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Posted on 15 June 11 at 22:33, Edited on 16 June 11 at 09:38
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NOTE: English is NOT my native language so please no drama about this!!!

Breach, a fps released the 26 january by Atomic Games for XBLA and PC.

I guess everyone who played this game will be agree with me, it look like some old pc game made 5 years ago, maybe they made this game for the nostalgics... Who know?

Its classic 16 players fps shooter with "destructible environnement", that mean when you shoot a house with a rocket launcher you see some pieces flying around, thats pro...

The gameplay is classic, a bit like CoD but slower and with a cover system. There are only team modes, when you get killed you're respawning at your base and then you have to walk and walk and walk again... You can choose your weapon pack before spawning. You have the choice between Rifleman, Sniper, Heavy weapon, Logistic (shotgun) and you can unlock the Recon class, like rifleman but with a better speed and better range, yeah its overpowered but the worst is the DAMN ROCKET LAUNCHER, luckily theres no rocket launcher class but you can still easily find many crates of munitions and rocket on every maps, rocket launcher are just overpowered and so easy to use, its a sad story...

You can unlock stuff for your weapons like silencer etc, but in this game you only get 5XP FOR ONE KILL, so think before buying something.

There are gadget too, some of them are ininteresting but i like the sniper detector, but most of the time youll see peoples using bulletproof...


no comments about the repetitives soldier's voices when they kill someone, oh and PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW !!!

For 1200MSP its too much, even if the maps are bigs its still too much, id say 800 or even maybe 600, only buy it if you really like fps or if you like to... walk...roll
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matt the dragon
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matt the dragon
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Posted on 04 February 11 at 03:24
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keep it short and snappy its shit. save you 1200 points for something decent theve put call of duty counterstrike and rainbow six vagas all in one YEAH it looks good on paper but when you play it its shit what does everybody do when you say destruable enviroments everybody uses rocket launchers and on a match theres unlimited number of rocket lauchers to use so thats bullshit for starts oh and campers dont you just fucking love them at the back of the map with snipers great oh and spawn campers because you can roam any where and not get deducted points for spawn camping great nice work game developers you fucking fail first game for then and i hope its their fucking last toast
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xLMx godfather
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xLMx godfather
Posted on 05 February 11 at 02:39
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breach is a first person shoter arcade and multiplayer only. in breach there are five diffrent game modes all enjoyable. the game has ranks and wepans, perks the usal stuff you would expect. it has a sort of bad company fell as you can destroy structures within the game and the graphics are a little dated. in genral you have to rank up and try to unlock the guns perks and all that, try to get your score up on the leader boards as you progress. as you play the game more you will begin to understand how to be good at the game. the game has an active cover system which means like in gears of war you can take cover behind objects unlike cod so you this helps to make breach a diffrent type of game because now cover is the most important point of the game and nowing when to shoot and when to take cover. there is a demo avliable if you want to try it i would recomend it so you can get used to the controls and se if you like it.lastly it is overall a good game if you are bored of xbox or waiting for new realses so you will enjoy it but very lucky if it is in your top 10.
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