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Burnout Paradise

Boosting Gaming Session for Burnout Paradise

Session started at 16 July 19 at 18:00 for 3 hours - Created by PliantBoat33

This was a 6 gamer session

Intended achievement for this session

Party AnimalThe Party Animal achievement in Burnout Paradise worth 125 pointsComplete 250 online Challenges

Session notes

PliantBoat33 said:
Speak english. Have mic.

Spot reserved for wwe is awesome.

Apologize for any confusion if you applied last week. We were supposed to with friends that werent interested or didnt reply. Sessions are open to all now.

We can work on 3-6 player challenges plus 3 -5 player time challenge. Probably going to concentrate on 4-6 player challenges.
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA PliantBoat33 PliantBoat33 Xbox Live pageWe have 3 out of 4 players for Operation Flashpoint Red River tomorrow 5 Eastern. Can someone join as fourth if you can? 99.99% 373,802
1/1 Confirmed
Netherlands mrbellek mrbellek Xbox Live pageThe hardest part of re-completing all your Minecraft games again, is downloading the bigass TU on the 360. 99.84% 317,879
1/1 Confirmed
USA wwe is aw3some wwe is aw3some Xbox Live pageIm number 1 for 1st person shooter gamerscore in 2017!!!! Is anyone looking to work on new dlc for black ops 4? 98.33% 615,260
1/1 Confirmed
Netherlands Psycosuicidal Psycosuicidal Xbox Live pageQuiting gaming and not sure if i will return. Thanks everybody for the fun years and all the fun moments we shared :). 100.00% 934,902
1/1 Confirmed
Wales SoupaBuoy SoupaBuoy Xbox Live pageCatching up with myself on my TA goal this week. 98.47% 351,064
1/1 Confirmed
England Yinga Garten Yinga Garten Xbox Live pageYinga Garten's blog post - The Great Clean-Up List 98.73% 1,429,650
1/1 Confirmed


Posted on 13 July 19 at 23:32
I’m really trying to wrap this up. I lost my mic in a recent move. I was able to do all the 7 player ones without a mic. If you can make the exception please let me know.
Information Posted on 15 July 19 at 06:12
mrbellek has joined the session
Information Posted on 15 July 19 at 06:12
MASTERCHEATZ930 has joined the session
Information Posted on 15 July 19 at 06:12
wwe is aw3some has joined the session
Information Posted on 15 July 19 at 06:12
Psycosuicidal has joined the session
Information Posted on 15 July 19 at 15:56
SoupaBuoy has joined the session
Posted on 16 July 19 at 01:11
I don't have a mic but I know how to do the challenges. I have done 150+ of them.
If we happen to be 8 players online, can you help with the 8 player-race win?

Then, if we are too many, we can split and work on 4 player challenges in two lobbies
Information Posted on 16 July 19 at 06:08
Yinga Garten has joined the session as a reserve
Information Posted on 16 July 19 at 16:51
MASTERCHEATZ930 has left the session.

sry I am not going to able to make it
Information Posted on 16 July 19 at 16:51
Yinga Garten has been added as a participant from the reserves
Posted on 16 July 19 at 17:42, Edited on 16 July 19 at 17:48 by lightsup55
If you need an extra player, just message me. I can also double box.

If you need me, I'll be playing on Xbox 360 with an Xbox Live Vision Camera to help out anyone that needs the Hotshots achievement.
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