Valiant Hearts: The Great War Number of collectibles obtained Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Number of collectibles obtained
1 SMIZZ59 SMIZZ59 130
2Germany BAD VII BAD VIIWu Tang - C.R.E.A.M. 129
3 C Squared83 C Squared83 127
5Brazil ArnaldoDK ArnaldoDKSorteio de Jogos TODOS OS DIAS, acesse: 124
6Germany UCS Shepard UCS Shepard 123
7Canada corpulentchris corpulentchris 121
8USA Huppster6 Huppster6Rock Band 3 and Green Day Rock band 2 greatest games ever! 121
9 Jem Neko Jem NekoTrying to clean up some of my backlog (lol, like I'll ever finish! ) 121
10 RodFenix1 RodFenix1 121
11 Breedhate68 Breedhate68 120
12 D KaizokuKing D KaizokuKing 120
13Ireland dungavin dungavinChillin' out enjoying my gaming ???? 120
14Brazil Fabiano Guerra Fabiano GuerraFoco no Gamerscore ! 120
15Canada Joujoubox JoujouboxHunting ahievements since 2011 120
16 Moonshine7410 Moonshine7410Warframe! 120
17 Oroku Oroku 120
18 SkullGamers2419 SkullGamers2419 120
19 The Big LT 77 The Big LT 77 120
20England Weg XBL Weg XBLCan everyone add my new account, please? Saves having to scroll through adding everyone! GT: WEGSTOB 120
21England A 0 E Monkey A 0 E Monkeyearned 0 achievements in 2015 for 0 GamerScore worth 15332 TA 119
22USA A 0 UB3RLOZ3R A 0 UB3RLOZ3Rim gonna open company called UB3R eats you out 119
23USA a 1WP VidMast3r a 1WP VidMast3r 119
24USA A 2rue LeGacY A 2rue LeGacY 119
25 A 3 yr 0ld G1rl A 3 yr 0ld G1rl 119
26USA A BAD SNIP3R A BAD SNIP3RRetribution complete! 119
27USA a bag of purp a bag of purp 119
28 A Baked Warrior A Baked Warrior 119
29Canada a banned flask a banned flaskD2 achievement list looks small for a AAA game more like a indie list. This must be incomplete https 119
30USA A Batwoman A BatwomanI wear a mask. And that mask, it's not to hide who I am, but to create what I am... 119
31USA A BearAttack77 A BearAttack77My pizza rolls is done. 119
32 A Big Mystery A Big Mystery 119
33 A Black Lambo A Black Lambo 119
34Australia A Boss Monster A Boss Monster 119
35 A CheeseToastie A CheeseToastie 119
36Netherlands A Cute Bunny NL A Cute Bunny NL 119
37Canada A DEAD B0DY MAN A DEAD B0DY MAN*boycott DOOM ENTERNAL until Doom 2 is fixed 119
38 A Defector A Defector 119
39England A Defiant Sith A Defiant Sith 119
41 A Drunk Avocado A Drunk Avocado 119
42 A Falcon Bird A Falcon Bird 119
43USA A Farmer A FarmerITS GUCCI 119
44 A Fellow Gear90 A Fellow Gear90 119
45 A Filthy Ciggy A Filthy Ciggy 119
46Australia A Floating Cat A Floating Cat 119
47USA A Ghost 0f Onyx A Ghost 0f OnyxGoing for all Halo achievements! 119
48USA a Good Gamertag a Good GamertagA little bit of brains, a lot of sarcasm. 119
49USA A Headless Monk A Headless Monk 119
50USA a holy chainsaw a holy chainsawCampaign for Gears 5 is the best one yet, they took their time and it shows. 119
51 a huge LEMUR a huge LEMUR 119
52 a Husky a Husky 119
53 A Its Johnny A Its JohnnyMCC is completed. Now what? 119
54 A Kimba A Kimba 119
55USA a Kool Aid Man a Kool Aid Man 119
56USA A Lazy Susan A Lazy Susan 119
58 a lump of coal a lump of coal 119
59 A Magic Crumpet A Magic Crumpet 119
60Australia A Monkey Priest A Monkey PriestSakura Gakuin for the win. 119
61 A Ninja Creeper A Ninja Creeper 119
62 A Norwegian Lad A Norwegian Lad 119
63 A Pig A Pig 119
64 A Pug On Drugs A Pug On Drugs 119
65 A Racing Viper A Racing Viper 119
66 a Ragin Golfer a Ragin Golfer 119
68USA a random cliff a random cliff 119
69 A Ridiculus Pie A Ridiculus Pie 119
70 a Robo Hamsterr a Robo Hamsterr 119
71 A Saladbar Lord A Saladbar Lord 119
72 A Scrubby Duck A Scrubby Duck 119
73 A Sh4dow Hunter A Sh4dow Hunter 119
75 A Silent Fox A Silent Fox 119
76 A Slice of G A Slice of G 119
77 A small Jojoke A small Jojoke 119
78England A Sneaky Sl0th A Sneaky Sl0th 119
79 a squirre1 a squirre1 119
80 a stingy pygmy a stingy pygmy 119
81 A Toca do Rato A Toca do Rato 119
82 a toyota prius a toyota prius 119
83USA A Troll AHH A Troll AHH11/2/2015 - 65 cheevos in one day, a personal best! =) 119
84 A True OverLord A True OverLord 119
85 a Tub of Adam a Tub of Adam 119
86USA A Veteran Gamer A Veteran Gamer 119
87USA A Viking Monky A Viking MonkyHunting for chievos. 119
88Australia A Volvo Driver A Volvo DriverWhen is Minecraft: Kettle Edition coming out? 119
89Canada A Zesty Potato A Zesty Potatowubba lubba dub dub 119
90 a1988sep a1988sep 119
91 a1chu a1chu 119
92Sweden a1d3d3e7 a1d3d3e7Would need a few other people with two 'boxes to grind Seriously. 119
93Canada A1ienspacebats A1ienspacebatsOnwards to 100,000 G while completing my backlog 119
94England A1m0n A1m0nLove the Assassin's Creed interactive flag guide map - saving me so much time in locating these pesk 119
95 A1m1ghty A1m1ghtyNo one needs to know what I do... In my spare time.. 119
96 A1rpig1 A1rpig1 119
97 A1RR3X A1RR3X 119
98Wales A2Zeppelin A2Zeppelin 119
99Denmark A42Coma A42Coma 119
100Denmark A42TheBaptizer A42TheBaptizerI'm just 149% peach frosting 119