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Intended achievement for this session
  • Pimp Killer

    Kill the Pimp in Protect Tha Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.

    Pimp Killer
Session notes
LuckyKant said:
It is essential that you have a headset and speak English. Do not apply if you cannot do this. Voice communications are critical for this.

I am double-boxing, and I would prefer to double-box with someone else however, please apply if you have just one account. I can add you into the session and edit the number of participants by promoting you.

As always, friends and previous boosters will be accepted ASAP. New, reliable boosters are welcome and I will deal with the remaining applications the day before. If you are feedback is below 90%, don't even bother applying.

Everyone is assumed to be playing on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibilty. If you are only able to play on 360, please let me know beforehand and I will set up a party on the 360 (hopefully).

The session will not go ahead unless we have four accounts. Please post below if you have a dummy account to use for this. If we have less than 4, no invites will be sent out but please check the thread below in case someone has a dummy account. I will also try to message you on XBL beforehand.

Any questions, you can contact me here but I prefer Xbox Live messages. I will see it quicker, and I cannot reply to messages on TA or post on threads.

We will be following:
ReliantGung ho Saints Row Pimp Killer ReliantGung ho's solution for the Secret Achievement Achievement in Saints RowContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Derek McFiggy is 3rd spot, if we don't have a double boxer. I didn't mean to kick him facepalm
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
England LuckyKant LuckyKant Xbox Live page 97.97% 497,408
1/1 Confirmed
USA Peeeeeeete Peeeeeeete Xbox Live pagelol, pete 99.01% 206,751
1/1 Confirmed
Poland Hunterius Hunterius Xbox Live 100.00% 281,324
0/1 Reserve
USA KINGPIN6603 KINGPIN6603 Xbox Live page 100.00% 58,467
1/1 Reserve
England Dereck McFiggy Dereck McFiggy Xbox Live pageWhy do I have so many games to complete... 95.67% 271,035
1/1 Confirmed
  • Posted on 15 February 20 at 19:59Permalink
    Dereck McFiggy has joined the session
  • Posted on 15 February 20 at 20:01Permalink
    Dereck McFiggy has been removed from the session.
  • Posted on 17 February 20 at 10:07Permalink
    Remember, I totally ip for this, just won’t let me join the session.
  • Posted on 17 February 20 at 16:15Permalink
    Peeeeeeete has joined the session
  • Posted on 20 February 20 at 13:37Permalink
    Hunterius has joined the session as a reserve
  • Posted on 20 February 20 at 13:37Permalink
    KINGPIN6603 has joined the session as a reserve
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