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The Darkness (JP)

Boosting Gaming Session for The Darkness (JP)

This was a 5 gamer session

Session started at 13 September 19 at 18:00 for 1 hour - Created by Slayermoon

Intended achievement for this session

Bullet DodgerThe Bullet Dodger achievement in The Darkness (JP) worth 29 pointsFinish a multiplayer match with less than 5 deaths (minimum of 4 players)

Session notes

Slayermoon said:
10 Kill Limit
1 Shot Kills ON
Auto Aim ON
Map: Death

No HS required

I have a second box and game

so we need only 2 people
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Germany Slayermoon Slayermoon Xbox Live pageSuche Leute für GOW UE WIN10 100.00% 760,273
1/1 Confirmed
USA Living Legends Living Legends Xbox Live pageBill Burr Paper Tiger is another must watch comedy show. 98.12% 623,452
1/1 Confirmed
Australia IM 2WASTED 4DIS IM 2WASTED 4DIS Xbox Live pageTom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Officer of the Day and Seven Day Duty Shift achievements obtainable again 99.49% 520,706
1/1 Confirmed
England Shad0w Wx Shad0w Wx Xbox Live pageNeed someone for the darkness (de) and (jp) multiplayer anyone working on these let me know? 98.36% 208,635 208,635 GamerScore 205 205 GamerScore 1/1 Confirmed
Canada Steve Redman Steve Redman Xbox Live pageFinishing up Joy Ride Turbo and Dragon's Dawn of New Riders as well as some a bunch of my backlog 95.54% 1,038,011
0/1 Reserve
England UKz Nugget Boii UKz Nugget Boii Xbox Live pagetheirs a website i found that show all games even from diffarent regions 97.09% 546,839
1/1 Confirmed


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Living Legends
Posted on 13 September 19 at 17:39, Edited on 13 September 19 at 17:39 by Living Legends
I see you got enough players but drop a message if you end up short.

Also, Capture the flag will earn everybody in the session the achievement in the same game
Information Posted on 13 September 19 at 18:31
UKz Nugget Boii has been added as a participant from the reserves
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