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Intended achievements for this session
  • In the Name of Science

    GTA Online: Complete The Humane Labs Raid and Series A Funding as Heist Leader or Crew.

    In the Name of Science
  • Dead Presidents

    GTA Online: Complete The Fleeca Job and The Pacific Standard Job as Heist Leader or Crew.

    Dead Presidents
  • Parole Day

    GTA Online: Complete The Prison Break as Heist Leader or Crew.

    Parole Day
  • Four Way

    GTA Online: As Heist Leader set the Finale cut as 25% across all players.

    Four Way
  • Getting Started

    GTA Online: Set up The Doomsday Heist.

    Getting Started
  • The Data Breaches

    GTA Online: Complete Act I of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    The Data Breaches
  • The Bogdan Problem

    GTA Online: Complete Act II of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    The Bogdan Problem
  • The Doomsday Scenario

    GTA Online: Complete Act III of The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    The Doomsday Scenario
  • A World Worth Saving

    GTA Online: Complete The Doomsday Heist as Leader or Crew.

    A World Worth Saving
  • Elitist

    GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

  • Masterminds

    GTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

Session notes
pseudoidol said:
I am looking for two people form group to work through the heists in GTA5, yes this includes The Prison Break, The Humane Labs Raid ect, if you have already done the early heists and don't want to do them again don't bother joining the session or messaging me telling me you've already done them and I should message you when I'm doing the doomsday heists... I won't.

Once we're done with the early heists we will move on to Doomsday heists, which are not easy to do and get every achievement and thus I'm looking for committed people to form a crew to do what it takes.


One spot reserved for F4cile.

If the session is full reserves are welcome but you will need to be ready at the time of the session because no one can predict no-shows and you may be contacted after the session start time.

Feedback scores will be considered so if yours is low or you have a history of no-showing don't be surprised if your application is refused.
While gaming sessions are easily coordinated on TrueAchievements, because they occur off-site we can neither control nor verify what does or does not happen. Therefore, we are not responsible for anything that transpires during those sessions and cannot act upon anything that may occur. Feedback votes cannot be changed by staff. Please vote in a responsible and fair manner.
Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
pseudoidol pseudoidol Xbox Live pageBefore all else, be armed. 97.53% 120,678
9/11 Confirmed
Finland F4cile F4cile Xbox Live page 100.00% 1,089,832
8/11 Confirmed
DivergentBee#945 DivergentBee#945 Xbox Live page 99.47% 100,058
8/11 Confirmed
USA BlackSamurai24 BlackSamurai24 Xbox Live pageI am a noble warrior who honors bushido and achievements. 98.30% 399,139
8/11 Confirmed
England Wwau Wwau Xbox Live page 98.02% 117,577
9/11 Applied
  • Posted on 07 July 20 at 17:06
    F4cile has joined the session
  • Posted on 09 July 20 at 06:10
    DivergentBee has joined the session
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