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Intended achievements for this session
Add-on - Orsinium
Add-on - Thieves Guild
  • Hero of Hew's Bane

    Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Hero of Hew's Bane.

    Hero of Hew's Bane
  • Broken Wheel

    Complete quest "Prison Break" in Hew's Bane.

    Broken Wheel
  • A Cutpurse Above

    Steal every treasure from Kari's Hit List and place them all within the Thieves Den.

    A Cutpurse Above
  • Master of Shadows

    Complete 1 heist for the Thieves Guild without being detected.

    Master of Shadows
  • Honor Among Thieves

    Assist each member of the Thieves Guild in resolving personal matters.

    Honor Among Thieves
  • Bane of the Gold Coast

    Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Bane of the Gold Coast.

    Bane of the Gold Coast
  • Silencer

    Complete the "Filling the Void" Dark Brotherhood quest in the Gold Coast.

  • Litany of Blood

    Execute all targets listed in the Litany of Blood and collect your reward.

    Litany of Blood
  • Flawless Sacrament

    Complete each achievement associated with the Speaker's Black Sacrament contracts.

    Flawless Sacrament
  • Gold Coast Connections

    Aid each of the notable figures recently arrived on the Gold Coast.

    Gold Coast Connections
Add-on - Morrowind
  • Falkreath Hold Vanquisher

    Defeat all mini-boss and boss enemies in Falkreath Hold.

    Falkreath Hold Vanquisher
  • Cooling Your Heels

    Complete Veteran Bloodroot Forge without ever touching the lava flowing through the Sanguine Veins.

    Cooling Your Heels
  • Deck Diver

    Never be personally struck by siege weapon fire in Veteran Falkreath Hold.

    Deck Diver
  • Magma Masher

    Use Galchobhar's Mantle Breaker to dissipate a Fire Shalk's Lava Ball in Veteran Bloodroot Forge.

    Magma Masher
  • Horns of the Reach Delver

    Complete Veteran Falkreath Hold and Veteran Bloodroot Forge.

    Horns of the Reach Delver
Title update - Dragon Bones
Add-on - Summerset
Add-on - Wolfhunter
  • Bloody Mess

    Defeat Jailer Melitus without being damaged by Bloody Geysers in Moon Hunter Keep.

    Bloody Mess
  • March of Sacrifices Vanquisher

    Defeat the Wyrd Sisters, Aghoedh, Dagrund, Tarcyr, and Balorgh in March of Sacrifices.

    March of Sacrifices Vanquisher
  • A Hulking Ally

    Defeat Archivist Ernarde without killing the first Hulking Werewolf ally in Moon Hunter Keep.

    A Hulking Ally
  • Moon Hunter Keep Vanquisher

    Defeat Jailer Melitus, Hedge Maze Guardian, Mylenne, the Archivist, and Vykosa in Moon Hunter Keep.

    Moon Hunter Keep Vanquisher
  • Book Smarts

    Defeat Archivist without taking group member damage from Symbols of Xarxes in Moon Hunter Keep.

    Book Smarts
  • Wolfhunter Delver

    Complete Veteran Moon Hunter Keep and Veteran March of Sacrifices.

    Wolfhunter Delver
Add-on - Wrathstone
Add-on - Scalebreaker
Add-on - Dragonhold
Session notes
Unmet River said:
looking for people to boost all dungeon related achievments. U.s. server. the date is just a place holder so its up for longer on here. mic please.
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA Unmet River Unmet River Xbox Live pagefinally up to 72% for master fisher on black desert cant wait to get the game finished so i can move to my other rpgs :) 95.14% 82,420
1/66 Confirmed
USA eatmoresnacks eatmoresnacks Xbox Live pageBack to school so not much time for gaming but I'm free on the weekends :D 99.66% 418,005
48/66 Confirmed
USA ikilledbecka ikilledbecka Xbox Live page 99.43% 508,008
41/66 Confirmed
USA MathNotEvenOnce MathNotEvenOnce Xbox Live pageCOD: MW, Diablo 3, ESO, KF2, Division 2 all bugged for me. Glad I wasted so much time with this shit. 100.00% 665,640
42/66 Confirmed
nsm0220 nsm0220 Xbox Live page 93.41% 938,671
2/66 Confirmed
USA Thanagar Thanagar Xbox Live page 99.92% 575,171
41/66 Confirmed
USA With1nTheRuins With1nTheRuins Xbox Live pageDear TA: you can knock it off with these invasive fucking advertisements now. K? Thanks. 91.53% 912,952
6/66 Confirmed
USA Shawn1991 Shawn1991 Xbox Live pageAlien vs Predator easily has the worst matchmaking system I have ever seen. 100.00% 1,064,323
46/66 Confirmed
USA JmanX27 JmanX27 Xbox Live page 93.03% 222,099
30/66 Confirmed
  • Posted on 14 January 20 at 05:38Permalink
    eatmoresnacks has joined the session
  • Posted on 14 January 20 at 05:39Permalink
    I can only do sundays, I have a cp level 800 stamblade dps
  • Posted on 15 January 20 at 23:35Permalink
    hey eatmoresnacks im making a guild for all of us who join the session next time your on hmu on xbox so i can get you an invite
  • Posted on 18 January 20 at 01:39Permalink
    Ok will do
  • Posted on 24 January 20 at 13:50Permalink
    ikilledbecka has joined the session
  • ikilledbeckaikilledbecka508,008
    Posted on 24 January 20 at 13:51Permalink
    I currently don’t own Scalebreaker or Dragonhold. Just FYI.
  • Posted on 26 January 20 at 05:34Permalink
    everyone send me a message on xbox i have a guild im setting up to be able to go for all the achievements
  • Posted on 27 January 20 at 08:53Permalink
    nsm0220 has joined the session
  • Posted on 29 January 20 at 07:55Permalink
    Thanagar has joined the session
  • ThanagarThanagar575,171
    Posted on 29 January 20 at 07:57Permalink
    I don't have a guild slot but will message you on Xbox tomorrow when I wake up. I have tried to run some of these before as an FYI and they are a beast for some. We need high CP people.
  • Posted on 12 February 20 at 01:50Permalink
    SilentWraith has joined the session
  • Posted on 14 February 20 at 02:10Permalink
    Shawn1991 has joined the session
  • Shawn1991Shawn19911,064,323
    Posted on 14 February 20 at 02:11Permalink
    Currently 712 DK tank or Mag dps sorc. Would be awesome if we got enough to do all the trial achievements!
  • Posted on 17 February 20 at 14:58Permalink
    JmanX27 has joined the session
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