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Intended achievements for this session
  • Never Eat Red Snow

    Complete waves 1 through 10 on all Snowblind Map Pack maps in Horde (any difficulty)

    Never Eat Red Snow
  • Lost in Transition

    Reach level 20 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 20 on the Way Station map in Horde

    Lost in Transition
  • Like Father, Like Gun

    Reach level 30 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 30 on the Allfathers Garden map in Horde

    Like Father, Like Gun
  • Am I Only Dreaming?

    Reach level 40 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 40 on the Memorial map in Horde

    Am I Only Dreaming?
  • Blood on the Sand

    Reach level 50 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 50 on the Nowhere map in Horde

    Blood on the Sand
Session notes
Talvalin said:
My second session for Gears 2 multiplayer achievements. Aiming for five players in total, with preference given to previous participants.

Having a mic is preferred, but at the very least, be able to join an Xbox One party for instructions. If you need to step away for a short while during the session, then just ping me a message. However, straight up idle boosting is not cool and unresponsive players will be kicked!

For the Snowblind maps, I think I got the "Icy Dead People" achievement on "Under Hill" so we'll be doing that map last. If the achievement pops for everyone before that, then we'll skip that map.

I doubt we'll get through all of the "Complete up to wave X and be rank X" achievements, but we can make a start on them and continue in a later session.
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Japan Talvalin Talvalin Xbox Live pageControl, then Quantum Break. I guess Alan Wake is up next? 95.47% 231,674
0/5 Confirmed
Canada BattleBladeWar BattleBladeWar Xbox Live pageLive your legacy 98.85% 613,403
5/5 Confirmed
MisterWolf19 MisterWolf19 Xbox Live page 100.00% 49,519
2/5 Confirmed
  • TalvalinTalvalin231,674
    Posted on 26 June 20 at 10:07Permalink
    Apologies to anyone who applied. I totally failed to approve applications so understand anyone who applied and then withdrew. I'll reschedule for next week.
  • AcaelusTAcaelusT155,997
    Posted on 03 July 20 at 12:08Permalink
    Hello Talvalin! If you want an extra hand for
    Gears of War 2Lost in TransitionAcaelusTThe Lost in Transition achievement in Gears of War 2 worth 39 pointsReach level 20 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 20 on the Way Station map in Horde

    I can join it ad-hoc, just message me of you want.
    If I'm not working I'll jump right in
    Game Info Team! Just point me in direction of danger!
  • Posted on 03 July 20 at 12:16Permalink
    MisterWolf19 has joined the session
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