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FrodoBaggins said:
Looking for people to run Chaos Squad with, it's a real arseache to get people back on this.
Just gonna run any Chaos Squads people need - preferably owning DLC.
I need two from the base game and the Fizzco one too.
Happy to try with 2+ people although I am aware DLC is bugged and timers mess up so it's trial and error.
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Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
FrodoBaggins#621 FrodoBaggins#621 Xbox Live page 100.00% 96,168
3/3 Confirmed
USA NJ Crucial Dude NJ Crucial Dude Xbox Live page 75.00% 258,013
2/3 Confirmed
Norway Correcto7 Correcto7 Xbox Live pageCompleting many old 360 games <3 100.00% 312,404
1/3 Confirmed
Australia DaMurn DaMurn Xbox Live pageIf I'm on a boosting list, I'm still interested. Feel free to message me (on here preferably)! 100.00% 421,979
3/3 Confirmed
England JonoTheLad JonoTheLad Xbox Live page 100.00% 502,265
3/3 Confirmed
  • Posted on 11 August 20 at 22:24
    BlazeFlareon has joined the session
  • Posted on 11 August 20 at 23:57
    Correcto7 has joined the session
  • DaMurnDaMurn421,979
    Posted on 12 August 20 at 22:56
    Hello, is there any particular reason this session is only for 4 players? I believe the game mode allows up to eight (and more people makes it easier from what I remember)
  • Posted on 13 August 20 at 12:32
    DaMurn has joined the session as a reserve
  • Posted on 13 August 20 at 13:28
    DaMurn has been added as a participant from the reserves
  • DaMurnDaMurn421,979
    Posted on 14 August 20 at 06:06
    If there is time, would we also be able to do the oil rig level? Happy to also do others if people need them
  • Posted on 14 August 20 at 10:23
    I'd be happy to run Mooil. The hardest part is the Night Defense but it's doable. There are some tricks that are lifesavers on it, with the battery one make sure to drop and not be the hero and with the valves use the deployable shield when you're turning and its a piece of piss. I'm happy to do whatever people need
  • JonoTheLadJonoTheLad502,265
    Posted on 14 August 20 at 11:58
    I have just bought the edition with the dlcs as I am 100% down to do this! But don’t think it will be ready by the start time
  • Posted on 14 August 20 at 12:00
    JonoTheLad has joined the session
  • JonoTheLadJonoTheLad502,265
    Posted on 14 August 20 at 12:01
    It will be ready download is going really fast now 👍
  • Posted on 14 August 20 at 12:06
    All good! It might be a bit tough but I'm willing to try for as long as we need
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