Asemblance Time Played

Pos Gamer Time Played
3,101Iraq MightyLordSeth MightyLordSeth 55 mins
3,102Canada DeAtHisLaNd DeAtHisLaNdOh my god, they fixed the achievement in Darksiders 2 !!! After almost 4 years, it's a miracle. 55 mins
3,103USA ManiacMutt ManiacMutt 55 mins
3,104USA WUZNUT WUZNUT 55 mins
3,105England Jinksie EPR Jinksie EPR 55 mins
3,106USA Krazie Krazie 55 mins
3,107 Qurillion Qurillion 54 mins
3,108 V1NY4RD V1NY4RD 54 mins
3,109 Talbyte Talbyte 54 mins
3,110 Cooke97 Cooke97 54 mins
3,111 anthony49410 anthony49410 54 mins
3,112 CompSciAndFly CompSciAndFly 54 mins
3,113 KGrindor KGrindor 54 mins
3,114 Shotty Weavin Shotty Weavin 54 mins
3,115 MorbidAxis MorbidAxis 54 mins
3,116USA II RENEGADE II II RENEGADE IIFinally hit 95% overall completion, just in time for it to drop back down for Gears 5 54 mins
3,117USA Phoenix501 Phoenix501 54 mins
3,118USA Domain DomainObjection 54 mins
3,119USA inhinyerongamer inhinyerongamer 54 mins
3,120 Snob Snob 54 mins
3,121 nez2020 nez2020 54 mins
3,122Germany SH4D0W BR0K3R SH4D0W BR0K3RGute Jagd! / Good hunting! :) 54 mins
3,123 Gunnerizized Gunnerizized 54 mins
3,124 NIREY NIREYAnyone can add me if they like, and im always on the hunt and ready to unlock those cheivos baby! 54 mins
3,125 x TuLiiO x TuLiiO 54 mins
3,126 Danzaaaa Danzaaaa 54 mins
3,127 Carlos Natan R Carlos Natan R 54 mins
3,128India kushalrocks1001 kushalrocks1001wasssup :P 54 mins
3,129England PliyoSan PliyoSan 54 mins
3,130 Chr15 P Chicken Chr15 P Chicken 54 mins
3,131 Ekaara Ekaara 54 mins
3,132Austria Holy XXI Holy XXI 54 mins
3,133Canada Badderdog Badderdog 54 mins
3,134Brazil Torta Torta 54 mins
3,135 William Burkin William Burkin 54 mins
3,136 I TheMeliodas I I TheMeliodas I 54 mins
3,137England MellygotJazzed MellygotJazzed 54 mins
3,138France CRS Bayard CRS BayardToute l'actu Xbox: 54 mins
3,139 khe2a01 khe2a01 54 mins
3,140Scotland x D00G x x D00G x 54 mins
3,141 strati36 strati36 54 mins
3,142Canada Bender R Bender Bender R Bender 54 mins
3,143USA MikeProcurator MikeProcuratorwon 3,012 Achievements and 2 Challenges in 140 games, for a total of 163,849 TrueAchievement points 54 mins
3,144Estonia BadZ BadZYou Dont KnoW 54 mins
3,145 Hitman Marko Hitman Marko 54 mins
3,147Wales builder dirge builder dirgeAnyone able to help sponsor me for the charity MIND - The Mental Health Charity? 54 mins
3,148Australia wetwork M wetwork MI bitch and post screenshots of games I play ... 54 mins
3,149USA iMaginaryy iMaginaryy 54 mins
3,150Canada Ul7r4pWn4g33 Ul7r4pWn4g33 54 mins
3,151Scotland KrisWalkin KrisWalkin 54 mins
3,152Canada Foobnum Foobnum 54 mins
3,153Wales kianjroberts kianjroberts 54 mins
3,154USA thumbscrews thumbscrewsFor Asgard! 54 mins
3,155Scotland CraigyB78 CraigyB78Game Pass Ultimate till 01/12/2021 54 mins
3,156USA Sliktor SliktorXbox can never have enough Final Fantasy! 54 mins
3,157England SERPENT SUICIDE SERPENT SUICIDETrueAchievements Stole My Baby!!! 54 mins
3,158Canada Skuller 1O1 Skuller 1O1 54 mins
3,159Germany GD xXdauds13Xx GD xXdauds13XxO.M.G..... 54 mins
3,160USA logicslayer logicslayerI finished Control's story last night. I figure I can tackle the last 4 achievements tonight. Depends on the Alerts and Countermeasure frequency. 54 mins
3,161USA Its Uncle Kev Its Uncle KevAnyone need to work on Bodycount or Wolenstein(360) 54 mins
3,162Wales Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehJust had a go of Gears 5 using Project xCloud...the input lag wasn't awful but probably noticeable for multiplayer. Still blown away with it though 54 mins
3,163Norway christamDS christamDS 54 mins
3,164USA Dean Helsley Dean Helsley 54 mins
3,165USA Agent0fSlythryn Agent0fSlythryn#Ramily 54 mins
3,167 Lex The Gamer22 Lex The Gamer22 53 mins
3,168England Princess BenKun Princess BenKun 53 mins
3,169 NeatMountain815 NeatMountain815Trying to complete every game I play!!! 53 mins
3,170 GosuTekk GosuTekk 53 mins
3,171England Volery of Birds Volery of Birds 53 mins
3,172Brazil LeonardoX90 LeonardoX90The door to safety is shut. There is no turning back... 53 mins
3,173 Ioupopio Ioupopio 53 mins
3,174 NostalgicGamer NostalgicGamer 53 mins
3,175 Davi Kenshin Davi Kenshin 53 mins
3,176Sweden Leech lord Leech lord 53 mins
3,177 banovichhh banovichhh 53 mins
3,178 AngryHokage AngryHokage 53 mins
3,179 RockhopperJr RockhopperJrlazy 53 mins
3,180 DubtricksGaming DubtricksGamingXbox ambassador/achievement hunter 53 mins
3,181England Legendkilla X Legendkilla XGrinding hard to hit my end of decade targets. 53 mins
3,182USA gavmanwv3 gavmanwv3 53 mins
3,183Canada Krisbud20 Krisbud20 53 mins
3,184 davit 1990 davit 1990 53 mins
3,185USA Munsonated Munsonated 53 mins
3,186USA Vokul Vegan Vokul VeganVulom Du Vulon 53 mins
3,187England Lee 360 Lee 360 53 mins
3,188 tlongarms tlongarms 53 mins
3,189 justus685 justus685 53 mins
3,190USA Call Me Mingoes Call Me MingoesIf a game is good enough I'll go for achievements, anything else I'll just start! 53 mins
3,191Finland Im Vendy Im VendyIm Vendy completed the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey and is the 211th gamer on the site to complete it 53 mins
3,192Germany freibier freibier 53 mins
3,193Australia OpethAus OpethAus 53 mins
3,194 Error Complex Error Complex 53 mins
3,195 Luigi256 Luigi256 53 mins
3,196England CallumMcQ CallumMcQ 53 mins
3,197Brazil gabrielguns gabrielgunsgears of war 5132/ 10000 finalmente a metade !! 53 mins
3,198USA HMRising HMRising 53 mins
3,199Germany HFD R3m0t3 j03 HFD R3m0t3 j03 53 mins