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Savior of cows said:
Seriously 5.0 🙄 I figured might as well start working towards. We will be starting out buy doing all the horde maps. Then move on to versus then hive and if we want to the campaign on insane. I would like this to become a weekly thing and have it be the same group but newbies will be welcome and we can change the time and day if need be if we get a solid group.

Seeing how horde will be the first game mode will work through here are my plans if you have suggestions let me know but we will work through each map to wave fifty and trying to pick any achievements along the way. Our main focus though will be getting through the waves. The difficulty can very but I’d like to play on one where we will at least get some levels.

******Since I will be home for Christmas break my availability will be uncertain due to multiple factors so the sixth spot will be in case I cannot make it.
spots reserved for
Sinestro Corp 5

*mic not required but helpful
*please understand English
*be flexible
*bring a good attitude
*have fun yes the achievements are why we are shooting for I just want to have doing it

When you apply put who you like to play as and if you are willing to be part of the group that plays every week and Friday me on Xbox live to speed things up I will not accept your application until you friend me.

Let’s have some fun!
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Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA Savior of cows Savior of cows Xbox Live pageMan about to hit 51% completion and I don't remember the last time I was there lol 97.07% 272,958
16/23 Confirmed
USA DEaThTIlLTHeEnD DEaThTIlLTHeEnD Xbox Live page 99.05% 841,378
19/23 Confirmed
USA MovieMan5021 MovieMan5021 Xbox Live pageThe grind to Gears 5 completion continues... 99.77% 97,226
20/23 Confirmed
Canada Prattalmighty Prattalmighty Xbox Live pageIt's Pratt-Almighty 97.67% 387,206
19/23 Confirmed
Sinestro Corp 5 Sinestro Corp 5 Xbox Live pageJust another man in this cosmic saga 98.86% 589,461
20/23 Confirmed
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