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FLM DFLA said:
All band specific achievements. I only have silver xbox live but i have a 2 day trail that I can redeem before the session so if your going to join please make sure you show up so I dont waste my 2 day trial. Expert players preferred but hard is ok. If you join please say what instrument you will be playing. Also if your going to join check to see what the other people are playing so we dont have 2 of the same. I will play guitar/bass so we need another guitar/bass, drums and vocals.
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FLM DFLA FLM DFLA Xbox Live page 100.00% This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site Confirmed
USA DRUNKZ 27 DRUNKZ 27 Xbox Live page500K In yo mouf!!! 98.93% 1,012,490
  • Posted on 05 August 10 at 20:49
    DRUNKZ 27 has joined the session
  • DRUNKZ 27DRUNKZ 271,012,490
    Posted on 05 August 10 at 20:56
    I can play expert bass for the gold star runs. For 'She' and 'Homecoming' you have to be pretty good at expert and use overdrive wisely to get golds so we probably need people that can FC or play at least 98-99% on those songs. FLM DFLA, how good are you at guitar?

    If you want to work on these ahead of time send me a FR and message on Live. I might have expert drummer & vocalist available.
  • Posted on 05 August 10 at 22:14
    i can play pretty much every song in every guitar hero/rockband on expert guitar without worrying about failing(except for ttfaf in gh3). I probably wont be able to do anything before hand because i only have silver and I only have a 2 day gold trial that i can redeem right before the session. im working on getting a full gold membership.
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