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Intended achievements for this session
  • Bee our guest

    Use a Campfire to collect Honey from a Beehive using a Bottle without aggravating the bees.

    Bee our guest
  • Total Beelocation

    Move and place a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch.

    Total Beelocation
  • Sticky Situation

    Slide down a honey block to slow your fall.

    Sticky Situation
Session notes
Jetfire Six said:
- Just add me as a friend and join into my achievement world, enough said! If you have any issues with the world, i can reset it, as i'm hosting from the Windows 10 version rather than the console bedrock.
- Helps if you join the chat party, just to be clear on everything.
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
USA Jetfire Six Jetfire Six Xbox Live pageIf anyone needs to boost up on these older Xbox 360 games, just hit me up. 91.80% 395,538
107/107 Confirmed
Sinestro Corp 5 Sinestro Corp 5 Xbox Live pageJust another man in this cosmic saga 98.87% 589,303
105/107 Confirmed
England VauIt Boy 111 VauIt Boy 111 Xbox Live page 96.57% 166,947
106/107 Confirmed
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    SilverManeNL has joined the session
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    VauIt Boy 111 has joined the session
  • Posted on 19 February 20 at 23:20Permalink
    SilverManeNL has left the session.

    SilverManeNL said:
    Sorry could not Stay up that late, maybe next time.
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