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Intended achievements for this session
  • Domination

    Earn a total of 100 Legendary medals in matchmade games.

  • Spree Master

    Earn a total of 100 Killing Spree medals in matchmade games.

    Spree Master
  • Rock and Coil Hit Back

    Halo 2A MP: In Anniversary matchmaking, earn a total of 100 Environmentalist medals.

    Rock and Coil Hit Back
Session notes
Hercules SR117 said:
I'm looking for 1 person who has 4 controllers and a microphone to join me.
This way we only have to do everything twice. If that person doesn't exist then I will accept 3 or 4 people with multiple controllers to make up the difference.

Main achievement I'm trying to get is Rock and Coil (100 Environmentalist medals in Halo 2 Anniversary Matchmaking). Once we both have this, I'm happy to sign off. If I have time available I'm happy to stay on and get more cheevos.

We will be racking up some Legendary and Killing Spree medals along the way which will help with those related achievements. And if we happen to get Lockdown with King of the Hill or Capture the Flag then we could also farm those cheevos while we're there.

I'm currently waiting over 30 minutes to initiate a session in H2A Zone Control, which has the best odds of getting the map Lockdown (1/3). So if we both search for this gametype at the same time we should find each other. I'm not sure how to do any of the tricks that ensure we end up in the same session in Matchmaking. So I can't guarantee that we can get this working.
Perhaps you might know?
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
New Zealand Hercules SR117 Hercules SR117 Xbox Live page 80.00% 327,869
3/3 Confirmed
USA jarvis inc jarvis inc Xbox Live page 99.64% 367,545
1/3 Confirmed
  • Posted on 11 August 20 at 04:15
    jarvis inc has joined the session
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