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martian18 said:
Going through LASO H:CE playlist, please know maps and have a lot of patience! Won’t be done in a night, maybe not even a week but maybe 2-3 hours a night we can chip away at it so need someone whos in it for the long haul!
English and please have mic
Halo Completionist did a great youtube guide if you want to learn the tactics etc
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England martian18 martian18 Xbox Live pageMaking my way through halo mcc, join the ride if you like 97.62% 159,706
1/1 Confirmed
p8thfind3r p8thfind3r Xbox Live page 70.00% 47,334
0/1 Confirmed
Sweden Blyckert Blyckert Xbox Live page 100.00% 480,834
1/1 Confirmed
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    Posted on 10 August 20 at 07:03
    your better off msging ppl on the leaderboards that are gods and begging them to run you threw it yes thats how i got mine what can i say im smart like that and have common sense
  • Posted on 12 August 20 at 00:52
    Blyckert has been added as a participant from the reserves
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