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Gears of War: Judgment

Boosting Gaming Session for Gears of War: Judgment

This was a 5 gamer session

Session started at 18 October 18 at 19:00 for 1 hour - Created by I ailurophile I

Intended achievement for this session

DLC Pack - Lost Relics

Golden ArtifactsThe Golden Artifacts achievement in Gears of War: Judgment worth 106 pointsWin public/ranked game of Execution on Museum with all players using Gold character and weapon skins

Session notes

I ailurophile I said:
For the Golden Artifacts Achievement you only need to have 5 people playing (and with the Gold Armor and Gold Weapons). The wording makes it seem like you need all 10 players (both your team and the opposing team) in Gold Armor and with Gold Weapons, but you just need your team to have them equipped. Win an online match of Execution on the Museum map with your team of five gold armored, gold weapon skinned players, and this achievement will unlock. Be sure to be playing in the VIP playlists, as that seems to be the only playlist where you can find the paid DLC maps.

For Gold Weapons, you need a Gold Shotgun and a Gold Rifle. If you have a Gold Gnasher or Gold Sawed-Off, you will also need a Gold Lancer, as that is what the game gives you as your default rifle when you start the match. Likewise, if you have a Gold Rifle (like the Lancer, Retro Lancer, Hammerburst, Classic Hammerburst, or Markza), you will also need a Gold Gnasher, as that is the default shotgun the game gives you.

we will also need a team to play against, i can provide 2 extra accounts so we would need 3 others to fill out the other team, please state when applying if you can fill any of these slots.
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Scotland I ailurophile I I ailurophile I Xbox Live page 99.56% 169,728
1/1 Confirmed
England GHOST141UK GHOST141UK Xbox Live page1st to complete Star Wars Battlefront 2. 2nd to complete Nier Automata. 98.92% 739,091
1/1 Confirmed
USA CLUJLIVE01 CLUJLIVE01 Xbox Live page 84.77% 1,033
0/1 Confirmed
Colombia x Atalaius x x Atalaius x Xbox Live pageOnyx medals gears 3 54/65 94.68% 370,591
1/1 Confirmed


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Information Posted on 17 October 18 at 13:11
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x Atalaius x
x Atalaius x
Posted on 18 October 18 at 03:48
I can help if you need, i can put two accounts with golden artifacts, send me a message if you need me
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