Big Crown: Showdown Coins Collected Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Coins Collected
1England HTID Xtremez HTID XtremezAchievement Hunter 1,134
2USA the jeffmeister the jeffmeisterBow to your Sensei!! 1,070
3 AG3 Biohazard AG3 Biohazard 1,066
4Spain Pare ESP Pare ESP18/907 GTASC Team 2018!!! Muchas gracias Reaper!!! Has sido el mejor compañero en esta aventura que podia tener!!! Grande!!!! 1,062
5 ReedyBug01 ReedyBug01 1,037
6England Stealth David Stealth DavidTrying to get rid of the rest of the codes on my blog can people help me test them and post below so I can delete it 984
7Netherlands Alwindb AlwindbRIP Dragon ball Super :( 971
8France korg51 korg51 955
9Netherlands NL The Dude NL The Dude 954
10Germany HardC0reZ0cker HardC0reZ0ckergamerscoreslave !! 920
11Brazil Ronan Vieira Ronan Vieira 914
12England Kerman7 Kerman7 909
13USA BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiAchievement Land Podcast - Episode 15 - Under The Weather: 905
15France Marcus 1903 Marcus 1903 888
16USA Arkham Arkham 867
17Japan klozone klozone 867
18England Corrupt XBA Corrupt XBAOn the way to the airport for a week in the sun 858
19Sweden Uggadunk UggadunkSo I guess the guy who wrote the "unlock achievement"-code for the 360 had to die at some point, right? 856
21USA WhitePeopleInc WhitePeopleIncWorking on Crash CTR nitrofueled Walkthough! 848
22France TonTon Elixyr TonTon Elixyr 847
23England GrislyDin GrislyDin 841
24Poland croixdefeu croixdefeuI don't speak English. 834
25USA Link1207 Link1207 833
26 SnowTig3r 87 SnowTig3r 87 833
27Brazil Adol BR Adol BR 832
29USA DinoRyno81 DinoRyno81achievement hunting is what i do 832
30USA RickyJesse RickyJesse 832
31USA Steel Reign68 Steel Reign68Achievement Grinding on the road to 1000000 827
32Hungary Zaki HUN Zaki HUN 826
33Canada xxx AL xxx AL 822
34Netherlands eeysi eeysi 821
35USA jnellett jnellett 821
36France LUDO97410 LUDO97410........... 821
37USA Nivek91 Nivek91 821
38 HotAlex Cruz HotAlex Cruz 820
39USA UNeakOne UNeakOneCleanse The Wasteland Of DLC. 819
40 LeopoX LeopoXOld School 816
41Netherlands MBGrunnNL MBGrunnNLUnderGround 815
42France mongrominet mongrominet 815
43 Scareable Scareable 815
44USA BluEagleRising BluEagleRising 810
45Northern Ireland Conor x420a Conor x420aNorthern Ireland’s #1 809
46Germany General Sengir General Sengir 809
47France d4rk antares d4rk antares 808
48Northern Ireland DEATH14796 DEATH14796Gears 5 tech test... Your start time is 13mins, 10mins, 5mins.......4h23mins wtf lol 805
49Canada EQ Riptide EQ Riptide 805
50Japan veil1451 veil1451Not normal mode is the master mode. 804
51 Ektata Ektata 803
52USA bogle1 bogle1Backlog facepalm 802
53Scotland MICSHA303 MICSHA303-- .. -.-. ... .... .- ...-- ----- ...-- 802
54England Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45Will be returning to Twitch soon check out for upcoming streams etc 802
55 G Smith007 G Smith007 799
56Canada SpazPownrOr7z SpazPownrOr7zBaba O'Riley!! \m/ (@_@) \m/ 799
57France Kardes74 Kardes74T'AIME TROP LES SUCCES TOI 798
58USA AlphaDarkWolf84 AlphaDarkWolf84 797
59 LA Game Dog LA Game Dog 795
60 WakelessLight WakelessLight 795
61Norway BluesWolf66 BluesWolf66 794
62USA OhMyGoth1 OhMyGoth1 794
63 Knockoff Kesha Knockoff Kesha 793
64 Stubidoo1988 Stubidoo1988 792
65England Mountain Wyvern Mountain WyvernNeed that Jrpg fix, ya know. 791
66 orangesubzero orangesubzero 791
67England Dingadilly DingadillyIf I've paid for it, I want my bloody gamerscore worth! If it was free, I prolly still play it and still want my bloody gamerscore worth! 790
69 luizinholoko13 luizinholoko13 790
70Australia SDREW44 SDREW44Microsoft!!! Give us more chinese games! 788
71 speedkill1977 speedkill1977 788
73USA m6wg4bxw m6wg4bxw 787
74USA NastyMastaDaddy NastyMastaDaddyRed Dead 98.1% 787
75 CDT 1988 CDT 1988 785
76Northern Ireland Mince lfc Mince lfc 785
77USA CRZYSPZ CRZYSPZWell, Big Crown: Showdown was a slog, but got it done within a day.... feeling a little burnt out, so bought myself a new game.... something Eviler... 784
78France daamdaam45 daamdaam45 784
79Japan kenyou01 kenyou01 783
80 JAK OO3 JAK OO3 782
81 LoockHeed42 LoockHeed42 782
82USA NUROK HOWLER NUROK HOWLERBoosting Gaming Session for The Darkness (JP) 782
83Canada ScoobyDoobyD0nt ScoobyDoobyD0nt 782
84Wales l Stretch l l Stretch l 781
85USA Stallion83 Stallion83GIVEAWAY! Live streaming now and giving away 5 Xbox Game Pass codes during the stream! 780
86Germany Patrick1990T Patrick1990T 778
87USA ElroyOMJ ElroyOMJLike podcasts? Like achievements? Have a listen to our Achievement podcast! 777
88 AshCraigt08 AshCraigt08 775
89Germany CLARION 85 CLARION 85Finally M$ updated the Xbox App on my WP and its working again :-) 773
90USA xTCx xTCxWhats going on with the XBONE dashboard? Lmao just a black screen and shit, something youd never see on 360! 772
91 simo949 simo949 769
92USA nate 1528 nate 1528 768
93Japan Arufred Arufred 764
94Netherlands raidenhardcore raidenhardcore 764
95USA I am da L1quor I am da L1quorAll Laser League double box sessions on hold. My original Xbox one stopped working. 762
96Canada Av3ng3d7X x360a Av3ng3d7X x360aRaptor’s 2019 NBA Champs!!!! #wethenorth #KawhiMvp 761
97USA rawkerdude5012 rawkerdude5012We still have achievements, a podcast, and FUN just at some new links. ---->>>>> Listen: Join: 755
98Denmark AssassinDK AssassinDK 752
99Canada ImiltheWinged ImiltheWingedNeed some game recommendations... 752
100USA Skanker irl Skanker irlIf anyone hasn't tried the Von Coin app on Xbox One, please use my referral code: X09WKC 751