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Pmalone6 said:
We'll attempt to run through all of the levels with the same person getting first place in Capture the Flag. We will go in order of sign up and hope that it all plays out.
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USA Pmalone6 Pmalone6 Xbox Live page 100.00% 218,295
0/1 Confirmed
MrSparrowIsBack MrSparrowIsBack Xbox Live page 100.00% 181,596
0/1 Confirmed
  • Posted on 29 June 20 at 20:49
    BIONICxTIG3R has joined the session
    Posted on 05 July 20 at 05:24
    I’d hate to leave this session but the 360 emulator on my Xbox one keeps saying I’m not connected to Xbox live yet it still ports over my saved cloud data. I went through Xbox support to fix it and cleared my 360 cache and now it won’t let me download my profile. Been trying to fix it for the past two hours and it would take too long to get the game downloaded on my old 360 which drops connection like crazy. I’ll still get on around the time for this to see if it was just a temporary error on the system but I do apologize in advance if it doesn’t work.
  • Posted on 05 July 20 at 05:25
    BIONICxTIG3R has left the session.

    BIONICxTIG3R said:
    Xbox One 360 emulator not connecting to online.
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