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Dallim said:
Ranked boosting on Oldtown.
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USA Dallim Dallim Xbox Live page 99.06% 331,154
1/1 Confirmed
USA SNIPE 316 SNIPE 316 Xbox Live page 99.29% 510,948
1/1 Confirmed
ColumnedTulip56 ColumnedTulip56 Xbox Live page 99.30% 441,066
0/1 Confirmed
Richada41 Richada41 Xbox Live page 99.85% 160,402
1/1 Confirmed
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  • Richada41Richada41160,402
    Posted on 16 August 20 at 07:06
    Throwing an idea down. If we get the double tag, why not both teams go? Every time we get the double tag the killing team finishes inside 2 rounds, so there would be enough time for both teams to go. In this scenario if the double tag appears the dying team doesn't grab the money tag or do any activities
  • DallimDallim331,154
    Posted on 16 August 20 at 12:18
    If we're gonna try to maximize the benefit of x2 tag then we should also quit out of matches until it appears for everyone, otherwise the teams' earnings won't be fair/balanced because of the random nature of the tag appearing. Just yesterday you saw how the tag only appeared during my team's turn.
  • SNIPE 316SNIPE 316510,948
    Posted on 16 August 20 at 14:06
    I like Rich's method. Trying to force the tag would take too much time, but whenever it DOES show up, we could take advantage. We would essentially be doing 2 matches at once. The difference in XP earned would be negligible between teams.
  • Richada41Richada41160,402
    Posted on 16 August 20 at 14:26
    As I'm an immense nerd I'm going to add more data to my spreadsheet to record what tags we get and how many activities we do. We have a method which works so no need to change it, but I've got plenty of time to look at stuff when I'm on the killing team but not killing
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