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Grand Theft Auto IV

Community Gaming Session for Grand Theft Auto IV

Session started at 30 October 12 at 15:00 for 0.5 hours - Viral Month 2012 Session

This was a 16 gamer session

Please read the Event FAQ

Intended achievement for this session

Let Sleeping Rockstars LieThe Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie achievement in Grand Theft Auto IV worth 14 pointsKill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match.

Session notes

Details for this session:

ENISHA: Backup
RazorPriest: Host
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie - Host will be in a Team Deathmatch game. The achievement unlocks after the host is killed.
While gaming sessions are easily coordinated on TrueAchievements, because they occur off-site we can neither control nor verify what does or does not happen. Therefore, we are not responsible for anything that transpires during those sessions and cannot act upon anything that may occur. Feedback votes cannot be changed by staff. Please vote in a responsible and fair manner.

Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Germany Enisha Enisha Xbox Live pageAnyone willing to help with a battle in Animated Puzzles Star (Win 10)? 99.13% 424,072
1/1 Confirmed
Sweden Awoo Awoo Xbox Live pageCzaleo has been removed from the site :o 98.02% 1,308,880
1/1 Confirmed
Wales walley118 walley118 Xbox Live page2 X1 games completed in the last 2days. im on a role. watch dogs 1k here i come 96.37% 416,680
1/1 Confirmed
Spain Pare ESP Pare ESP Xbox Live page18/907 GTASC Team 2018!!! Muchas gracias Reaper!!! Has sido el mejor compañero en esta aventura que podia tener!!! Grande!!!! 99.58% 1,094,374
1/1 Confirmed


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You can read all about how to run the session here: Viral Month 2012 FAQ
Information Posted on 28 October 12 at 11:45
walley118 has joined the session
Information Posted on 29 October 12 at 08:47
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