Polychromatic Total Enemies Killed Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Total Enemies Killed
1Italy Matti RS Matti RS 1,644,243
2Canada NeoRatt NeoRattA few more months and it is time to return! Changes to adjust to my new world almost completed! - 2017-09-01 1,596,481
3Netherlands Perdiep PerdiepAut agere aut mori 1,545,039
4 rockchick1990uk rockchick1990uk 1,349,384
5Germany BreakingPad68 BreakingPad681,9947 my ratio badge will be golden very soon toast 1,049,630
6England hammersmad hammersmadTitanfall day :) 1,029,028
7England UselessFATDOG UselessFATDOG 1,008,071
8USA MrGompers MrGompers 985,912
10England T1TANMONKEY T1TANMONKEYPotentially Final Achievement Reminder for Project CARS' Community Ambassador 930,989
12England n4k3dLEE n4k3dLEE 861,669
13England dunnasaurus rex dunnasaurus rex 859,560
14USA BigDog7572 BigDog7572Note to self, stop buying EA games because they just show up in the vault and my back log is big enough I don't need them right away! 844,907
15Canada kkod kkod 829,297
16Brazil slayermonei slayermonei 807,543
18Germany xImarsupilamiIx xImarsupilamiIxGoW Seriously 11670/10000 kills 770,330
19Belgium BAYTAN ONE BAYTAN ONE 761,349
20Germany DonkeyKongVet DonkeyKongVet 735,906
21Canada IrishWarrior022 IrishWarrior022Leap Frog hype 2017! 732,340
22 hbk gedou hbk gedou 721,893
23Korea DoniMong DoniMong 687,050
24USA illicitsoc illicitsoc 674,526
25USA x Force It x x Force It x 670,625
26Greece saertna92 saertna92 660,558
28 MoB Mingo21 MoB Mingo21 655,395
29Brazil xD Dante Ssp xD Dante SspComing Back !! 647,051
30 MrKnifeGuy MrKnifeGuy 635,168
31Belgium WolfheartSpell WolfheartSpell 608,325
32Australia XreignZ XreignZGonna be out of leap frog today, but it was fun as hell! I'm really proud of how far I made it especially considering I've barely been on Xbox lately. 590,229
33Canada Fury87 Fury87 588,914
34Germany GD BerserkerTTD GD BerserkerTTDGamerscore Desperados 582,396
35 The Enemy DD2 The Enemy DD2 581,573
36 Baki54 Baki54Rising star world Bak TARS 22 580,810
37 Stiggen Stiggen 578,395
38Germany Sky360 Sky360angry Done! Unlocking... 574,554
39France bigamo bigamo 549,247
40Ghana Kenzibit KenzibitI placed 1st in my country (Ghana) & 2nd in Africa on the 2016 TrueAchievements Leaderboard. 548,379
41Germany IIIDarkmasterII IIIDarkmasterII... 540,066
42Wales builder dirge builder dirgeI'm being nosey now, is there a way to see how your friends are currently doing in LeapFrog? 527,439
43USA XL3G1TxPR0Z04RX XL3G1TxPR0Z04RXfeb 2017 Halo Wars 2 >> 513,817
44Japan ekxotnreekmoe ekxotnreekmoe 510,590
45Korea Sangriaz SangriazHappy birthday to the Hidden Levels. I am proud to be part of the team. Thank you! 501,112
46England xxReaper84xx xxReaper84xx 492,168
47England Pigimus Prime Pigimus PrimeHey guys! It's another man with a million! 491,449
48England GEARFACE GEARFACEAnyone have a quick fix for "Done Unlocking" glitch? Been 3 days now.. :( 489,178
49England DaveKinetic DaveKineticTo start Clicker Heroes or not? That is the question. 480,898
50 maxen maxen 480,736
51England TheMarkOfPower TheMarkOfPower100,000 Gs in under a year! 467,775
52Japan Arufred Arufred 466,055
53 tickle log tickle log 464,378
54England WhiskeyWarriors WhiskeyWarriorsTitanfall 2 the gauntlet is fucking impossible.. broke me!!! 459,638
55 iSkyer iSkyer 453,601
56 TeamME712 TeamME712............. 438,954
57England Destrier Destrier 437,740
58Canada smrnov smrnov 428,324
59Portugal Priest Crow Priest Crow 425,924
60Canada Rozay151 Rozay151Not sure why I started the Devil May Cry HD Collection... These games are harder than Dark Souls 424,063
61USA xTheJoker85x xTheJoker85x 421,114
62Northern Ireland JetGodLike JetGodLike 420,298
63 EmulateIAm EmulateIAm 416,840
64England Jamiereloaded23 Jamiereloaded23More achievements coming to Forza Horizon 3! HYPE!! https://www.forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/fh3_hoonigan_car_... 415,481
65 I Pinch Crabs I Pinch Crabs 414,823
66England Bk2DaFuture Bk2DaFuture 410,570
67 MikeBut MikeBut 406,146
68USA Santa Voorhees Santa Voorhees 397,738
69USA FatPants77 FatPants77 396,428
70England Ichiban Noob Ichiban Noob$500 393,066
71 PhatHilly PhatHilly 392,549
72Finland Kovy88 Kovy88 391,476
73France Tachibana HANZO Tachibana HANZOall done the ninja gaiden's series. 391,290
74Germany Erik Seidel Erik SeidelAfter 4 years, Xbox One finally got the option to sart/pause ALL downloads AT ONCE. 387,570
75England conn311 conn311 383,283
76 Fluttershy Mike Fluttershy Mike 381,460
77USA futiles futilesAF2017 stats: 29 achievements in 6 games for 2305 gamerscore and 3 completions. 381,178
78USA jimmyhova jimmyhova 379,614
79Spain jacbesp88 jacbesp88Rare Replay 379,160
80 Fichii Fichii 379,109
81USA Flava1975 Flava1975Just keep swimming! 379,081
82Italy MyHaloxEveline MyHaloxEveline 376,419
83England Tucky90 Tucky90Well done FIFA, after years of being a fan I am finally done with the piece of shit games you have been pumping out since FIFA 11. 372,537
84 PiemanD PiemanD 365,023
85Canada MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 363,723
86USA celticspierce4 celticspierce413 year old achievement hunter 360,026
87France barbiche 31 barbiche 31 358,633
88USA Rand al Thor 19 Rand al Thor 19Mike Ybarra from Xbox joined us to talk about the Future of Achievements and more! https://youtu.be/OV7UHULZJc0 358,263
89Brazil DurvalFrancisco DurvalFranciscoEstarei de volta a jogar pra valer, hora de por o gamerscore em dia :v 355,834
90 ZillionJape96 ZillionJape96 342,574
91Korea K1ck K1ck2017 last goal: 200k GS with 99 % completion (all DLCs) and TA ratio of 3 342,339
92 Guitarecki Guitarecki 339,537
93 prophet7285 prophet7285 336,462
94 Santi Esponja Santi Esponja 332,188
96 NeilJF81 NeilJF81 324,240
97France V Julien X V Julien X 324,160
98 goeasyrick goeasyrick 317,809
99Italy Unpredictable D Unpredictable D 317,635
100USA Panthera onca Panthera oncaNeed a Hot N Ready with capybara! 315,762