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Intended achievement for this session
  • Skunked

    Halo: Reach: Won a matchmade game of Invasion in the 1st phase.

Session notes
J4G036 said:
Looking to get the Skunked achievement, for winning invasion game in 1st phase. Shouldn't take too long at all. Assuming we can find each other quickly in the playlist.

If you have additional accounts and controllers that will also help.

***Please state how many accounts/controllers you have when applying.***

Rest of the session will focus on getting various kills/medals.

French and English speaking. Mic would be preferable.

This is a place holder so please ignore date and time.

Once we have enough people/accounts I will post on the session to set a date and time.
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
England J4G036 J4G036 Xbox Live page 97.22% 129,841
1/1 Confirmed
CptnKimbo CptnKimbo Xbox Live page 99.44% 530,451
1/1 Confirmed
USA Twincats Twincats Xbox Live pageThis TA Score boost is very welcome. <3 98.58% 500,659
0/1 Confirmed
SILVAF0XX SILVAF0XX Xbox Live pagePushing hard now to try and finish Halo MCC! 98.82% 326,482
1/1 Confirmed
AK the 3rd AK the 3rd Xbox Live page 100.00% 132,557
1/1 Confirmed
England ClassierPompano ClassierPompano Xbox Live page2020 is 15th anniversary of 360 launch so finishing remaining backlog and not adding any new 360 games. It was some good times but need to move on. 99.19% 193,691
1/1 Confirmed
USA ChristFollower3 ChristFollower3 Xbox Live pageBoosting achievements for games i still have then selling them 94.82% 172,020
0/1 Confirmed
Bolivia Knight Maximus Knight Maximus Xbox Live pageOnly person in the world that have completed every single motocross game, including trials. You can say I'm fan of the sport smile 91.26% 451,179
0/1 Confirmed
USA Vektor0 Vektor0 Xbox Live page 83.97% 189,392
0/1 Confirmed
Canada Astariah Astariah Xbox Live pageWell looks like I'll be buying a ps5 instead 98.55% 993,692
0/1 Confirmed
USA Mowcrisp Mowcrisp Xbox Live page 100.00% 147,471
1/1 Confirmed
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    LostLSend has joined the session
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    LostLSend has left the session.

    LostLSend said:
    no longer need it
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    AFFLICTION XI has joined the session
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    Online has joined the session
  • J4G036J4G036129,841
    Posted on 06 January 20 at 00:43Permalink
    So due to the fact that Invasion is ranked it will not allow guests to play. I tried a few nights ago and discovered this was the case. IF you have multiple controllers and don't setting up a few dumby accounts ( as I am going to do) then that will help. So long as you have one account with xbox live, the rest will be able to play online off of the same console.
  • Posted on 07 January 20 at 14:54Permalink
    CptnKimbo has joined the session
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  • J4G036J4G036129,841
    Posted on 07 January 20 at 15:00Permalink
    Hey guys! So we currently have 6 in the group. Which means we could do this with each of us using just one other controller and another Gold account. I know a lot of you have said how many controllers you have but just to make it easy please can you comment below with how many you have and how many accounts you have too. guests WON'T WORK.

  • CptnKimboCptnKimbo530,451
    Posted on 07 January 20 at 16:29Permalink
    I will be able to run 3 accounts if needed
  • J4G036J4G036129,841
    Posted on 07 January 20 at 16:47Permalink
    Cool. I will be attempting this tonight if enough people are available. Most likely about 5 hours from now.
  • TwincatsTwincats500,659
    Posted on 07 January 20 at 19:55Permalink
    Hey, I'm working until 10 PM EST tonight. I have this Friday and Saturday off and could do this in the mornings (EST) as well. I have an extra controller and gamertag.
    Tempus edax rerum
  • J4G036J4G036129,841
    Posted on 07 January 20 at 22:09Permalink
    Okay. We will look to do this Friday night then. I am based in UK so will be around 9-10pm GMT.
  • Posted on 07 January 20 at 23:33Permalink
    SILVAF0XX has joined the session
    Posted on 07 January 20 at 23:34Permalink
    I have three boxes and about 8 controllers so happy to assist with that if needed.
  • Posted on 08 January 20 at 05:40Permalink
    Hey! i have 2 accounts that i can use toward the session, im available anytime you guys all decide on! smile
  • Posted on 08 January 20 at 07:14Permalink
    Chalo BR has joined the session
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