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Boosting Gaming Session for Fortnite

Session starts on Saturday, 19 October 2019 at 02:00 for 10 hours - Created by Kaleb

This session is for any number of gamers - there are currently 3 in the session
Anyone can join this session

Intended achievement for this session

DLC Pack - Save the World

Talented BuilderThe Talented Builder achievement in Fortnite worth 982 pointsBuild 500,000 Structures in successful missions

Session notes

Kaleb said:
Going for this achievement over the long term and I'm looking for people to add.

We will basically do a rescue the survivor mission, do the minimum 6 then farm and build for the rest of the game. I'm averaging about 400-500 builds a game by myself so if we run a team of outlanders we should be able to get around 2k builds a game.

I play on PC but we should be able to crossplatform fine, my Epic Games name is Kɑleb which has a special character, so it may be easier for me to add you, message me your epic games name on here if so.
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Kaleb Kaleb Xbox Live page 27.78% 185,004
0/1 Confirmed
England NeedForHeadshot NeedForHeadshot Xbox Live pageGrindin' Achievements 98.55% 127,753
0/1 Confirmed
Unwholesome Unwholesome Xbox Live pageGears Of War 4 is a pile of shit... 98.39% 188,651
0/1 Confirmed


Information Posted on 21 August 19 at 19:24
NeedForHeadshot has joined the session
Posted on 21 August 19 at 19:24
Hey, my name is
Information Posted on 03 September 19 at 04:10
Unwholesome has joined the session
Posted on 03 September 19 at 04:16
I'm usually on in the evenings, about 6 or 7pm PST. Recently came back to the game for this last achievement...need about 45k more structures. I normally won't build until I have 15k mats and switch to constructor when the perk is available. With at least one other person, missing the perk is no big deal.

Epic account name is same as gamertag.
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