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SektoR pr0ject's Summary stats for all time

SektoR pr0ject

SektoR pr0ject has won 4,093 Achievements out of a possible 20,999 (19.49% Completion - 16,906 remaining)

SektoR pr0ject has a Gamerscore of 86,627 out of a possible 541,095 (16.01% Completion - 454,468 remaining)

SektoR pr0ject has a TrueAchievement score of 126,133 out of a possible 1,860,783 (6.78% Completion - 1,734,650 remaining)

If all achievements were worth 10 Gamerscore, the Standardized Score would be 60,839 points.

These stats exclude DLC packs without any achievements won.