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Posted on 27 January 12 at 21:03, Edited on 27 January 12 at 21:07
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Body and Brain Connection , some Kinect brain candy

Dr. Kawashima, Brain & Body Exercises is the EU title for this game, named after the same professor who made Nintendo a fortune on the top-selling DS game Brain Training, I guess they wanted they same sales for the 360-version and who can blame them?

To start off you have to test your "brain-age" by doing math test and quick response tests which really make you to think and act at the same time, so the action stays true to the title.

Grades are awarded for the right answer and response-time and getting A-grades means some quick thinking and very fast reflexes!
Difficulty is nicely categorized in 3 steps, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced so it really is suitable for everyone.

The games are categorized in several categories which require math and memory and quick moves and all that combined.
Some games are well thought out and are fun to play, especially if you are going Advanced it will make your brain work out to the max.

Mostly though it requires quick thinking and just moving your arms towards the answer, so dont expect any full body workout like Your Shape, this is a true game for the mind.

Other games are a bit dull and boring and make you want to skip them as soon as possible. Nevertheless the developers or the Doc himself tried to cook up some entertaining and original stuff.
Each new day you play, you can test your brain-age again to see if you made any progress, which is fun for 2-3 times but then its just repeating
the same mini-games so eventually you want to skip this and get into the games rightaway.

I have completed most of the games and enjoyed them just enough to keep going, so expect a good 10 hours for completing all levels on a decent grade.

Achievements are overall not too difficult and with some practise you can get to 600-700GS without breaking a real sweat.
There are some easy points for playing with multiple players so if you have any friends you will rack up some more.

However getting the highest grade A+ will require a lot more hours of practise and therefore this will not be an easy 1k at all.
Thankfully the hardest achievement is only 10GS so its not too hard to get the majority of the points.

There is a Multiplayer Mode, even up to 4 people, but is has some flaws like not recognizing more players than 2.

Graphics: 6/10 (just right for this type of game, some seem rushed though)
Sound: 6/10 (nothing fancy, but sounds go well with the mini-games)
Difficulty: 8/10 (3 categories suitable for everyone)
Kinect controls: 8/10 (reaction works very well, no flaws except multiplayer seems little off)
Gameplay: 7/10 (fun and original brain-puzzle games, some are a little simple and boring though)
Multiplayer 5/10: (didnt work too well, fun wears off quickly)
Achievements: 8/10 (getting better gets more points and most of them are not too hard, 1k will be hard though)

Final Verdict: 7/10 , I had fun most of the time, and it worked well with Kinect.

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