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Intended achievement for this session
  • Veteran Pilot

    Play for an extensive amount of time in competitive online or mission co-op.

    Veteran Pilot
Session notes
JM0ney Justin said:
Mostly going be working on time these sessions but I will help everyone get other online achievements while we work on Veteran Pilot which is 50 hours of online play.

I do apologize if everyone don't get the achievement they want I will try my best that everyone get as much achievements as we can in these sessions.

Also their will be more sessions up each week so join up and lets knock these achievements out :)
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA JM0ney Justin JM0ney Justin Xbox Live page 91.67% 259,432
0/1 Confirmed
Brazil Andre BigBoss 2 Andre BigBoss 2 Xbox Live pageQuer comprar jogos barato ? Códigos oficiais de Xbox One \PS4\PS Vita vai la na minha lojinha 94.88% 756,559
0/1 Confirmed
Canada UnequaledNewt41 UnequaledNewt41 Xbox Live page 99.48% 132,371
0/1 Confirmed
Canada Crater Bob Crater Bob Xbox Live page[Achievement Alliance] One more for Grampa Fred, thank you. Battlefield 1 #TeamSpoc #TrueAchievements 97.42% 291,034
0/1 Confirmed
USA XxR8Z0RX5T0RMxX XxR8Z0RX5T0RMxX Xbox Live pageWaiting on cyberpunk 2077 96.65% 89,845 89,845 GamerScore 1,000 1,000 GamerScore 1/1 Confirmed
Australia IM 2WASTED 4DIS IM 2WASTED 4DIS Xbox Live pageTom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Officer of the Day and Seven Day Duty Shift achievements obtainable again 99.37% 525,803
0/1 Confirmed
Belgium LegendGielen LegendGielen Xbox Live page 94.87% 221,832
0/1 Confirmed
France balkah balkah Xbox Live page 100.00% 96,309
0/1 Confirmed
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  • Crater BobCrater Bob291,034
    Posted on 17 October 19 at 23:45Permalink
    Fingers crossed we're ALL on XBox One tonight. cn_guide
    Gatekeeper Four off your starboard wing, turn to 2-2-0 and drop to Angels two or you will be fired upon!
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