Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Gold Bars Collected Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Gold Bars Collected
1 Aidanm70 Aidanm70 100.000
2USA Andre03 Andre03 100.000
3Canada Av3ng3d7X x360a Av3ng3d7X x360a 100.000
4England B4RN4RD5K1 B4RN4RD5K110,000 GS this month so far. Most I've ever earned in a month! smile 100.000
6 bigfred069 bigfred069 100.000
7USA BiLLzuMaNaTi BiLLzuMaNaTiAchievement Land Podcast - Episode 7 - Rage Against the Xbox: 100.000
8USA Blisle83 Blisle83What happen to Xbone Challenges? 100.000
9 Blizzardzero1 Blizzardzero1 100.000
10 Boody Harley Boody Harley 100.000
11England Bradmatt97 Bradmatt97Guys?! compare games and if there is something we both need send a message and lets get it done 100.000
12Scotland Celtic Corpze Celtic CorpzeIf i buy Minecraft (Android) on my phone, how do i make sure its on this profile?......i'm pretty dumb with tech stuff smile 100.000
13Ireland Celtic Force Celtic Force 100.000
14 Cha0s6 Cha0s6 100.000
15Germany ChaosOne89 ChaosOne89Nothing is true, everything is permitted. 100.000
16Germany CLARION 85 CLARION 85 100.000
17USA COACHJAY77 COACHJAY77But why is the rum gone? 100.000
20Northern Ireland Darzo93MUFC Darzo93MUFCGamerscore isnt a give up thing its a fun hobbie that comes and goes. 1st to complete fifa 19 Two years in a row 100.000
21 DonnerMoewe DonnerMoewe 100.000
22USA eL ZxRO eL ZxROThank you for waking me up. 100.000
24England fez34 fez34 100.000
25USA Franco 4 127hrs Franco 4 127hrs 100.000
27Germany G3RlFrankWhite G3RlFrankWhite 100.000
28Germany Goodspell712 Goodspell712Take a look at my YT Channel 100.000
29 HARWF HARWF 100.000
30USA Hirogen Hunter Hirogen HunterDelta Quadrant 100.000
31 HOLL4TIP 187 HOLL4TIP 187 100.000
32England JPG30 JPG30anyone who is playing world war z can you check you are getting xp for weapons, mine is not getting any but im getting xp for class. 100.000
33 KacpanGames KacpanGames 100.000
34 KdE I EXODUZ I KdE I EXODUZ I 100.000
35 King Koolaid King Koolaid 100.000
36China KissHugLiu KissHugLiu 100.000
37Ireland ll XcLusiioN ll ll XcLusiioN ll 100.000
38France LUDO97410 LUDO97410........... 100.000
39Canada Maka91 Maka91A Plague Tale: Innocence - Collectibles Guide -- 100.000
40USA MannedPython070 MannedPython070Ghostbusters remastered! Who you gonna call? Me, to do multiplayer 100.000
41England MEATFEEDER MEATFEEDERGone Dogging 100.000
42USA Metal Gear VR Metal Gear VR 100.000
43Germany MightyRockz MightyRockz 100.000
44 Miss Ashelia Miss AsheliaLa technique de sniper v2 marche super pour le difficile pour ceux qui veulent 100.000
45Australia Mr Glenn V1 Mr Glenn V1 100.000
46Vanuatu MurmuringJASON MurmuringJASONThat's what she said. 100.000
47 OLIS 360 OLIS 360 100.000
48USA OneBgBdArtemis OneBgBdArtemisTo start next, Rage 2 or Sniper Elite V2 Remastered? 100.000
49England Only a Celvin p Only a Celvin pgot spare Homefront beta code if anyone wants it 100.000
50 PhoenlxShadow97 PhoenlxShadow97 100.000
51 Priinz Valium Priinz Valium 100.000
52 Punji Puppet Punji Puppet 100.000
53USA R3D 5HADOW R3D 5HADOW 100.000
54 RGN Anarchy RGN Anarchy 100.000
55England Rhinne RhinneCompletion 56 of 2019 - Dragon's Lair Trilogy 100.000
56 RUI SLBenfica RUI SLBenfica 100.000
57Spain Sankaku Hatama Sankaku Hatamano rompas el silencio, si no es para mejorarlo 100.000
58 Sasha Ivorovich Sasha Ivorovich 100.000
59USA ScubaSte3ve ScubaSte3ve 100.000
60 Silverback Dave Silverback Dave 100.000
61Netherlands Smartimus Prime Smartimus PrimeReviewer for 100.000
62 SpottierBoar SpottierBoar 100.000
64Wales SupaSonic1972 SupaSonic1972An amazing amount of DLC to arrive in 1 day. 100.000
65 T401 Shields T401 Shields 100.000
66Germany Taba148 Taba148 100.000
67 Texans2K2 Texans2K2No job is too big. No pup is too small. 100.000
68USA thepack1221 thepack1221To do before CTR Remaster: 100% Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, LEGO Jurassic World, Trivial Pursuit, Forza Motorsport 5, and any AC Odyssey/FH4 DLC’s 100.000
69USA Trecool TrecoolYou're so money and you don't even know it! 100.000
70 Ultralisk12 Ultralisk12 100.000
71 van Wely van Wely 100.000
72Germany WAR John Rambo WAR John Rambogo for 500000 GS 100.000
73USA Webhead2099 Webhead2099Anyone need a VIP invite to the Anthem demo? I've got two left. 100.000
74Germany x Master Benz x x Master Benz x 100.000
75Italy x SATELE SHAN x x SATELE SHAN x100% completion progress of Assassin's Creed Odyssey (164 h 38 m 55 s) 100.000
76USA XBox Assassin83 XBox Assassin83Looking for a Good Team for World War Z Campaign. 100.000
77USA xGreenCountryx xGreenCountryxGood riddance Crackdown back to my backlog... 100.000
78 XLuxGh0st1991X XLuxGh0st1991X 100.000
79England XReeSX XReeSX 100.000
80 XSniperNinjaX XSniperNinjaX 100.000
81 Zasta 360GameTV Zasta - Achievement Guides and High Quality Walkthroughs. 100.000
82Germany ZitroneLeiche47 ZitroneLeiche47 100.000
83 Travesstyy Travesstyy 99.000
84 KinjoTheTaken KinjoTheTakenTMNT: MIM- hit me up if you need coop/MP partner! 98.000
85 F E A R xE F E A R xE 89.000
86 DeadFishPie DeadFishPie 85.000
87USA Bar6arian Bar6arian 84.000
88Canada CrimsonHuntz oG CrimsonHuntz oG 84.000
89 xMiss Nightmare xMiss Nightmare 82.000
90New Zealand Far King Brutal Far King Brutal 80.000
91USA Nasty SS Nova Nasty SS Nova 80.000
92 WeaklyMetal WeaklyMetal 80.000
93Ireland paul0877 paul0877 79.000
94USA GENERATIONGAMER GENERATIONGAMERJust another day and a other Achievement to unlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 77.000
95 iZ I bulletz I iZ I bulletz I 77.000
96 HUNG SOLO x63x HUNG SOLO x63x 76.000
97 JanTheMan18 JanTheMan18 75.000
98England FR0D0 86 FR0D0 86Partnered Hypesss 72.000
99Czech Republic Digestorcz Digestorcz 71.000
100New Zealand H0AN1 H0AN1 71.000