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Skwierczu PL said:
Potrzebuję "MP - World War II Victory Medal" więc zrobimy to najpierw, każdy kto tego potrzebuje, a później będziemy na zmianę robić grind "MP - Weapon Virtuoso"
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Gamers in session
Gamer FB Score Total Score This Game Achievements Status
Poland Skwierczu PL Skwierczu PL Xbox Live page 93.28% 35,317
0/5 Confirmed
FoolOvFoOD38 FoolOvFoOD38 Xbox Live page 98.33% 67,160
0/5 Applied
peacmaker 21 peacmaker 21 Xbox Live page 90.79% 304,982
0/5 Applied
  • hecryjaoshecryjaos77,110 77,110 GamerScore
    Posted on 18 November 20 at 17:05
    Neeed the MP achievements
  • Posted on 07 February 21 at 20:07
    I am interested on getting the achievements, but it is too early for me and I don't speak Polish... Can we talk about this?
  • Mgd226921Mgd226921533,336
    Posted on 06 March 21 at 04:04
    Gamers looking for these Cheevos and speak English... We should band together.
  • Posted on 31 March 21 at 20:35
    Yo Mgd226921 I am keen Msg me on Xbox for a date and time to sort this out
  • Posted on 30 August 21 at 06:53
    Mgd I’d be down
    Savior of cows
  • Posted on 19 September 21 at 03:24
    Need the MP achievements as well
  • R OsipovR Osipov202,518
    Posted on 15 October 21 at 10:28
    Need the MP achievements
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