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Watch_Dogs 2

Boosting Gaming Session for Watch_Dogs 2

Session started at Today at 02:00 for 1 hour - Created by Dr Zoidstein

This was an unlimited gamer session

Intended achievement for this session

DLC Pack - Showd0wn

It's the Final Showd0wnThe It's the Final Showd0wn achievement in Watch_Dogs 2 worth 263 pointsReach the maximum win streak bonus in Showd0wn

Session notes

Dr Zoidstein said:
Due to the amount of people requesting to join the previous session, this will be the first planned session to get this achievement. At the stated date and time (9 P.M. Est. -5, February 19th) I will be on Watchdogs 2 along with one other person in my lobby, we will plan to match with two other boosters and hopefully get the achievement. If you are not yet friends with me on Xbox, please send me a friend request. If I do get the achievement on this date I will continue to create this event on the site every 7 days from the specified start time, if someone wishes to take over from there then they will be able to. At the time of this creation, I believe I am up to 7 people wishing to get the achievement, so we shouldn't have any issue getting it, if you have any questions about the start time or anything else please message me on the site.
While gaming sessions are easily coordinated on TrueAchievements, because they occur off-site we can neither control nor verify what does or does not happen. Therefore, we are not responsible for anything that transpires during those sessions and cannot act upon anything that may occur. Feedback votes cannot be changed by staff. Please vote in a responsible and fair manner.

Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA Dr Zoidstein Dr Zoidstein Xbox Live page 0% 494,921
1/1 Confirmed
USA WizardSleeve08 WizardSleeve08 Xbox Live page 99.66% 481,685
1/1 Confirmed
Australia HannersWho HannersWho Xbox Live page 99.05% 254,130
0/1 Confirmed
USA newRECRuit4sure newRECRuit4sure Xbox Live page 99.80% 306,844
0/1 Confirmed
Scotland PirateSpirit PirateSpirit Xbox Live page 100.00% 1,069,265
1/1 Confirmed
Brazil GuizimxD 07 GuizimxD 07 Xbox Live pageFinish the fight Sir! 100.00% 297,641
0 0/1 Confirmed


Posted on 10 February 19 at 10:10
I'll try to be online but we'll see how it goes.
Information Posted on 10 February 19 at 12:00
WizardSleeve08 has joined the session
Information Posted on 10 February 19 at 23:56
HannersWho has joined the session
Posted on 10 February 19 at 23:58
Would a few hours earlier be okay? I will be starting work at the time of the session at the moment. Or I could do a day earlier at the time on the session? :) (Only just found out some is going on holidays at work and I need to take their weekend shifts for a couple of weeks)
Information Posted on 11 February 19 at 02:19
newRECRuit4sure has joined the session
Information Posted on 11 February 19 at 07:03
xN1Sx MAFIA 21 has joined the session
Dr Zoidstein
Dr Zoidstein
Posted on 11 February 19 at 07:36, Edited on 11 February 19 at 07:37 by Dr Zoidstein
HannersWho, I will try to be on 2-3 hours before the specified time if you'd like to group up with me. I expect at least 8 people to join this session, so we should be able to get multiple groups of people.
Information Posted on 11 February 19 at 08:44
PirateSpirit has joined the session
Posted on 11 February 19 at 21:16
I'll probably be around earlier, too
Information Posted on 13 February 19 at 17:50
GuizimxD 07 has joined the session
Information Posted yesterday at 08:07
xN1Sx MAFIA 21 has left the session.

xN1Sx MAFIA 21 said:
I have other session that may go bit longer so i going have drop out of this one if u going do more let me know i do need this achievement
Posted today at 02:34
Sorry I had to duck out early. Will try to get achievement again in another session. Cheers guys :)
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