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Posted on 20 November 12 at 03:37
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If you are a fan of Carcassonne then you will really enjoy this as it is now portable! Though if you expect it to be like the XBLA version your in for a bit of disappointment as this version is a bit different but that doesn't make it a bad thing!! It even comes with a FREE Ringtone for your WP! (For sure the easiest achievement to unlock as well haha but it does have a few XBL MP achievements).

The gameplay is different than the XBLA but that doesn't make it bad at all. This is a tile based "board" game where you place pieces together to form a huge piece of land. Tiles are drawn randomly so each layout ends up different for the most part. You do have limited followers to place down to accumulate extra points. Farms, Roads, Abbies, etc. are formed by placing tiles and followers on your turn. AI can be both intelligent and stupid so games will differ in difficulty. Loading times aren't to bad either but games do take a bit longer than they should. You can always play by yourself or share your phone with a friend and have a nice 2-player game!

Achievements overall are not to bad but as mentioned before there are 2 Live Games achievements and a few grindy ones. Don't let that put you off of this game though! It can become addicting and fun to play even after you have all of the achievements. You can easily get most of them just playing by yourself so if your looking for just a few easy achievements then this is a nice game to put on your card as well!

Price point is kind of in the middle. For $2.99 it isn't the cheapest WP game nor the most expensive. For the price though it is really worth it! If you can score this on the DotW though for an even lower price (even if you don't enjoy it as much) you will catch a better deal!

Overall this is a great game though it does have a few flaws. It shouldn't stop you from picking up this little gem though! Ever since I played Carcassonne on XBLA I knew for certain that I loved it and you could love it just as much! It is very relaxing but also strategic at the same time. For the price and the replay value this is a terrific purpose and really worth at least trying the demo! You could come to love something new!toast
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