Spencer Level achieved Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Level achieved
1USA A 2rue LeGacY A 2rue LeGacY 80.000
2 a KINGKOT a a KINGKOT a 80.000
3USA A Sleepy Kitten A Sleepy Kitten 80.000
4USA A1ucardTepes A1ucardTepes 80.000
5England AaronJamesx38 AaronJamesx38Fuck off people in black ops 2 just trying to play zombies with some mates and had someone join and hack the lobby 80.000
6USA AbelusPrime AbelusPrime 80.000
7 Abomstar Abomstar 80.000
8France AciD237 AciD237Achievement unlocked: it's a girl! :) My 2nd one 80.000
9USA Adamdown Adamdown 80.000
10Hungary Adeusz Adeusz 80.000
11France Adrameleck AdrameleckSex, Games & Rock n' Roll !!! 80.000
12Canada AdrenalineFiend AdrenalineFiend 80.000
13Poland ADULT1 ADULT1FF 13, Lightning returns FF13, Project CARS, Battlefield 5, Forza Horizon 4 80.000
14USA AHGreg AHGregOoh Yeah! 80.000
15Switzerland AiGhtGenOss ZH AiGhtGenOss ZHHuNteR oF ThE G-Score :D 80.000
16England AirRaidPatrol AirRaidPatrol 80.000
17 AirWagner1984 AirWagner1984 80.000
18England alanml1976 alanml1976 80.000
19USA alanp9 alanp9Today marks 10 years since my first achievement! Someone buy me a cake. 80.000
20USA Albrtaum Puppe Albrtaum Puppehttps://mixer.com/Drizzle_084 80.000
21USA Alchemist xPTKx Alchemist xPTKxMad that my rechargeable controllers die after minutes.... but then remember their a decade old and I'm a idiot for not replacing them 80.000
22 AlertLouielouie AlertLouielouie 80.000
23 AlfieSGR AlfieSGR 80.000
24England Ali060 Ali060Because of achievements it always feels like I'm playing every game online and with everyone. Strang 80.000
25Canada Aliosghof AliosghofAll work and no play makes Aliosghof a dull boy 80.000
26Netherlands Alwindb AlwindbRIP Dragon ball Super :( 80.000
27 Andy Jx92 Andy Jx92 80.000
29England Angel Da Vinci Angel Da VinciI'm the devil. I can do what i want 80.000
30 Angelic King Angelic King 80.000
31Germany angelofdeathWHV angelofdeathWHV 80.000
32France Angmar89 Angmar89 80.000
33France Anowie AnowieJ'adore les croissants! 80.000
34Brazil Anunnaki Game Anunnaki Gamehttps://mixer.com/Anunnaki 80.000
35USA ApathyGamer ApathyGamerCrazy to think i've earned 68k gamerpoints this year so far. 80.000
36Switzerland ARBEN ARBEN 80.000
37England Arfurf00k5ak3 Arfurf00k5ak3so many games with unobtainable achievements. Most of them ive bought too :( 80.000
38Brazil Ari1291 Ari1291 80.000
39USA Arn226 Jenk Arn226 JenkHappy Holidays everyone! 80.000
40England Arran R W Arran R W 80.000
41 ArsenalBin ArsenalBin 80.000
42USA Arsenic 17 Arsenic 17Anyone want to do the coop achievement in Conan Exiles while it is free this weekend? 80.000
43 ArThurS81BR ArThurS81BR 80.000
44 Ascari00ES Ascari00ES 80.000
45England ASCENDancySlays ASCENDancySlaysso i just joined a multiplayer black ops 2 and all of a sudden loads of achievements started poping which shouldn't have unlocked what do i do? 80.000
46USA ASneakyMidgit ASneakyMidgitWorking On Easy Games To Boost My Gamerscore Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 80.000
47Northern Ireland assassinDMG assassinDMG 80.000
48 Atlas pegasus Atlas pegasus 80.000
49Australia AussiemarioONE AussiemarioONEHey guy’s and girls does anybody know how I can get my hands on a Japanese 360 console and games in Australia without having to sell my kids ? Lol 80.000
50Canada Av3ng3d7X x360a Av3ng3d7X x360aRaptor’s 2019 NBA Champs!!!! #wethenorth #KawhiMvp 80.000
51Germany Avalon HK Avalon HK 80.000
52 Avalonproject Avalonproject 80.000
53England Avitaway AvitawayGaming since 1984.....Damn I am old..... 80.000
54France AxeTour458 AxeTour458 80.000
55USA Axiom Candy Axiom Candy 80.000
56USA axualjack axualjack 80.000
57 Ay AcTiViTiX Ay AcTiViTiX 80.000
58Czech Republic B0ngAAA B0ngAAA 80.000
59USA baazfury baazfury 80.000
60 Baby Sheamus Baby Sheamus"Randy Tudor. Good man. DAMM fine man. Powerful 'stache. One of the greats." 80.000
61Austria Badboy007XTC Badboy007XTC 80.000
63England Balarush BalarushMany decisions lie ahead... none of them easy. 80.000
64Finland Barooder Barooderketä siel o 80.000
65USA BarriedU BarriedU 80.000
66 bbPOLOchon bbPOLOchon 80.000
67USA BEEFENCE BEEFENCEGoing for 96% again 80.000
68 benjoni benjoni 80.000
69USA BIGB EC BIGB ECI need 1 gamerscore to hit 500,000 ecxactly. 80.000
70USA bigbear XBA bigbear XBAAgent 47 back in action 80.000
71Germany BigM666 BigM666Achievement Hunter 4 Life From Germany 80.000
72Canada Bill 13 Bill 13About to do a Disney Infinity Bean Dive...awesome. 80.000
73USA BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiAchievement Land Podcast - Episode 12 - Title Updates and Delistings: https://youtu.be/CNtdo5Jd3Rk 80.000
74Switzerland BioShock CHE BioShock CHE2019 completion #108 Last Blade 2 80.000
75USA Bitz BitzSweet fancy Moses! I waited way too long to play NieR Automata 80.000
76USA Bk Dragon Bk DragonAnother day in Paradise! 80.000
77Canada Blacklord777 Blacklord777 80.000
78England BlatantJohn BlatantJohn 80.000
79USA BlaZiNaNGeLx BlaZiNaNGeLxThe verdict is in..guilty! 80.000
80USA Blost Blost 80.000
81USA BlueThunder7398 BlueThunder7398 80.000
82 BluexIcexDragon BluexIcexDragon 80.000
83USA BLYAST BLYASTAlways Blastin 80.000
84England BobbyFails BobbyFailswriting reviews for Xbox Gamer Reviews 80.000
85Canada Born Again Gen Born Again Gen 80.000
86Canada Boss Boss1,000,000 80.000
87Russian Federation Bowvolk S Bowvolk S 80.000
88England BoyCalledHero BoyCalledHero 80.000
90Ireland Brandon Sharkey Brandon Sharkey 80.000
91 braveheatz braveheatz 80.000
92USA Bro BroAlways down for some co-op! 80.000
93USA BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitar 80.000
94Australia Bryza89 Bryza89 80.000
95USA budias420 budias420 80.000
96Wales builder dirge builder dirgeAfwully boring E3 conference by Ubisoft! 80.000
97 BulletBomb420 BulletBomb420 80.000
98Japan CAICHOU CAICHOU 80.000
99 CaII Me RED CaII Me RED 80.000
100USA Calilos89 Calilos89Friday the 13th,Lara Croft GOL, World War Z 80.000