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Intended achievements for this session
  • Team DUST

    In a four player online game, each player deposits at least one dust crystal.

    Team DUST
  • The Old Fashioned Way

    Beat any horde map without building a turret.

    The Old Fashioned Way
Add-on - Team JNPR
  • Spoiler Alert

    Go Team RNJR! Played in an online match with Ruby, Nora, Jaune, and Ren.

    Spoiler Alert
Session notes
Potshot0010 said:
Going for some of the four player co-op achievements
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Potshot0010 Potshot0010 Xbox Live page 94.12% 198,179
3/3 Confirmed
Korea DoniMong DoniMong Xbox Live page 99.65% 889,099
2/3 Confirmed
Brazil Heyks Heyks Xbox Live page[LOS CONQUERS] Achievement Hunter- Caçador de Conquistas 98.30% 418,595
2/3 Confirmed
USA justindcovey justindcovey Xbox Live pageTMNT:MiM co-op achievements?? 93.25% 186,506
2/3 Confirmed
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    Sparkz1977 said:
    Sorry, long day, too tired
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