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Hello, we'll go for as many mp achievements in this as possible- I can double box too if there's not enough interest:)
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Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
JAMBOMOPED JAMBOMOPED Xbox Live page 96.06% 116,132
5/5 Confirmed
USA eatmoresnacks eatmoresnacks Xbox Live pageGames I want to complete: (non-BC) Alien Isolation, (BC) Gears of War 2, (X1) Fallout 4 99.66% 423,567
4/5 Confirmed
Canada GreatWhiteG1nG GreatWhiteG1nG Xbox Live pageSyntax Error: Expected String "Interesting_Motto" not found; 90.91% 79,039
4/5 Confirmed
Canada UberniXi UberniXi Xbox Live pageMy CRAB list still sucks because I wasn't able to filter out games it wasn't showing me in my list that I no longer own. WHOOPS. I won't be finishing. 96.43% 319,887
5/5 Confirmed
USA I am Gozer24 I am Gozer24 Xbox Live pageBeat Gears of War 4 on Insane with my mate finally. All I have to say is wow. 91.84% 300,566
5/5 Confirmed
  • Posted on 02 August 17 at 17:32Permalink
    eatmoresnacks has joined the session
  • UberniXiUberniXi319,887
    Posted on 03 August 17 at 09:51Permalink
    It says 10:30, but what time zone is that? I'm interested, but depending on the time zone, it might be a bit early. I'm PST.
  • Posted on 03 August 17 at 18:42Permalink
    it should adjust for whatever time zone your in. which you can change in your settings. for me it says 13:30 cause i'm on the east coast.
  • UberniXiUberniXi319,887
    Posted on 06 August 17 at 00:59Permalink
    Thanks for the reply. I've never actually joined a boosting session so I wasn't aware that's how it worked. :)
  • Posted on 06 August 17 at 02:41Permalink
    UberniXi has joined the session
  • Posted on 07 August 17 at 07:13Permalink
    I am Gozer24 has joined the session
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