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Sashamorning said:
NOTE: This is a supplemental session to the session here: Boosting Gaming Session for Elite: Dangerous

I can't edit that session, but this trip will now include a loop through Colonia.


I am taking my carrier Aurora (V2J-6TY) to Sagittarius A*, on to Beagle's Point and Isham's Reach, over to Colonia, then back to the bubble. I will be leaving from the LEMBAVA system on 28 Jan @ ~1700 UTC.

All are welcome. This journey will consume more tritium than will fit in the carrier's hold. Tritium donations are appreciated, but not expected; cargo space is full but will empty during the trip as fuel is spent.

This trip will last approximately 2 weeks. I will be piloting manually, so times are approximate.

Feel free to hop on and stay as long or as little as you like. toast
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Canada Sashamorning Sashamorning Xbox Live pageElite is on Game Pass! Hit me up if you need tips or are just looking for something to do. 98.85% 2,075,746
8/8 Confirmed
USA KawiNinjaRider7 KawiNinjaRider7 Xbox Live page 98.08% 890,871
8/8 Confirmed
England Moody Cogsworth Moody Cogsworth Xbox Live pageZombies ... I hate em 98.68% 273,349
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Germany Grindor 777 Grindor 777 Xbox Live page just spam this guys they should patch the unobtainable or re-name it !!! 100.00% 565,559
8/8 Confirmed
  • Posted on 26 January 21 at 01:44
    Thanks for setting all this up! I'm good on everything other than the Fleet Carriers update, but I'll happily stick around for the journey. Will try to get on tomorrow to prepare myself and start making my way to Lembava toast
  • Posted on 27 January 21 at 01:14
    Grindor 777 has joined the session
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,075,746
    Posted on 27 January 21 at 05:37
    Just a note to make sure you check out the Discord channel. That's going to be where I communicate times and such. I want to make sure no one gets stranded, especially at Isham's Reach.

    I'm in channel #113.
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