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Boosting Gaming Session for SMITE

Session started at 12 February 19 at 01:00 for 3 hours - Created by Dark Death 90

This was a 6 gamer session

Intended achievements for this session

DLC Pack - Legend of Camelot

True StrikeThe True Strike achievement in SMITE worth 144 pointsUnlock the SMITE Award "True Strike."
The Legend of ExcaliburThe The Legend of Excalibur achievement in SMITE worth 317 pointsUnlock the SMITE Award "The Legend of Excalibur."
Elemental MasteryThe Elemental Mastery achievement in SMITE worth 121 pointsUnlock the Smite Award "Elemental Mastery."
Infused with PowerThe Infused with Power achievement in SMITE worth 175 pointsUnlock the Smite Award "Infused with Power,"

Session notes

Dark Death 90 said:
We'll be focusing on the upcoming achievements for Merlin and King Arthur that will be coming in this patch, two achievements for each. The achievements have already been added to the gamerscore but will not be unlockable until the 6.1 patch which is scheduled to come out the day of this session. We'll play 3v3 Joust, and we will go in the order that people joined. You can work on other achievements if you wish, as long as they are not super long ones, like Tyr.
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA Dark Death 90 Dark Death 90 Xbox Live pageBoosting Gaming Session for SMITE 99.03% 325,862
4/4 Confirmed
USA Ravyn4077 Ravyn4077 Xbox Live pageHey if you wanna help fund me that'd be cool. 100.00% 320,254
4/4 Confirmed
USA vT AxE vT AxE Xbox Live pageAnybody else need a team for GTASC? Let me know. I plan on winning this thing. 98.48% 519,442
4/4 Confirmed
USA BBQ Dizzy Stew BBQ Dizzy Stew Xbox Live page 98.33% 897,421
4/4 Confirmed
USA Bomb 2 chest Bomb 2 chest Xbox Live pageRIP The Culling 2 99.82% 615,784
4/4 Confirmed
USA Living Legends Living Legends Xbox Live pageFacts don't care about feelings- Ben Shapiro 98.00% 556,168
4/4 Confirmed


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