Gorogoa Chapters Completed Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Chapters Completed
1USA x S E N U A x S E N U AMultiplayer Gamer 1st - Achievement Hunter 2nd. Nothing but positive vibes. Gears of War Veteran 47
2USA FreshPrince513 FreshPrince513I didn't just get a jersey signed by Reggie Jackson, I even ate dinner with him(6/24/11). 46
3Japan veil1451 veil1451Not normal mode is the master mode. 41
4England Wxrki WxrkiJust hit 100k gamerscore ?? 41
6 RainbowRiceball RainbowRiceball 32
7Japan warcryVFO warcryVFO 31
8France Anowie Anowie 30
9England lllKELEVRAlll lllKELEVRAlll 30
10USA OO111111 OO111111The Achievement Hunting Road Trip is officially complete. Full recap coming... probably never at this rate. dance 30
11 peach j peach j 30
12USA Ancient Warr1or Ancient Warr1or 29
13USA Travisssimo Travisssimo 29
14 Pyrokor Pyrokor 27
15USA RobotByTheRiver RobotByTheRiver 27
17USA Chucklestyle ChucklestyleHalo still sucks 25
18USA DaddyDragonXL69 DaddyDragonXL69 25
19 LaSeRLaUcH LaSeRLaUcH 25
20 nyonyo55 nyonyo55 25
21Belgium OffenderBE OffenderBE 25
22Japan Vogare Longa Vogare Longa 25
23USA Bel0kk Bel0kk 24
24 OmegaX56 OmegaX56 24
25USA uRGEnt Arcade uRGEnt ArcadeI'll boost if you'll boost. 24
26 GGarciaG2 GGarciaG2 23
27 k1LL3rX k1LL3rX 23
28Thailand D2C KittyFluffy D2C KittyFluffyHooman wanna be. Sugar's daddy. Good girl. 22
29USA Darth Bish Darth BishA.K.A. The Shark killer!!! 22
30Canada Maka91 Maka91Trials Rising - All 62 squirrels (including Diamond squirrel) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-xYcn0A00Q 22
31 LittleQuin LittleQuin 21
32England Singularity69 Singularity6912 Days of Xmas - The perfect time for achievements to refuse to unlock... 21
33USA SnapDragon SnapDragonCrypt of the NecroDancer Zelda crossover??? 2019 GOTY has just been decided. 21
34South Africa Snowhunterx91 Snowhunterx91 21
35USA GoatND GoatNDI would kill for the gamertag "Goat" 20
36Finland TriRock TriRockOverscripted missions and poor controls turn RDR2 into an unsatisfying experience. 20
37Germany Zockaholik Zockaholik 20
38Netherlands exactor it exactor itWarpfall transmitting 19
39Germany GD BerserkerTTD GD BerserkerTTDGamerscore Desperados 19
40USA Lyzyrd LyzyrdSuch Fallout Shelter. Very Grind. Wow! 19
41USA Secular Forever Secular Forever 19
42Ireland Celtic Force Celtic Force 18
43New Zealand DinoSuitGirl DinoSuitGirlCurrent obsession... Skylanders - because I love passé things 18
44Germany InSaNe HArLeKiN InSaNe HArLeKiN 18
45USA Madtown B Madtown BOn a retro gaming kick, y'all. 18
46England PixelBlast PixelBlast 18
47 Angelic King Angelic King 17
48Romania CorkyMo CorkyMo 17
49England DanielRime DanielRime 17
50Japan klozone klozone 17
51Japan maimai77 maimai77 17
52Canada NatalieTheCapn NatalieTheCapn 17
53Netherlands Perdiep PerdiepAut agere aut mori 17
54Spain Xr3dstorm Xr3dstormIdolMaster 17
55England angelsk angelsk 16
56France C0NINHI0 C0NINHI0No Pain No Gain ;) 16
57England ccliffy90 ccliffy90Kingdom new lands ???? Addicted, looks like game pass works would never have brought it but love it 16
59England Pigimus Prime Pigimus Prime 16
60Puerto Rico SiNNeR sLoTh SiNNeR sLoThProverbs 19:15 - Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger... 16
62Italy EvANeSceNcE1993 EvANeSceNcE1993 15
63Russian Federation Grinder RUS Grinder RUSno time for x-ONE because of x360... no time for x360 because of x-ONE... 15
64USA Guitarguy1357 Guitarguy1357 15
66USA Kaz Adama Kaz AdamaLinkfrog at 11, so challenge complete. Used 5 previously started games. Upgradin' dat badge, yo. 15
67USA KylKo KylKo 15
68USA LawlessBagel LawlessBagelOMG...T-Kara Puzzles on Win 10 has to be the most unstable game I’ve even played. 1 in 3 chance of a crash/hard lock while loading 15
69 Lonewolf81083 Lonewolf81083Time to knock out the FEAR series! 15
70Japan mamaani mamaani????OK!! 15
71USA Matrarch MatrarchI had great fun joining The Achievement Hunting 101 panel this week to discuss Crackdown 3. https://tah101.libsyn.com/ 15
72Czech Republic Mise64 Mise64 15
73USA MoltenPanthar MoltenPanthar400,000 Gamerscore! And 260 completed games!!! 15
74 MonsterGrimgore MonsterGrimgore 15
75England Nova Toad Nova Toad 15
76 ProGamingWatch ProGamingWatch 15
77Japan Psycho Cipher Psycho Cipher 15
78Australia Scoot338 Scoot338 15
79USA SeaTea7 SeaTea7 15
80Australia Shibbyz Shibbyz 15
81USA SpiralOut46and2 SpiralOut46and2 15
82USA talkstogod talkstogodMan I love Gloomhaven. 15
83Sweden W Andersson W AnderssonLooking to buy codes for the Forza Horizon 2 delisted dlcs (Porsche expansion & Storm Island). Anyone know where I can get hold of them? 15
84 WelDomBR WelDomBR 15
85 x ViridianVixen x ViridianVixen 15
86 FloriDUH JBot FloriDUH JBot 14
87Mexico IPerFexionZx IPerFexionZx 14
88 L3oToR L3oToR 14
89Korea Sangriaz SangriazI was a guest! "026 Delicious Sangria" by @RealGamerscore via #spreaker https://www.spreaker.com/user/tarragon/026-delicious-sangria 14
90 t0uma t0uma 14
91 Xx Phatryda xX Xx Phatryda xX 14
92 AleToTheThief AleToTheThief 13
93USA Boogie BoogieKnow your limits. 13
94USA bryan dot exe bryan dot exe 13
95 FreakingDirtBat FreakingDirtBat 13
96 hapirico hapirico 13
97Brazil Lighted v Lighted v 13
98Japan Muchocolat Muchocolat 13
99 Professor Logan Professor Logan 13
100 Shifterkart18 Shifterkart18 13