Attack of the Toy Tanks Number of Tanks Destroyed Leaderboard

Pos Gamer Number of Tanks Destroyed
1Sweden Victor Rose23x Victor Rose23xSubscribe to my Channel for future gameplay Walkthroughs & Much Much More. 1870.000
2USA MADGAME07 MADGAME07just having fun trying complete more games and get my gamerscore even higher ass possible 422.000
3USA KWYZ KWYZ 396.000
4 Angelic King Angelic King 354.000
5USA DaddyDragonXL69 DaddyDragonXL69 315.000
6USA MrGompers MrGompersReboot Transformation Initiative 309.000
7USA KeNNyG87 KeNNyG87 292.000
8Germany Eagle 0ne Eagle 0neGears 5 still broken for me..Seriously 5.0 unobtainable for me at the moment..hope they fix it 291.000
9 Stiggen Stiggen 291.000
10USA Mochi janos Mochi janos 286.000
11USA SizzlingGore SizzlingGoreGears POP. What's a good crew to join? Not getting no where with horde any. 285.000
12Wales NoHeroes94 NoHeroes94Just found out the psuedo-platinum in Borderlands 3 is unobtainable. Brilliant. 283.000
13 wereszko wereszko 276.000
14Germany Markus6376 Markus6376Xbox One = one step back 275.000
15 Mr GamerzZ HD Mr GamerzZ HDGetting the Gamerscore on Xbox! 274.000
16USA Ace Attorney 86 Ace Attorney 86 272.000
17USA Firebird2927 Firebird2927 268.000
18 JimmyMick3 JimmyMick3 266.000
19Czech Republic II SkeltorCZ II II SkeltorCZ IICAN HE SAY THAT??? 264.000
20 luizknight luizknight 264.000
21 x Croft Raider x Croft Raider173 Games Complete 264.000
22 NateDogg2369 NateDogg2369PAX 2020 What's up with my youf's! 262.000
23England Princess BenKun Princess BenKun 261.000
24Germany Suhrim777 Suhrim777“My goal is to stay safely in between self-analysis and self-destruction.” - Andrew Solomon 261.000
25Canada BPS RYAN BPS RYAN 259.000
26Canada DeanChronson DeanChronson 259.000
27Canada PhobicRaptor PhobicRaptor 259.000
28England Teriyaki Tej Teriyaki Tej 259.000
29England Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45i have an addiction to playing borderlands lol 257.000
30Canada Brockman 13 Brockman 13 255.000
31 RyanJDC RyanJDC 255.000
33Netherlands x SpiinDropZz i x SpiinDropZz iWorking on my Completion Percentage. 253.000
34 CDT 1988 CDT 1988 252.000
35 Ridzilla Ridzilla 250.000
36USA NiteJokester NiteJokester 249.000
37 Jonesiana Jonesiana 248.000
38USA SoCalMessiaH SoCalMessiaH:] 200K 6.30.2014/250K 8.24.2015 300K 12.7.2016:] 247.000
39USA axualjack axualjack 245.000
40England rswg rswgOn route to 200k Gamerscore 245.000
42England Unwritten 1NK Unwritten 1NK 244.000
43Canada Boss BossBanned from XBL for BS. I'm gone for now. 243.000
44USA hockeygodDVD hockeygodDVD 240.000
45USA ScuzzyBunny ScuzzyBunnyAh, so now Gears Pop is either pay to win or cheat to win...sounds about right. 240.000
46USA Yofune Nushi Yofune Nushi 240.000
47England DarkShadowMonk3 DarkShadowMonk3THERE WILL BE BLOOD 239.000
48USA New Demons New Demons 239.000
49 StitchPoohX StitchPoohXxbox scorpion 238.000
50 Twister79 Twister79 238.000
51Australia AussiemarioONE AussiemarioONEHey guy’s and girls does anybody know how I can get my hands on a Japanese 360 console and games in Australia without having to sell my kids ? Lol 237.000
52France LCDS Bond LCDS Bond 237.000
53USA SwordofWhedon SwordofWhedon 237.000
54China 青岛丶OGGamer 青岛丶OGGamerSwag All Day 237.000
55 flaviodc flaviodc 236.000
56Korea KorVanillaLatte KorVanillaLatte 236.000
57USA Saber LoneWolf Saber LoneWolf2019 is my year 236.000
58England WWEADDICT4LIFE WWEADDICT4LIFEWaiting for WWE2K20 236.000
59USA BiggerBen BiggerBenWill sell my soul for gamerscore 235.000
60USA Nero NeroGeaux Tigers! 235.000
61England Spillage Spillage20k in a month is still great! :) 234.000
62Denmark Ingen kommentar Ingen kommentarGetting that completion % up! 233.000
63 Navy Warmonger Navy Warmonger 233.000
65 Juicy Plumbs Juicy PlumbsAnyone down to boost games that we both have drop me a message ?? 232.000
66Australia Mr Glenn V1 Mr Glenn V1 232.000
67USA SpeleoFool SpeleoFool1979 Revolution achievements staging a nonviolent protest? 232.000
68Germany Stook85 Stook85Just spend some Time… 232.000
69USA BIGB EC BIGB ECAnyone got Catan and willing to help? I need two maybe three people. 229.000
70Canada MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 229.000
71USA BEEFENCE BEEFENCEGoing for 96% again 228.000
72USA FuFuCuddilyPoof FuFuCuddilyPoof1 YEAR SHOW IS TONIGHT AT 10 EST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join in on the stream - this is going to be our biggest and best show yet!!! 228.000
73 Iz NIGHTMARE zI Iz NIGHTMARE zILegendary Gamer 228.000
74England Relentless879 Relentless879First person to finish Golem Gates on Xbox One 228.000
75USA cnirvana cnirvanaI’m really not liking the scoring method for this year’s GTASC. 227.000
76 BaKe Ur Potato BaKe Ur Potato 226.000
77USA Evil Mokey Evil MokeyCompleted Attack on Titan 2! 226.000
78England Master Gee 2002 Master Gee 2002Completionist 226.000
79 DragonMorley94 DragonMorley94Can't wait for far cry new dawn 225.000
80 NYHAZE4201 NYHAZE4201achievement hunting and burning some dank 225.000
81 CreepPhreak CreepPhreak 224.000
82 Dexter2341 Dexter2341 224.000
83England Angelus Angelus 223.000
84Norway BluesWolf66 BluesWolf66 223.000
85Germany LaSeRLaUcH LaSeRLaUcH 223.000
86USA alanp9 alanp9 222.000
87USA MC PHILABUSTA MC PHILABUSTARambo Last Blood !!! ...don't mess with John Rambo! 222.000
88England Uninterred Uninterred 222.000
89 cyberjack914 cyberjack914 221.000
90 DiablosVI DiablosVI 221.000
91USA Skate 323 Skate 323 221.000
92Japan veil1451 veil1451Not normal mode is the master mode. 221.000
93 Ascari00ES Ascari00ES 220.000
94USA mmalott13 mmalott13Blackwood Crossing is the saddest game ever, it made cry :'( 220.000
95England NawtyCawty NawtyCawtyHa ha so now I have been banned from the forums for having an adult opinion. This site has really gone downhill nowadays. 220.000
96USA Nester82 Nester82On the road to 400,000 Gamerscore & 90% Completion 220.000
97USA wwe is aw3some wwe is aw3someIm number 1 for 1st person shooter gamerscore in 2017!!!! Need 1 more for madballs in babo invasion anyone interested? 220.000
98England LooneyJetman LooneyJetman 219.000
99 NefariousGoose NefariousGoose 219.000
100 SE6A K1N6 SE6A K1N6 219.000