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Posted on 20 August 11 at 03:40, Edited on 28 May 12 at 05:26
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As with all my WP7 reviews, this review is based on the quality of the game as a mobile game, not compared to a full fledged console title.

Max & the Magic Marker is a very high quality mobile game that will last you anywhere between 5 and 10 hours, depending on how hard you find the speed runs and if you are going for full completion.

The graphical style is pretty unique, and given the fact that it's being played on a phone it is very polished looking. I believe it is a port of a PC title (or maybe the PC version is a port of the mobile title....who knows?) - either way, I was very satisfied with my purchase.

***Note: As of April 2012, the price was dropped to $0.99 / £0.79, this is a must buy!***
I picked it up on the DotW, but I would not feel shorted if I had paid full price for this fun little time killer. The controls are acceptable, but could be better. I often found myself erasing an entire group of lines when only meaning to erase one section. I had no problem with movement, except for once in awhile the lines would 'disappear" and I would start to jump around on the "missing" marker lines. You'll see what I mean if you buy it. This, however, was never a deal-breaker and the ability to "pause" and re-draw the lines made the effect this had on the game negligible.

The sound is good, but becomes repetitive after about 30 minutes of hearing the same looping midi over and over. The effects are a nice touch, and add flavor to the game.

The gameplay is good, unique, and if you turn off easy mode will require some creative thinking. However, the game lacks replay value. Once you've finished the game and gotten all the achievements, I do not see any reason to return to the game.

My one gripe is the lack of a decent resume function. Given that it is a mobile game, the fact that sometimes I could "dashboard" out of the game and resume at a check point, and other times I could not, really sucks.

Visual: 5/5
For a mobile game, it looks amazing.

Controls: 4/5
Points off for some skippy areas towards the end of the game with a lot going on & lines randomly disappearing even though they're still there.

Sound: 3.5/5
Repetitive music, but good sound effects. Like any other mobile game, best played on mute.

Achievements: 5/5
Easy, if a little time consuming for 200G. Especially given the TA ratio, it's an easy completion. Took me about 10 hours to complete.

Fun Factor & Replay: 3.5/5
Fun game, but lack of replay value hurts the score.
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