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Intended achievements for this session
  • Hoodlum

    Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges

  • Made

    Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges

  • Kingpin

    Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges

Session notes
Sazaq213 said:
hi we try to obtain all achievements if we don't obtain all achievements with this session, i will clone this session and i reserve the slots.

Written chat only.

if you don't have a xbox one thanks to install xbox app ;)

have all add-ons

Some slots are reserved.

The slots 5 and 6 are a RESERVE

[for any requests questions comments thanks to send me a private message]
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Sazaq213 Sazaq213 Xbox Live pageto see the online achievements than i need you can see my list on my profil. i will try to update frequently this list. 100.00% 308,117
2/3 Confirmed
France Bacha#2912 Bacha#2912 Xbox Live page 99.68% 376,820
2/3 Confirmed
Bulgaria DeniWhiteRPG DeniWhiteRPG Xbox Live pageThe Last of Abby and Salt Bae Joel 99.18% 372,702
2/3 Confirmed
  • Posted on 12 August 20 at 10:08
    hmu on the app saz if you don't get enough people, should be able to join
    "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way."- Michael Scott
  • Posted on 15 August 20 at 18:22
    Bacha has joined the session
  • Posted on 18 August 20 at 02:10
    MVPVincent has joined the session
  • Posted on 18 August 20 at 15:25
    DeniWhiteRPG has joined the session
  • Posted on 23 August 20 at 12:01
    MVPVincent has left the session.

    MVPVincent said:
    Have something I need to do and I'm not sure if I can make the session in time.
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