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Gears of War 3

Boosting Gaming Session for Gears of War 3

Session started at 19 August 19 at 14:00 for 4 hours - Created by OneMore Redhead

This was a 3 gamer session

Intended achievement for this session

Seriously 3.0The Seriously 3.0 achievement in Gears of War 3 worth 977 pointsReach level 100 and earn every Onyx medal.

Session notes

OneMore Redhead said:

15 rounds of spawn killing. When it's not your turn to kill feel free to idle for 2 hours, but stay close to your XBox in case issues arise.

Everyone plugs in a second controller so its 1 vs 5. Kill however you want.

If a 4th player wants to join they can do assists the whole session but wont get kills.

Session is down for 4 hours but it will last just over 3. Extra hour is to allow for a little inevitable overrun.

Please have a mic and speak English.
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA OneMore Redhead OneMore Redhead Xbox Live pageI'd Buy That For a Dollar! 99.22% 143,777
0/1 Confirmed
Ireland RED 124 RED 124 Xbox Live pageIts not hobby its an addiction 95.62% 92,909
0/1 Confirmed
SirAndrej SirAndrej Xbox Live pageGot to be persistent to get them all! 99.06% 144,197
0/1 Confirmed


Information Posted on 30 July 19 at 05:38
RED 124 has joined the session
Information Posted on 30 July 19 at 16:12
SirAndrej has joined the session
Posted on 19 August 19 at 13:14
Hello guys,

I just fount out that my XBL subscription has ended and I dont have a new one yet... so I will not be able to make it to the session... Sorry.

Kind regards,
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