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Boosting Gaming Session for Split/Second

This was a 2 gamer session

Session started at 23 September 19 at 18:00 for 3 hours - Created by HingedMonster

Intended achievements for this session

World BeaterThe World Beater achievement in Split/Second worth 194 pointsGet an online form of 1.
Out Of ReachThe Out Of Reach achievement in Split/Second worth 96 pointsGet an online form of 25 or better.
In Good FormThe In Good Form achievement in Split/Second worth 33 pointsGet an online form of 75 or better.
Giant KillerThe Giant Killer achievement in Split/Second worth 59 pointsBeat an opponent with an online form of 10 or better.
Team BlackRockThe Team BlackRock achievement in Split/Second worth 19 pointsBeat a member of the development team or someone who has beaten them.
Start Me UpThe Start Me Up achievement in Split/Second worth 24 pointsWin an online Race.

Session notes

HingedMonster said:
Want to get this done before it leaves game pass at the end of the month.

Will be doing elimination races until I reach form 1. As only one person can get to form 1 at a time, we will need to do another session the following day, at the same time.

We will pretty much idle each race, taking a minute at a time. No mic needed, just read the guide.
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Gamers in session

Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
England HingedMonster HingedMonster Xbox Live pageAnyone interested in doing Driver: San Francisco Achievements online? 99.11% 563,116
6/6 Confirmed
Germany OFUNBlack OFUNBlack Xbox Live page666 games played ;) 99.75% 859,101
6/6 Confirmed


Information Posted on 18 September 19 at 11:29
jpedro6464 has joined the session
Information Posted on 18 September 19 at 15:58
jpedro6464 has left the session.

jpedro6464 said:
I need to study to an exam, can you do the session on sunday at the same time? And another session on Friday at the same time to everybody to win the achievements
Information Posted on 19 September 19 at 19:41
OFUNBlack has joined the session
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