Tower of Guns Deaths Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Deaths
1USA Chad Wilburn Chad WilburnIs it a sign you are getting old when Megaquarium and Two point hospital gets you more excited than Borderlands and Call of Duty. #management games 799
2 Refused12 Refused12 358
3 SirAlloneBR SirAlloneBR 257
4 TrueManager5 TrueManager5 235
5France CRS Bayard CRS BayardToute l'actu Xbox: 225
6USA Spirochaete SpirochaetePh.D. 221
7USA MonDab MonDabShooting for 450k by 2020. 217
8Brazil Kawan Mauricio Kawan MauricioSantos F.C 208
9USA Frizbog FrizbogTotally stuck the landing haha Frizbog playing Jet Car Stunts 207
10 Fynnsky Fynnsky 183
12 ItalicTomcat999 ItalicTomcat999 167
13USA KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33Will be streaming end of august full time on mixer with cool upgrades i hope we got peeps here that support me... 165
14 M4X1MUs sk3L ch M4X1MUs sk3L chMexican achievement hunter team. 163
15 saymon211 saymon211 158
17Poland Chokej Chokej 154
18USA Sillva SillvaDestiny 2 Raid Day - Garden of Salvation - 153
19USA TheBigLewadski TheBigLewadski"Obviously you're not a golfer." 153
20USA TheBiiigCheeez TheBiiigCheeezFreshly back after about 1.5 years... all about gamerscore and catching up1 152
21Brazil vulgobala vulgobala 152
22 bazingawug02 bazingawug02 149
24 keystonchugrnot keystonchugrnot 141
25 RyanJDC RyanJDC 140
26 lordpancakes88 lordpancakes88 139
27USA xSneakyBurrit0x xSneakyBurrit0xOn the Achievement grind!! 139
28Ghana Kenzibit KenzibitCurrent Highest Gamerscore in Africa - 21/02/18. 138
29 codeczar codeczar 137
30Germany Matrix Germany Matrix Germany250.000 Gs in Xbox One games 137
31England Bond OO7 Bond OO7 134
32 UsP iNoScOP3Z x UsP iNoScOP3Z x 133
34Germany Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neAutumn/October/Halloween Sale or however they will call it on its way..if Ghostbusters is not in it - it would surprise me 131
35England Steepheen Steepheen 131
36France Crazy Nikos 78 Crazy Nikos 78I find peace when I pray, may I pray for You ? 130
37Scotland PhilValentine85 PhilValentine85 130
38 AH Hadess AH Hadess 129
39 CuttingBlades CuttingBladesHow does it feel to be dead? (You are dead~) 129
40USA FishyCrab FishyCrab 129
41 ONE CEL JUGGALO ONE CEL JUGGALOTrying to complete games.. .) 129
42 SmokeAce 1 SmokeAce 1 129
43England i7z IDaRReNx i7z IDaRReNxGuess that's it with this account until xbox 4. 128
44 Y2OOJA Y2OOJA 128
45Russian Federation DefoIt DefoItWhy u? 127
46Scotland xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx****Retired gamertag****.....only used for boosting purposes smile 126
47USA EpicSure Shot EpicSure Shot. 125
48Germany HoHe69 HoHe69rock 125
49England Mountain Wyvern Mountain WyvernNeed that Jrpg fix, ya know. 125
50Brazil AndreFlash83 AndreFlash83 124
51Sweden host rider SWE host rider SWEi am back 124
52 Karman1908 Karman1908 124
53Germany LordoftheIsles LordoftheIsles 124
54 o slicky J o slicky J 124
55Mexico Yarto Plagacho Yarto PlagachoRumbo al 1er. lugar de México. 124
56Wales Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehJust had a go of Gears 5 using Project xCloud...the input lag wasn't awful but probably noticeable for multiplayer. Still blown away with it though 123
57England DeadOnArrival19 DeadOnArrival19 123
58England Epic sn1pers Epic sn1persNever thought I'd fully get back into achievement hunting but here I am 123
59 Guitarecki Guitarecki 123
60 Plz dont hrt me Plz dont hrt me 123
61Scotland SCOTTISH F0RCE SCOTTISH F0RCEset my ta to no dlcs so i only need to beat main games time to clean up 123
62USA UnsungGhost UnsungGhostFinished making a game for an game jam. We could use some votes and comments! 123
63England Woodster 86 Woodster 86 123
64Italy xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 123
66 CrabbyTurtle CrabbyTurtle 122
67Poland xRosierrox xRosierroxxRosierrox's achievements in Elite: Dangerous 122
68 cookie2208 cookie2208 121
69 Der OGERR3112 Der OGERR3112 121
70USA Google Earf Google Earf 121
71Spain sSoADs sSoADs 121
72 Accept Downfall Accept Downfall 120
73 Khaenin Khaenin 120
74Brazil MCWX MCWX 120
75USA Anand32 Anand32 119
76Mexico El Luigi El LuigiPacta Sunt Servanda 119
77Norway EnjoyingMike EnjoyingMike 119
78 Jean5643 Jean5643 119
79England lllKELEVRAlll lllKELEVRAlll 119
80Canada Welfare All Day Welfare All Day 119
81 ArsenalBin ArsenalBin 118
82England Darren XBL Darren XBL 118
83Scotland halflifekid97 halflifekid97playing all back logged games 118
84Ireland I AM CULLY I AM CULLY 118
85Brazil Jehoshaphat BR Jehoshaphat BRJust for fun 118
86Canada kingrich06 kingrich06Overdoing The Bombardier medal/achievement. 118
87England Legohead 1977 Legohead 1977Happy New year everyone! 118
88 Lugosi 2 Lugosi 2 118
89Belgium Magnificent X Magnificent Xlove this new way of GTASC 118
90 MajorSathler MajorSathler 118
91 SkinnyDaddy Kev SkinnyDaddy Kev 118
92England WhiteYp73 WhiteYp73 118
93USA hypobonix | *Leap Frog 2016: 169th/1536 | Leap Frog 2017: 56th/1386 117
95Australia Mr Glenn V1 Mr Glenn V1 117
96USA TH3 BIG M3SS TH3 BIG M3SSJust signed my contract with Live.Me , I get paid to stream games officially now! If your wanting to 117
97 X Jord Hickin X X Jord Hickin X 117
98England Agrophobic Acky Agrophobic Acky 116
99USA AngryBiffMalibu AngryBiffMalibu 116
100 Ataikiru Ataikiruachievement hunt sometimes 116