record used in guitar hero), Ignorance by Paramore, Crack The Skye by Mastodon, Retribution by Black Label Society, and then it finishes it off with Head Up High by Firewind. The Paramore song is really out of place in this final boss battle as it is nowhere near difficult enough to be even considered part of any final battle. There any many more songs that could have replaced it.

Achievements: 6/10
Completionists be warned! This game requires you to purchase the offical Powergig "SixString" guitar controller and the "AirStrike" drums in order to obtain all of the achievements. Aside from that, the achievements are very straight forward and not difficult at all if you are good at music games.

- great Setlist
- cool new features
- you cannot fail songs

-no bass
-no online multiplayer
-pressing the pause button does not actually pause the game. It brings up a menu where there you must select pause game. I would recommend pressing the Xbox Guide button instead of the start button to pause.
-it was advertised that we would be able to play the real guitar parts of the song, when really we dont.

Visuals: 6.5/10
Setlist: 9/10
Achievements: 6/10
Overall: 30/40

Final Thoughts:

This game is really not as bad as it looks. The gameplay is decent, the visuals are decent and the setlist is great, and the achievement list is easy but expensive. I believe that with a little more work, better advertising, and friendlier staff, this game could have been big. I would recommend picking this game up if you are an avid music game fan. But if you are just starting out with music games, go with rock band or guitar hero. I look forward to future products from Seven45 studios if they make any more.
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