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Soulbite said:
The aim is to reach 10th Rank. It takes a while so all players must dedicate wins to one player at a time until said player reaches a new rank.
Once a new rank is reached, another player becomes king of the hill and so on. Wins should grant way more exp than what is deducted when losing (that was my experience so far leading to rank 13), meaning it's a lengthy grind, but doable if we proceed timely and carefully.

Console region needs to be set to JAPAN for easier matchemaking, remember to reboot BEFORE the session. It takes a bit of time so please do that beforehand. No in-game option is available, it has to be done on console level (settings/region etc)

We need to be 4 for easier matchmaking, if we can't gather 4 players we'll postpone until later.

Mic and english preferred

Let's boost this and kick ass
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France Soulbite Soulbite Xbox Live page 100.00% 378,793
3/4 Confirmed
England Spaceman1809 Spaceman1809 Xbox Live pageLooking for boosting partner on ultimate marvel vs capcom 98.66% 363,967
1/4 Confirmed
USA ilski ilski Xbox Live page 97.50% 520,024
0 0/4 Confirmed
  • Posted on 28 March 20 at 14:14Permalink
    IX JDM ONE XI has joined the session
  • Posted on 30 March 20 at 15:24Permalink
    Spaceman1809 has joined the session
  • Spaceman1809Spaceman1809363,967
    Posted on 31 March 20 at 17:42Permalink
    Will you be creating a party before hand?
  • SoulbiteSoulbite378,793
    Posted on 01 April 20 at 13:07Permalink
    Spaceman1809 said:
    Will you be creating a party before hand?
    I will send invites beforehand, yes. 10-15 mins before.
  • Posted on 01 April 20 at 15:50Permalink
    HucBerCranPerry has left the session.

    HucBerCranPerry said:
    Sorry I know this is last minute but I have to go to grocery store. I wish this quarantine would be over smh
  • Posted on 01 April 20 at 16:41Permalink
    ilski has joined the session
  • ilskiilski520,024
    Posted on 01 April 20 at 16:42Permalink
    Getting postponed?
  • Spaceman1809Spaceman1809363,967
    Posted on 01 April 20 at 16:56Permalink
    Not to my knowledge
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